Top 20 Most Amusing Kinect Fails Of All Time

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Though it offers a technological advancement from the wand waving antics of the Wii and PS Move, the Xbox 360 Kinect isn’t entirely safe from human error. No matter how solid and simple the hardware may be to use, players will always find a way to fail. Sure, there won’t be any remotes flying into any TVs with the Kinect, put there are plenty of kids to mistakenly hit, cats to boot across the living room and light bulbs to collide with. Read on for the most amusing videos of Kinect usage to date. Laughter is guaranteed, though your faith in humanity is not.

Original and classic. You know what's going to happen, but it still hits the spot (no pun intended).

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  • Jim

    This isn’t even a bit amusing. It’s horrid. It’s really REALLY lame.

  • baclibra24

    would be great if your stupid ad didnt keep coming on after I mute it..a** holes..

  • baclibra24

    #5 is so fake its funny..or not funny

  • baclibra24

    Ok #8 is funny lol.

  • baclibra24

    #10 omg.that cant be real

  • Dudegetitright

    “Wand waving antics of the MOVE???” You are sorely uneducated, it seems. The Move uses the controller for better feel and precision in most games, but IT DOES NOT REQUIRE THE CONTROLLERS TO WORK. Remember they Eye toy? Sony invented and improved this technology for home consoles, and it NEVER required a controller. The Move also does not “require” the controller as seen in a few games, but they chose to use it for better results. lack of advertising and pack-in kept it from taking over from the Kinect. Stop being Microsoft Biased, please. The Kinect is fun, but by no means the best.

    • Jack

      He never said it was the best and he’s not being biased he’s just happened to of found what he considers to be the ten best kinect videos of all time. The play station move is terrible it didn’t sell well not because of poor advertising but because it sucked. The only reason the kinect outsold the play station move is because all new Xbox 360’s ship with a kinect for free. The kinect also sucks which is why nobody makes games for it anymore. But sure as hell is funny watching idiots hurt themselves using it.

  • bboi

    What happens after 1:10 on just dance???


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