Top 5 worst endings in Video Games

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Endings play a very important role in every video game. If the ending is good than gamers like me remember it for a really long time. But if the ending is horrible than even if the game is good, most of the gamers will mark the game as bad, although that cant be the case every time. We present you five such instances where overall quality of the game was very good but we were surprised at how horrible the endings were.

Please note: The list only has current generation games and is in no particular order and there are spoilers too! Article updated on June 9th, 2015. More entries added.

Assassin’s Creed


Assassins Creed was perhaps one of the best and underrated games of 2007. It had amazing visuals and a great plot concerning the Crusade and the overall setting of the game was very unique. The game goes very well till about you fight off Sable before Richard the Lionheart. After defeating Sable, Altair returns to his master in Masyaf who reveals that he will keep the artifact for himself so that he can brainwash entire mankind and bring an end to the war. In the entire game nothing is revealed to the player about the artifact and player finally gets his hands on it at the end and it is shown that Altair is standing in front of some glowing hologram. This was pretty surprising and amusing to me since I was fighting for something else and in the end it turned to be some gizmo. What the hell!

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  • Not from this generation, but Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy was one of the worst endings in history of videogames, greatest deception

  • tarbis

    AC was boring, I borrowed it from a friend and was bored after the 2nd mission. Extremely repetitive gameplay and the story was corny.

  • CommanderScooby

    You guys have obviously not played Alone in the Dark, the new one.
    That ending, was the most anti climatic stuff I have ever seen in a video game.
    Worst ending by far.

  • MR

    I think the Prince of Persia ending was nice. he sacrificed everything just to revive his love.

  • name

    thats a new record i cant agree with one on that list, not one.
    whats next MGS4?
    this sites a joke!

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  • @Jeff they added that last line after my post. BTW it’s good to see our comments are also getting into consideration by site staff.

  • butters

    terrible article. i agree that assasins creeds ending wasnt very good but not because of the reasons you stated there but because it left you with so many questions and the boss fight was piss easy. it felt very anti climatic. and little big planet seriously did you really expect sackboy to tear out the collectors heart or something when the plot is so childish and not meant to be taken seriously. prince of persias ending was fine. gears of wars ending was did the job fine too. I do agree with fallout 3 but thats only because it didnt let me continue the game afterwards

  • I was looking forward to playing the assassins creed and now should I rethink the option, I don’t know.

  • Johnny Darko

    Pro-tip: You might want to actually finish these games, or at least see the endings, before commenting on them.

  • bharster

    Gears of War and Assassin’s Creed are not done. You can’t say they have bad endings when they are not truly the end. Although I do agree that Assassin’s Creed leaves much to be desired in the end. I remember pulling a WTF for like the last 3 hours of gameplay.

  • Justin

    Phantasy Star 2 best and worst ending.

    Best because it ended in an awesome cliffhanger. Worst because I’m still hanging on that cliff. Any one else care to enlighten me if Phantasy Stars 4-through-the-most-recent ever resolved what happened with that standoff of Neo and the Mother Brain / Pandora thing.

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  • ongadut

    Dear Author !
    As it is impossible by the way.

  • chiffmonkey

    Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy.

    It’s like they forgot to finish the game.


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