Top 10 explosive accidents in gaming this gen

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Admit it, you must have encountered such a moment in a game that made you go “holy shit”. We have as well, and no doubt plenty of people reading this have. You must think, it is impossible to find such explosive accidents which can make you stare at the screen in bewilderment in an open-world game, but you are mistaken. And we are here to show you why. We have 10 amazing games, both linear and open, which feature such exhilarating moments. All these specific scenes were no doubt a big redeeming factor for these games, and we have listed them below for you. Warning: Seeing them will most probably make you crave these games, unless you’ve played them before.

10. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Who can forget this amazing scene? This was one of the first scenes from the game we had seen when it leaked months before the actual game came out. Plenty of people were shocked at the amazing visual fidelity and the spectacular animations, and this is where everyone realised that this game is heading for greatness. It’s one of those scenes that you will remember fondly after a few years whenever you think of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

9. Dirt 3

We all know Codies’ have built a solid damage modelling system for their racing games, and when you look at their Dirt series, you can see that in all its glory. All the three Dirt games have been well received by the critics and is also respected by the gamers for providing an awesome rallying experience. What’s so great about these games are the insane crashes you can witness in game, and of course you do have the rewind function to help correct your mistakes. But we are here to see the awesome crashes in the game, so here you go.

8. Crysis 2

This scene from Crysis 2 campaign must have awestruck most people playing the game. It also shows some of the most impressive destruction mechanics from the game, and what CryEngine 3 is capable off. Crytek pulled off this setpeice masterfully, and that’s why it’s on our list as well. So check it out, as this scene is sure to make you go “that was awesome”, when you see it for the first time.

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  • d0x

    Good article. As luck would have it I own(ed) all of these games so I agree all of them have some pretty epic moments. The only game on the list I dont like is Uncharted. I just dont get (aside from pretty visuals) what people like about that series.

    The Dirt series and Burnout are 2 of the most fun driving games and a big part of that is the excellent damage model in both and the amazing physics in Dirt. Ive had some many wow moments from those games I make sure I have a way to record the videos every single time I play them, even if its just for a few min.

    GTA (of course) and Just Cause are in the top tier of open world games. The amount of small details in GTA are just staggering. You can sit there and watch an NPC for a few min and just follow what they do and what happens and be high entertained. Since none of the action for NPC’s is scripted anything goes. Seriously one day just watch some NPC’s and I promise you will get at least a few big wow moments and probably some laughs in short time. Just Cause is just a flat out over the top fun game and the grappling hook makes for some amazing situations. Ive played the game for hours on end never doing a single mission and just had a blast doing so.

    Halo Reach and the sandbox Bungie created is nothing short of epic fun. Pretty much every match has an awesome moment at some point. Im so glad they put the save film feature in because a great many of those moments are worth watching over and over.

    God of War 3…what can I say!? The game was amazing and it started off in the most epic way possible. Sadly those first 30 min were the biggest and best the game had to offer but even with that being said the entire game is jaw dropping fun and should not be missed by anyone!!

  • charles2029

    Uncharted 2’s breathtaking scenes definitely justified my PS3 purchase.


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