Top 25 Jaw Dropping And Killer Sci-fi Video Game Cosplays You Will Ever Come Across

These will make your jaw drop, literally.

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It’s time for another exciting feature at GamingBolt and we have 25 impressive Sci-Fi cosplays which will blow your mind away. It’s that good.

Cosplays are something that people do to showcase their creative talents and sometimes it is so good that you won’t notice the difference between games and real-life, but of course, if a movie is made these people will be the first candidates based on how accurate they look.  Acting skills are another matter though, who cares about that anyway. We’re kidding but obviously these cosplays are so good that they inspire and awe people who look at them.

We have a set of 25 such cosplays that we are sure, will elicit a solid response. Check them out and tell us if you like them or not in the comments section below.

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Source: dimhorizonstudio

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    Commander shepard cosplay sucks! Its not equal!!

  • DAX

    What? No female Commander Shepard?

  • Some of the photos looked too professional, and only showed a small portion of the whole costume (Like the Chris Redfield shot). I would prefer to see these people posing at comic con or something, rather than a ‘professional’ looking photo, to fully appreciate the effort they put into their costumes, rather than making them look like a film extra.

  • Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    Photoshop All over!!!!!

  • Mathew noell

    i like the zack from ff7 thats a good picture

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  • Awesome Cosplay Creations

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  • Fallout one is Enclave soldier.

    Just thought I’d mention.

  • Huh

    Why don’t you just display all the pictures at once? I hate this “slide” effect. It’s a waste of time. I really can scroll down!

  • Angusmcjagger

    I hang out and work with the real commander Shepard. His suit is way better.

  • lmao @ pic#9 the ears on the avatar in the background look like colored bra inserts xD

  • If you want a really awesome FemShep, check out Angela Bermudez on DeviantArt.

  • Really?

    Why is Batman standing in the woods on a sunny mid-morning?

  • YA

    Nerds. “Ooh it’s photoshop. They should be at comic con”
    No you should get some skills and talents of your own. And maybe a girlfriend.
    This is amazing, albeit somewhat scarily dedicated cos work. With a solid combo of actual costume skill and good photo/ processing.
    You on the other hand spilled your Mountain Dew on your jinx shirt.

  • ¬¬

    I don’t like it, only 5 tipes of games, there are so many and much better cosplyers than that… Only do it to show a game? I see bioshock/silenthill cosplyers much better than some of then, and, like everyone look, all these photos had photoshop or another program to fix the diference from reality and the game… so sad…

  • modelcircle

    some of those are truely amazing

  • ragingyouth69

    ehh… ive seen better


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