Tom Clancy’s The Division Alpha Now Live on Xbox One

Select players can now experience Ubisoft’s MMO for the first time.

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Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy’s The Division is having its first closed alpha on the Xbox One starting today and if you’ve pre-ordered the game, the servers are currently live.

It should be noted that keys for the alpha are being sent out randomly with Xbox One pre-orders receiving priority. So if you haven’t received it, just remember that there’s some luck involved as well. If you’ve pre-ordered the Xbox One version, you’ll still receive access to the game’s beta which is scheduled to take place in early 2016 after being delayed. Xbox One players will receive access to the beta first with PS4 and PC players entering later.

The Division alpha weighs in at 23 GB and will feature much of what was seen at E3 and Gamescom, plus a bit more on top. Players will also be able to participate in the Dark Zone PvP mode as well. The alpha will last until December 12th.

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  • Graeme Willy

    2 Years ago, when this first unveiled, I was ecstatic. Since those two years, I have learned that I no longer have a liking for MMO’s. They require way too much dedication/ time and grind. You stop playing for 6 months, come back and you are practically a new all over again and none of your gear or stats means a thing

    • TNArulezWWE

      Trust me mate, this one feels different to most mmo’s.i was in love from the moment of go on it. Preorders have gone crazy to in shops and internet sites for xbox one because of the alpha..

  • usherjerksoffsonyfanboys

    I will wait till I see a review most likely, but unless they made all these push backs to change some things so it wasn’t just a Destiny clone, I won’ be buying.

    • The world is a lot more dense than Destiny…

    • TNArulezWWE

      No world is as dence as destiny’s

    • Having played the Alpha, I disagree. Destiny may have 4 planets, but the actual things to do within each planet is limited compared to The Division where there are a ton of side missions and mini missions all across the map…

    • TNArulezWWE

      First your saying the division is dence, then next your saying its destiny lol you wona make up your mind..

      The division and destiny are both different games entirely, one is third person, other is first person. One centers on sci fi, while the other takes a more realistic approach since thats what could easily happen.

      The story to destiny is the worst id ever seen in a game, the multiplayer side of it is actually un sociable unless you got loads of friends already playing, simply destiny for a console shooter should of been better as it was built. I mean cmon every mmorpg has always had random match making but destiny couldnt even get that rite, only giving it to certain maps while raids were left out, which left alot of people who played alone or with a friend and didnt have lots of people playing well bungie just said screw you..

      The division how ever, looks as though it will have more weapons and armors that what destiny had at launch. You have the freedom to go any place, anywhere, anytime. The dynamic weather system is gorgeous. The things you can do in game towards bases and interaction with AI will be more than destiny. The pvp in the division is a new style of experience, its bringing something fresh to the board. Weve all heard these details from all the reviews written and my time with the alpha pretty much confirms every details the developers gave us, that means no lies and syl crap like bungie n activision gave us with destiny..

    • You need to look up what dense means, and learn how to spell it.

  • TNArulezWWE

    Me n my son are enjoying it very much. With the ammount of preorders that came in last day before alpha, basically said alot about how much fans ubisoft have and how much support we all have for them and thre developer teams.

    Most mmorpg’s while you put your skill points where ever, you always get your patch carved out for you, you can do what ever n when ever you want, your not tied down..

    I see a very promising future for this game.


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