Top 10 New Video Game Franchises/IPs To Look Forward To In 2013

A brief look at what awaits us in 2013 reveals a rather flat line up. Among a plethora of film tie-ins and sequels/prequels, there isn’t all that much in the way of fresh intellectual properties on the horizon. Aside from a few stand-out titles at this year’s E3 and David Cage’s usually whacky QTE ‘em up, coming up with new franchises that are launching in 2013 was a suspiciously trying endeavour. Never ones to slack off though, we searched high and low among the darkest corners of the internet to track down ten upcoming video games franchises that look set to rock your world in 2013. Some you’ll know, others you won’t and an even smaller sub-section of these games may well turn into vapourware. Either way, here’s ten new game franchises to look forward to next year.

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    Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t coming till 2014.

  • Nick Bäsler Spires

    Watch Dogs blew my mind at E3. Looking forward to this the most out of anything I have seen in years.

    • name

      It blew your mind? Talk about low standards…

  • Amanda Charnes

    Once again, the list is ruled by FPS titles I will never play. There are OTHER ways to tell stories in games, you know….developers seem to have forgotten this.

  • Rodrigo Pimentel

    As for Capcom’s Remember Me, don’t any of you guys see obscene plagiarism instead of a sci-fi Uncharted with female protagonist and cool thematic? Major Kusanagi, Puppetmaster, don’t these names ring any bell?

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