Top 5 Most Wanted Features from Star Wars Battlefront

DICE’s Battlefront won’t be out any time soon so let’s start making some exorbitant demands.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3 – if that’s what DICE finally decides to call it – hasn’t been seen or heard of since its brief E3 2013 announcement for PC and next gen consoles. In fact, the only news that’s come out about the game is that it will be put on hold along with all future Battlefield 4 DLC so that DICE can go about properly patching their flagship FPS.

Good things coming to those who wait/put up with shabby multiplayer launches and whatnot.

Despite the lack of information on the sequel, there’s still plenty from the past to draw from in terms of what DICE could implement. We’ve already seen what Frostbite 3 can do in a full-scale, AAA first person shooter. What does that mean for what Battlefront 3 could have? Well, for starters…

Star Wars Battlefront

1. Keep Galactic Conquest as a Single-Player Option

In Battlefront 2, Galactic Conquest was somewhat of a Risk-style game in which you traversed the universe and conquered/protected planets. Colliding with other players causes you to head to the traditional FPS mode and combat said opposing forces on the planet. It looks basic, sure, but it opened up a lot in terms of gameplay, exploration and strategy, especially when you factored in level-ups and bonuses.

With the rise in multiplayer popularity since then (not to mention large multiplayer matches), it would only make sense that DICE would want Galactic Conquest to be more synonymous with their own brand of Conquest. It could work – heck, we’re sure it’ll be a blast – but we’d like to see Galactic Conquest kept as an option for single-player as well. Maybe there could be a way to fuse the single-player and multi-player prospects together to ease in new players. But again, there are some of us who are fine cruising through an intergalactic reign of conquest/terror on our lonesome.


2. AI Bots

Yes, we want something similar to Titanfall. Interestingly, Battlefront 2 already handled bots when you took to space or planet battles, having you control a single soldier while other units backed you up. But we’d like a variant of this for multiplayer as well. Large player caps are great and all but why not also come up with a solution for varying player caps and replacing the other units with bots?

It could help to get new players integrated all the more easily as they both learn the mechanics and understand the overall tone of matches. It could also give some leeway to DICE in terms of different map sizes since a lesser number of players could facilitate a tighter FPS pace overall. More importantly, if it hasn’t already, DICE will be able to properly balance out huge multiplayer matches and not worry about server troubles like the kind that have struck Battlefield 4. Speaking of which…


3. Bug Test, Bug Test, Bug Test

This is of paramount important. It’s not like DICE didn’t effectively test for bugs in Battlefield 4. But that’s depending on who you believe because, well, where else could also those bugs have come from since launch? Let’s not even get into the patches fixing one thing and then breaking something else, facilitating a vicious cycle of patchwork that will only server to further delay development on other projects.

Though we’d like to see a strong single-player element, it’s understandable that Battlefront 3 will have an even greater multiplayer emphasis than before. Factoring in all the different modes of progression, it only makes sense that players will find the lion’s share of enjoyment in the multiplayer modes alone. DICE needs to properly play-test and balance the game more than its previous titles in order to ensure the satisfaction at launch that Battlefield 4 couldn’t provide. As it is, there will only be 3 platforms to develop for this time so it shouldn’t be impossible.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

4. Integrate Instant Action and Galactic Conquest

Cruising the galaxy and annexing planets to your own personal empire is top and all but there are some of us looking for simple mercenary work. Likewise, we’d like to feel like we’re part of a bigger machine and cooperate with other players towards objectives. So why not have a clan-like Empire system in which different players can join different allegiances and fight for them in Conquest battles? This means that if you go with an Instant Action option, you’ll be able to choose your allegiance and have it go towards a greater war effort.

It could be somewhat similar to PlanetSide 2 in terms of progression and alliances, and while it may seem like an entirely separate game on its own, it could be simplified to just allow players to cooperate in battles as part of another player’s army instead. Maybe confer some bonuses to your own troops depending on the feats achieved? There are a lot of different ways this could be handled. But one thing we can agree on is this…

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

5. Skip the Clone Wars

The Clone Wars formed the central conflict that eventually birthed the Galactic Empire as the Republic’s troops fought the Separatists’ droids. The problem is we’ve seen it all before and from multiple perspectives at that. Cartoons, video games, CG movie adaptations – you name it. While we doubt the next few Star Wars movies would be ready by the time Battlefront 3 rolls out, it would be great if DICE explored some of the novels in terms of events and lore to integrate. There’s still a lot to Star Wars that many fans aren’t aware of and it could form the basis for some excellent conflicts.

Sure, it may mean removing some factions like the Droids, but there must be some way to integrate them without needing to focus on a war that takes place between easily two of the worst sci-fi films ever made.

What would you like to see in Battlefront 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Jim

    Worst sci fy films ever made? Bullshit

    • Nicanor

      Troll or crazy?

    • eagles0823

      1st and 2nd werent that good. But yes i agree Jim, definately not the worst.

  • Lausen

    Are you mad man? I was on board with all but the last one. Skipping the clone wars would be the absolute biggest mistake they would make and it would definitely hinder the game dramatically. Honestly, I enjoy fighting as a clone more than a storm trooper but that’s cuz I’m a new school Star Wars fan. I understand all three prequels were turrible (please notice the spelling, not terrible, turrible) but the one, good thing that came out of those was Clones! Clones!!! (And darth maul) but clones!!! If u choose not to play as clones well fine nobody is gonna discourage you but cut it all out the game???? That’s absolutely crazy. Although if it is cut out might I suggest making one devoted to the trilogy and one battlefront devoted to the clone wars? Just a suggestion if they would cut it out. But the idea of cutting it out is madning.

  • Rob


    • eagles0823

      Not to get anything started but i think FPS is better depending on the type of game

    • drd7of14

      They did mention there would be some sort of 3rd person for hero characters. But the option would be nice just like BF 1&2. I wish you could go FP in vehicles. That was annoying to be in BF2. The perspective seeing inside the ship, was very nice. Especially when using speeders, and tank units. AT&AT? Felt like a badass. Options are always good DICE. So keep the options flowing. Not gonna like, probably 25% of my decision making for the PS4 was due in part to this game. So many loving memories of BF2 on the PS2.

      Also, please please please please please…Have splitscreen. Please….Please….I hate that it is dying. I just want the option, and with it being on the PS4/XBONE/PC, at least give the console versions the couch coop experience. I like being close to my friends, and I have real friends. Online…I just always lose something. I hope some other people agree. Cause online shooters with couch coop, Halo, Resistance 2&3 and…Oh wait, that’s it. I ran out of games to list this past generation. They just stopped flowing. And I wish it weren’t so.

      Let me know how you all feel? Cause I’m curious. I just miss the days where consoles weren’t all about the internet. If I wanted that, I’d just play most games on the PC. I like local/splitscreen/coop(or competitive) experiences. Make it happen!…Doubt this will ever be read by DICE, but it would be nice.

  • gorgoreth

    Why not go into the Knights of the Old Republic Era? Play Revan’s Empire vs Old Republic? Or something like that/ the Old Republic era is the coolest star wars history ever made in my opinion.

  • Christopher Fauver

    I agree with every thing but the last one I like playing as both the Droids and the Clones.

  • Ethan

    I believe that there should be a huge 3 part campaign that starts with The Old Republic and ends with original Star Wars movies. You should also be able to choose which campaign you want to play.Only reason i want old Republic is because there are about an equal amount of jedi vs. sith

  • Don

    Honestly, I think they should start with the Old Republic. After maybe a year they can release a big DLC, kind of like an expansion for World of Warcraft, with the Clone Wars. Another year and another DLC with the Empire and Rebels. After that, if Star Wars 7 is released maybe they can make a DLC based on that. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?

    • Dylan

      I disagree, It would be better to have all included in one package, Like how in BF4 you can pick what DLC you’d like to play instead of server browser would be a nice addon to use with the Era’s, and Specific maps for them too, besides Coruscant, since the Empire and Republic both occupied it

  • olanzo

    the best part of the star wars universe was in between the ep,3 and 4 era cause all we know is the force unleashed. yah we can read comics instaed but this is way better. plus why didnt say create a class? everyone would love that it would be just like renagade squadren all over again but better.

  • boss

    i would say add the major events in the clone wars but not go to into it. it is fun to play as droids sometimes. and darth maul is a badass. i would very much like to play as him. possibly give the player a chance to shoot jar jar binks in the face… just an idea..oh and a massive scale space battles please that would be epic. like use multiplayer but add bots into it and make them follow orders better.

  • Dylan

    It will have 1st and 3rd person view… And “ARE YOU MAD??!?” Why would you ever want to skip the clone wars, your loco! In the original battlefront(s) I enjoyed bieng a clone way more than a storm trooper, I’m not new to star wars, and I want it the way it should be.

  • Tkashi

    I think the important thing is to completely ignore the cartoon series, and everything from that. It would be fine to add the clone wars if they did that, because it wasn’t canon.

  • Christian

    You are crazy if you want them to skip the Clone Wars, that’s probably the best war. I think they could do a lot with both but I personally think the Clones are much more interesting than the Galactic Empire.

  • Jackalope

    All were good except for skip the clone wars. That is the worst possible thing they could do!

  • Nick

    I think skipping the “story” of the clones is an ok idea but I would still recommend they keep the faction in as an option when playing instant action, etc, etc.

  • Jesse

    Its weird. When I talk about wanting bot matches on the new Battlefield games people tend to hate on me saying its impossible yet they were in all the Battlefield games up to 2142. Now everyone wants them for the new Battlefront game because they were in the old ones and there are a lot less haters. Heck the person who wrote this article even went so far as to put them as the Top 2 wanted features.

    I love the bots as well but it seems weird people think differently about the bots when the games are still very similar in gameplay.


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