Top 10 Features We Want to See in Final Fantasy 15

Nomura knows way better than us, but it wouldn’t hurt to see some of these.

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Let’s be honest: Tetsuya Nomura, director of Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII) probably knows what we want before even we do. This is a guy that managed to take a concept like “Final Fantasy meets Disney” and infuse it with enough action, drama and dream team combinations than we ever could of hoped for with Kingdom Hearts 2. Then he breathed fresh life into the Final Fantasy VII universe with Crisis Core, arguably one of the best games in the series. So it’s a given that’s a smart guy who can deliver some great experiences.

Nonetheless, we have our needs and desires. And with all the time it’s taken to develop Final Fantasy XV, it would be great if at least a few of the following actually made it into the game. Here’s our top 10 most wanted features for Final Fantasy XV.

versus xiii
10. 1080p, 60 Frames Per Second

We’ve seen the game and it runs at what appears to be 30 frames per second. Would it be too much to ask for 60 frames per second at this stage? Most likely, but anything less than 1080p just feels wrong. This is a game that skipped the PlayStation 3 generation and went straight to the PS4 and Xbox One. With all the detail and amazing effects on display, it would be wonderful to have both 1080p resolution and a 60 FPS frame rate. But we’re willing to settle for just the former.

Omega Weapon

9. Mechs

Of all the things we’ve seen in Final Fantasy with giant floating cities, motorcycles, Sister Rays, W.E.A.P.O.N.s, airships and whatnot, well, why not? Even a mix of monster and technology would be cool, but give us something to pilot and punch friggin’ Leviathan in the face with. Again, it seems like more of a wish than expectation but it’s high time.

8. Co-op play

This is a toss-up. On one hand, we’re not sure how well it would work to take control of one of Noctis’s allies during the main game. On the other hand, we’re not sure Square Enix would invest the resources into creating a completely separate co-op campaign. File this under “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” rather than an actual expectation, but there’s still plenty of time to surprise us, Square.

Final Fantasy 15
7. A Release

We’ve been burned before, not including the time that gameplay footage leaked. All those rumours of cancellation and revamping only made us more skeptical that we’d ever see the game again. Now that more information is coming out, hopefully a solid release date (or year) will materialize as well.

Final Fantasy XV_02
6. Open World Gameplay (Sort of)

Give us towns to shop in, dungeons to explore, tombs to find secrets in or bases to defend with Horde Mode-like objectives. We don’t need to go everywhere – we just want places to explore when we’re not trying to save the world. Tie them in to the aspect of multiple endings and you’re on to something. With the number of different elements in the Final Fantasy universe such as Summons, magic and perhaps even vehicles this time around, this is a no-brainer.

Final fantasy XV
5. Multiple Endings

We get it, we get it: We’re fighting to save the world. That’s the case in every Final Fantasy. Oddly enough, that’s not the case here…or not exactly. It will probably feature objectives such as rescuing Noctis’s father or even Stella, but we need a bit more traction than that. Why not offer multiple endings, and surprise us a bit? Why not give us logical areas in which the story could progress, culminating in an altogether satisfying (or unsatisfying) conclusion? Chrono Trigger did it and that was decades ago. Make it happen, Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV trailer
4. Branching paths

Don’t just give us multiple directions to take the story in. Is all that chaotic fighting just for show or can you actually take different paths to your objective? We’re not asking for open world gameplay (yet), but levels that allow us multiple avenues to reach our objective. Kingdom Hearts 2 only slightly had that – and since this is a far more mature title with less confined environments to work in, then why not?

final fantasy summons
3. Summons

No, we don’t want two aqua-like beings that can change into different vehicles for the characters to ride (we’re looking at you, Final Fantasy XIII). Fighting summons in order to earn their trust? We can get behind that. A simplified Junction system for increasing your attributes with the more Summons you accrue? As long as it’s not as confusing as Final Fantasy VIII, then sure. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the Summon as a party member that takes the place of your other allies and which you have limited control over a la Final Fantasy XII either.

It has been nearly six years since Kingdom Hearts 2. We've earned the next proper instalment by now
2. Limit Breaks/Drive Gauge Attacks

In Kingdom Hearts, you can team up with party members to outright batter groups of enemies with attacks. Final Fantasy’s Limit Breaks are different, but follow the same philosophy of striking with an overwhelming blow in an instant. Noctis’s warping and multi-weapon attacks may already come across as overblown, and we see team members help in a support role of sorts. But something to rely on in the heat of combat would be nice.

final fantasy crisis core
1. Materia combination

Similar to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for the PSP – which Nomura also worked on – it would be interesting if Materia and the combination thereof made a return. At least something that would allow us to harness dark energies and then combine them together into unexpected, highly rare results. While it’s more likely we’ll see something akin to the Job system, or at least the ability to change classes in between combat like Kingdom Hearts, one hopes for a combination system of some sort.

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  • EX+

    Summons are coming. 1080p @ 60 fps… most likely no. It has four man countries and you use a car, so most likely open world. Multiple endings? Not happening. Co-op might be coming, but sine it’s an RPG, the main experience is single player, which I do prefer. You’ll definitely be fighting some mechs. I think it’ll release in 2014/2015.

    • Sorahearts

      you may likely have some good points, the open world in XV is based to be like our world but with medieval stuff like castles and Niflheim that look like knights but they have guns. but NO.7 is the hardest since we’ve waited for 7 years now and pretty much likely I think it’ll be a 2014 release and who knows, we might get Multiple endings but then again, I don’t think that will happen. and also one more thing limit breaks, I also forgot about that. there might be chances that we can use limit break now or perhaps not but I think we will and others might think not

  • Godmars

    Trying to forget about FF13 so I can give this game an honest try, but I hear that there’s going to have two squeals, that FFXV’s story wont be conclusive, so…

    Games in the same exact world I can take. Side stories I could probably deal with. but if there is any indication of “To be Continued” w/FFXV’s ending I will burn the game and never touch anything by Square ever again.

    • KiAce3

      Nomura has said that XV will have a conclusion ending, and that all the sequels and possible games are only going to be set in the same world. They even discussed having them released as episodic downloadable titles or something of the sort

  • Rasheed Jackson


    • Sorahearts

      we might be able to ride an airship if we are able to ride cars, bikes and tanks. they announced some of these a couple of years ago so I guess airship is alright to ride on to reach destinations that are far

  • Sorahearts

    since we get cars and bikes in this game, I was hoping we could drive in the vehicles and use phones like we did in Crisis Core which I think we will

    • William Cox

      They already announced a while ago that there will be cars, ships, and airships like the older games. And one of the functions for the cellphone is taking in-game pictures to share on the internet. The world is supposed to be open world map like the older games as well, but almost close to what Skyrim does. And towns are supposed to be full and bustling like Assassin’s Creed. I feel like they are actually putting their all into this game since they want to have it surpass Final Fantasy VII really badly.

    • Sorahearts

      I noticed the roofs are like Assassin’s Creed while I was watching the announcement trailer where there was a fight scene in the tornado of Leviathan

    • William Cox

      I don’t think Assassin’s Creed had anything to do with the roofs. Though they might have used the same style from Italy.

    • Sorahearts

      maybe. FFXV’s world is suppose to look like our world with just a few stuff like Accordo which is suppose to look like Italy

    • KiAce3

      Yeah, Accordo specifically is based on Venice while Lucis is Shinjuku, Tokyo. There are 5 main cities altogether it’d be interesting to see what they all look like.

    • Sorahearts

      well I think on a 2010 trailer to XV(which was Versus XIII)they had brought in a US gas station and pretty much what I’ve heard on wiki, FFXV is said to have medieval stuff in like castles and pretty much Niflheim who look like knights but with guns

  • Jackie

    does it matter?
    were finally getting this long awaited game! be happy for that!
    you ungrateful people …always asking for more!

    • Sorahearts

      we just want it to be the best game on earth 🙂

    • Jackie

      i do to! lol
      right next to final fantasy 7

    • Sorahearts


    • Jackie

      hey by the way do you have a youtube account?
      im going to be doing a walkthrough of final fantasy xv, if you wanna see? 🙂 if you do, here is my channel:

    • Sorahearts

      oops sorry, I actually don’t

    • Sorahearts

      someone’s a Final Fantasy hater that’s downvoting our comments

  • Anon

    There’s already mechs in it. Look at the 2011 gameplay trailer.

  • KaiKnows

    Number 7 is most important.

    Been living in suspense for years now

  • Dustin McFadden

    A lot of the things listed are already confirmed, LOL! A LONG time ago!!! Co-op would be ridiculous, though.

  • Chibi RAWR

    dude….. you haven’t done much research for the past 6+ years. Did you just see the new trailer today because pretty much 96% of everything of what you said was revealed. i mean how blind are you not to see the magiteks

  • cris

    There was news about this game 7 years ago. Square put too much stock in the Final Fantasy 13 trioloy. This game is supposed to be part 3 of Final Fantasy 13 universe with the title Final Fantasy versus 13, and honestly, they shoulda kept it like that…because this “Final Fantasy 15” isn’t a fresh Final Fantasy story…it is a continuation to a failed and overly drawn out universe. This games feels more like Kingdom Hearts and if I wanna play Kingdom Hearts I’d play Kingdom Hearts. Square has to cut the crap and get to basics: A fresh story, the ATB gauge, controlling all our characters during a fight, cool graphics, killer music, dungeons, monsters, world map, and the original victory fanfare after a fight.
    Nevertheless, I will play this game because I’m a loyal to the series, but I hope Square can dish out something that won’t take decade to make.

    • ZenTzen

      its not, besides the basic mithology the games have nothing to do with each other

  • Sanokal

    Mechs (or possibly magitek armour) were confirmed in 2011 (I’m assuming that they’re still in it). There were definitely airships, including some for us as well.
    As for the summons, they were confrimed ages ago, and if Leviathan is any indicator, most of them look like the more classic summons, Leviathan was exactly the same as it used to be (it looks the most like it does in VIII), except that it’s bloody huge. They already stated that we have to defeat summons before using them.
    As for materia…yeah, doubtful given that I believe that it’s in XIV ARR. But I believe that “mutli-character combos” was a term that has been used by “switching between them on the fly.”
    Limit Breaks I think may have been hinted at by that EX-ARTS menu in 2011, although I think that might be the Warp, weapon switching, and Link Form commands we saw this year.
    At the very least, we get a world map. Of sorts.


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