Top Ten Longest Boss Battles In Recent History

The boss battle has been a staple of gaming since its inception. Whether it be as far back as the dragons in Adventure, or the huge set-piece battles in a modern FPS, boss battles are often the spectacle that can make or break a game. We’re going to be looking a quantity rather than quality though, in an attempt to bring you a list of the ten longest boss battles in recent memory. This list may contain mild spoilers.

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  • Aivre

    wait…. no one submit Nebilim from Tales of The Abyss??
    took me 2 hours to beat the crap out of her cuz of her defense…. and my party consist of 100+ levels characters and grinding level in TOA was kinda difficult (without the score shop triple exp) and i beat her in my 3rd playthrough

    and persona 3 Nyx was a no problem at all… yes he (or she?) have that 14 transformation per arcana that exist, but his move was predictable… and i can beat him using my lvl 99 Orpheus (that i was stupidly leveled till max) and lvl 99 messiah… beat him in 20 minutes at least.

    and you should include Baal Overlord from Disgaea series where he have 9999 level (and in Disgaea D2 you can only meet him in Rasetsu mode when every enemy’s stats are boosted) and he will summon a spear right into a character that was sortied from the base panel… could easily kill a 5000 lvl character. so your party could be annahillated before you can hit him or walk out from your base panel if you dont maxed out your character (lvl 9999 with godly equipment)

  • Kaine Morrison

    .hack// made the list!
    I loved these game.
    Skeith was ridiculously unexpectedly hard.
    There was no warning as to how hard he would be!


    idiot writer how can he forget dark soul? and all games mentioned here are crap and outa date

  • Sammy Lane

    And this is why I will never be into pure RPG’s…that and the end movies always make me cry when someone good has to sacrifice themselves. <:(

  • disappointed

    Legend of Dragoon final boss. That took forever with a good chance to wipe at all max levels even. How’d you miss that?

    • kazmaganbaranai

      Funnily, even though I’ve long beaten the game, I couldn’t remember anything about the last battle. All I could remember about the game was Dart’s father and Rose.

      Gotta play the game again.

    • Procrasinating PokeGamer

      1st time I beat melbu took me easily 2 hours and several tries. Used dart, haschel, kongol at the time (Man did I ever regret those 2 choices…) lol pursuit + flurry of styx + volcano = a really stupid boss fight xD
      …no this wasnt even a challenge type playthrough. at that time I sucked with the other addittions :P however Dart w/ blazing dynamo, Rose w/ Demon’s Dance and meru with her last addition = for me a 20 minute fight.

  • Hunter

    Wladislaus, FFXIII definitely deserves to be on this list. The enemy takes over 30 minutes to beat (after that, he places “Doom” on you, a spell that automatically kills you in about 2 minutes), and he regenerates health. If all of your characters aren’t completely maxed out with the best items available, you have no chance whatsoever to beat this Undying.

  • Brandon Roberts

    ok so you have a lot of time do these games

  • Victor

    no emerald or ruby weapon from ffvii?

  • Ethan Radatz

    Any boss in the second Part and near the end of the first part of The Last Remnant, as well as some Secret Monsters encountered in the side quests.

  • Randomdude

    Really? The MGS boss just took 8 minutes! As a monster hunter player i feel offended, the first playthrough i did on THAT game… Some “boss fights” took me 50 minutes!

  • Sigurd Simensen

    Ultimecia from ff8. Seriously that boss had like 5 different stages I think.

    • Procrasinating PokeGamer

      unless your under some sort of challenge then nothing in ff8 was hard or take more than 5-10 minutes (if that)

    • Sigurd Simensen

      then I lay myself flat and aknowledge myself as a low grade ff player :P

    • Sigurd Simensen

      nah I guess it didn’t require any complicated strategic thinking like in ruby weapon, but its length still makes it stand out among the final boss battles in final fantasy.

  • Syntarus

    Pretty much the first time you fight any boss in monster hunter it takes at least twenty minutes. Not forever. However, in generation 2, soloing the G-rank white fatalis can easily take four hours, over the course of five or six quests. They nerfed the Fatalis’ when they brought them back for the fourth gen though, so ten minutes is possible now.

  • maxpowersxj9

    Penance isn’t a monster arena boss… Do you research before you make a list please. You fight penance after beating the last dark aeon (well rather you obtain his location in the airship)

  • quamp

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Freya from Star Ocean: Til the End of Time. One of the game’s battle trophies was defeating her in under 15 minutes. Freya has 10 million hitpoints, and the toughest defense and attack in the game. Her ultimate attack will easily wipe out everyone on your team unless you use an invulnerability potion on someone. your maximum attack would only deal her about 2000 hit points.

  • adampoole

    They forgot about the 3rd boss battle ( i think it was the 3rd) in Star Ocean the Last Hope: International on PS3.. the boss battle that’s on the alien ship take hours to beat.. and you can only beat it if your really lucky

  • Goncalo

    Well Demi-fiend from Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga kinda lasts 1 hour minimun if you put the commands as fast as you can and your level 99 (maximum) with every stat maxed and if you put the commands normally it would take 2 hours and this boss is pretty much ridiculous so if you’re not level 99 all maxed out you would certainly lose anyway and even at level 99 you need luck and a impressive tactic so this bosses are pretty “easy and short” compared so it should be here!

  • Caleb Child

    It took me hours to beat The End in MGS3. But mostly that was because it took me an hour and a half of fighting him before I realized the fight took place on multiple map segments, and I could honestly LEAVE the area I was in and go to another map and STILL be fighting him.

  • born_naughty

    Strangely, I haven’t played ANY off these games. But the longest boss battle I’ve ever done is Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2. There were like 8 bosses in a row! And the final boss hit me with an undodgeable/unblockable attack and killed me in one hit every time! But it took me so damn long to even get to the final boss. If he even was the final boss. Never finished the game. Why isn’t this boss battle in there?

  • jackal

    I have to agree that yiazmat is one of the longest bosses ever.
    But ffx penance could be killed in one hit with a lucky yojimbo zanmato attack.

  • Thanatos2k

    There’s a suspicious amount of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear represented here. And Shadow of the Colossus? Really? A boss you could beat in a handful of minutes? (And had to on the speedrun?)

    How about Ragu O Ragula from Wild Arms 3, which took me over 4 HOURS to fight?

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