Titanfall Has Gone Gold, Final Resolution Most Definitely Above 720p – Epic Games Dev

Respawn Entertainment’s magnum opus is apparently ready to ship.

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Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has apparently gone gold, according to an Epic Games employee on Reddit. Considering how good the beta was, with many believing the game was already close to completion at that point, this make sense.

However, the employee had something even more interesting to say regarding the game’s final resolution. “I can tell you Titanfall has gone gold and the final resolution is most def above 720p. That’s all I can say.”

It was the Xbox One version which had the 720p resolution, which earned the ire of many a player – even though community manager Abbie Heppe said there’s a good chance the final resolution could be higher.

There were those skeptical about how much an Epic Games employee could know about Titanfall. When told he was “just” an Epic Games employee, the person in question responded, “Just an Epic employee? I have friends at every single studio in the biz.”

Good enough for you? We’ll find out the truth when Titanfall drops on March 11th for North America and March 14th for Europe on Xbox One and PC. The Xbox 360 version will be out two weeks later.

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  • James Cluckey

    It’s definitely higher, but we can’t say it’s at 1080. lol.

    • Jasko k

      Well we can tell you aren’t a fan boy of the ps4

      I have it myself but do i go gloating about 1080 everywhere? no.

  • Spencer

    I wouldn’t doubt 900p, which is fine for a 60fps shooter

    • bigevilworldwide

      I wouldn’t be shocked if the rumors are true that it’s 792p just like the beta

  • Steph

    Awesome, very excited for release and can’t wait to play. Make sure to watch my TF streams 🙂

    • jose

      I will.
      Zumby1977 Gamer t

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      No Steph, no one wants to watch any of your streams.

  • Eric M.

    Resolution means squat. Did anyone load in to a TF beta match and go “man, look at that resolution” ? In my experience so far, resolution has in no way taken away from any Xbox One game played. In reality, It is a pissing contest of trivial merit. Have fun.

    • datdude

      I look at Titanfall and see a below average looking next generation game. Now, I don’t know if the gameplay is fun, it seems people are enjoying it so that’s good, but graphically it isn’t very impressive for a next gen game. I don’t think many people would have believed coming out of E3 last year that the game would only be 6v6, or be filled with more bots in matches than actual players. That seems a strange way to go about it, especially considering multiplayer is the only mode this game has. I really don’t see what the hype is about. But then again, I’m primarily a single player gamer who only occasionally dabbles in multiplayer. It will be interesting to see if this game helps Microsoft with xbone sales, and how much, considering it’s available on pc and 360 as well. The NPD numbers for march will be highly anticipated, with Infamous Second Son probably giving the ps4 a little boost as well.

  • Odog

    playing this and every other game at 1440p , Because Master Race, that’s why.

    • Hear, hear!

    • madbads


    • awesome_farts

      ^ tru story!

    • Spencer

      Every game that’s on PC….

    • OC Guy

      Master waste more like it.

  • madbads

    723p lol definitely not 720p , big PR talk is still nothing more than just talk..

  • Aussiesloth

    Really getting sick of the 720p v 1080p people who are interested in resolution are just not interested in the games themselves for me its game play first .

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Well when you have to settle for mediocrity of course that’s what you say.

    • Aussiesloth

      well everyone’s entitled to there opinion ill be play games while everyone else argues the resolution.

    • Brian Evans

      or they can have 1080p with framerates going down to 9fps….lol, at least that how THIEF is on the ps4

    • OC Guy

      manyX1 gamers could drop 2k on a gamming PC, but why? The difference is not worth it right now. That and many of the exclusives coming out for the X1 will never see the light of day on a PC…Again, all about the games, but you will never understand that because you are not a gamer. Big difference between a gamer and a spec chaser.

  • alchemistx24x7

    Update it has been leaked from Respawn it will Run at 1080p 60fps.

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      Yeah right, sure it will.

    • Spencer

      Sorry, that’s not going to happen.

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    “resolution is most def above 720p” so what 721? Titanfall is garbage no matter what resolution its in, it could be 4k and it would still just be 6vs6 MP only COD with mechs trash.

    • Spencer

      So I take it you’ve never played titanfall then?

  • Right, it’s 792p. I thought we covered this already


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