Top 100 Spine Chilling Games of All Time

100 most horrifying games of all times.

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100. Thief 2

100. Thief 2

Thief 2 caters to a different kind of fear. When you’re on a mission stealing a prized article or jewel, all the while doing your best not to get caught by the guards, the anxiety is immense.

We all love a good horror game now and then. But what makes a game scary? Is it the ambiance, the music, the characters? It’s all of the above and much more. Here at Gaming Bolt we made a roster of the top scariest games of all time. Take a look…if you dare.

Please note that we have included games that are yet to be released based on hands on impressions or video previews.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Gromobradi

    I saw it was a 99-click kind of list, so I just pressed PREV PAGE, saw what game is #1, wrote this comment, and left.

  • FrankenPC .

    FEAR is the only game in my gaming history that actually made me jump away from the keyboard and scream like a little girl.

  • Tamerlan

    The only reason I am commenting on this is because of Doom 2 presentation… “Inverted star of David”??? Seriously? How would you know it’s inverted? Don’t you mean Pentagram?
    Besides, you need to stop the tradition of listing the games that aren’t out yet. How the heck do you know how good it will be and whether or not it will deserve the spot on the list?

  • Chopin

    It’s not obvious what you’re doing at all. Why else would you put a 100 item list on 100 different pages? Dat add revenue.

  • Boompass

    80% of these games are not scary, and I’m kindof confused as to why doom, doom 2 and blood are all in there when they’re not only not in the least bit scary OR trying to be, but theyre also sortof the same game…

  • Johnny Thunder

    Picture is from Dino Crisis 2… not anywhere near as spine chilling

  • Jackson Thomas

    It took me a long time to complete Amnesia, not because the game is long, but I stopped playing due to fear many times. Man, those who finish it in one try are really mentally tough.

  • Jalen

    Wow. Like 5+ games that aren’t even out yet, even more games that aren’t even horror, and games placed higher than others that aren’t scary at all.

    I will say though that I was kind of glad to see Eternal Darkness so high. That game is one giant mindfuck.

  • Bob

    Dead Space was scarier then the second one!!!

  • Checho Barada

    cant believe there is no NO OVER BLOOD From psx? oh men, c’mon!

  • Clairvius

    No Obscure 1 or 2, no D, no Carrier, no Blue Stinger and not even 1 House of the Dead game WTF

  • Natureboy

    Most retarded worthless list I have ever seen. Slow click to every title instead of a list, games not even out yet in the list and there is no way silent hill and dead space should not be in the top 5. Its not even in the top 10

  • Natureboy

    This list is so stupid wouldnt be shocked to see them list metal gear solid

  • Alien Isolation. I got so bad I couldn’t play it at night anymore.


    Alien Isolation, Metro2033, Metro Last Light and Dying Light. Surely these were just overlooked as these games take Balls of Steal to play imho. Not to mention DOOM 2016 had some decent scare factors to it to some degree eh. But man, these games should have been close to the very top either way. 🙂 An “ok” listish 🙂


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