Top Overhyped Games of All Time

Disappointment after disappointment.

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This year we have seen some amazing games come out, and as usual developers hyped up their games to promote sales. Promoting is not an evil thing for the most part, however when developers go overboard in hyping the game to no end, is when gamers should draw the line and take it with a pinch of salt.

Games like Assassins Creed Unity, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, were all decent games, but they did not live up to the hype that the developers set, and thus bringing our hopes crashing down. At every E3 or for that matter at most gaming events, a new game is announced and gamers are told what the game will contain and how it has amazing new features like never before, which results into gamers getting excited.

And as hype increases to an uncontrollable level, many companies realize that they cannot deliver the hype that they promised and so gamers are forced to hate the product and company with extreme prejudice. With that said here are some games that were hyped and in some way, didn’t deliver or meet expectations. Please note that the games on this list aren’t necessarily bad, but they represent what the developers promised and didn’t deliver.

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Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands

After the enormity of success that was The Prince of Persia trilogy, Ubisoft  decided to create another Prince of Persia game, only this time, it was a interquel. Now obviously with the Prince of Persia title on the game, fans were super excited for the game and wondered what would the game be like. Sadly they were in for a major disappointment, as The Forgotten Sands under delivered by a lot. Overall, the game was rushed making it the weakest entry in the series.

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  • Jon Holden

    Fable’s not on the list, which means the list is worthless…

  • Dougie McDoo

    Enter the Matrix was a great game, played it nonstop, Path of Neo not so much, giant ants fighting threw me off

  • El Costa

    No WWE games made this list?

  • Shiloh Kleinschmit

    To call ElderScrolls Online “boring and painfully ‘average ” is a bit silly,really. I bet the author of this didnt even play it but perhaps through level 5.If that. I started playing with the closed beta,and still play it. I havent gotten bored. The only thing I can say negatively is that I wish the character creation was a bit more in depth. The faces dont have much changing range,meaning the sliders dont do a whole lot. Having said that,It’s still some very realistic looking stuff.

  • Shiloh Kleinschmit

    Ya know,I gotta make a second comment.This guy just doesnt seem to like many games at all.So many of those in the list are great to play!


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