Top 100 Worst Games of All Time

Last week it was the good ones. Today we take a look at the bad ones!

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100. X-Men Destiny

100. X-Men Destiny

Developed by Silicon Knights, the game puts players in the role of new mutants who have a choice between X-Men or the Brotherhood of Mutants. Haunted by a corrupt development cycle, with disappearing staff, the game was awful and underwhelming from every angle.

Last week, we looked at the top 100 greatest video games ever made. Of course, for every game that’s worthy of playing and investing time in, there are a bunch of entries that, let’s say, not the cream of the crop, Games that are not  worth the money(no matter how cheap they are) or time – in short, the top 100 Worst Games of All Time. Take a look – if you dare.
Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.
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  • nobody

    agree with the hundred clicks crap but oh well gives me something to do while GTA V installs which will be on their next 100 clicks best games of all time lol

  • Tea0149

    Somehow, Cheetahmen escaped this list but Superman 64 made it…

  • nanashi-sama

    I actually was specting LINGER IN SHADOWS (ps3), a game about art?? too hard, too boring, odd, boring, made me want to kill my self while play while playing it, boring, no story, incoherent, no begining, no end, boring…

  • GBtakesusforidiots

    lol this is bu;;shit

  • KG

    No Shit! This web page sucks ass!

  • Renato Vieira Filho

    WTF is Medal of Honor Warfighter doing at the list?

  • ddsdavey

    To even have Bodycount in the 100 list is ridiculous,whilst its not the finest fps ever it is very playable and was all i needed to see to know this list is a joke,100 ffs,you can tell they were running out of games to list so just picked random ones like this!

  • mikecastolo

    Top 100 games of all time: X-men destiny. I scrolled down to see more, and reached the comments section. I guess that X-men game is bad enough to be considered 100 bad games.

  • mat

    Desert Bus was designed by Penn and Teller with the purpose of making a game as boring and annoying as real life. In other words, it’s rather a piece of concept art than a game and it’s designed with the purpose of being bad.

    Playing Desert Bus is just about like clicking a hundred times to read an article.

  • Greg Pascal

    While ET was definitely a bad game…the lies that surround it causing the collapse of 1983, and the New Mexico dump, aren’t true. There WAS a large stash of games (ET being one) found in that landfill, but it was because a warehouse that was holding the stuff, went under…and buried all their stock. There was more than just that game there, much more. Watch Atari: Game Over….it’s got the goods.


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