Top Xbox One Features Microsoft Desperately Needs To Implement And Fix

Xbox One is a solid gaming console but Microsoft could very well add new and fix existing features for better user experience.

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Remember when the Xbox One was first announced? The console received so much backlash that Microsoft was forced into going back and making some major changes. First off the console was made to be always online; meaning players were not allowed to play any video game titles offline. The DRM was so strict that no used or pre-owned video games would even work for an Xbox One, how lame is that?

To top it off; the Kinect was forcefully bundled with the Xbox One which meant a bigger price tag. Fortunately, Microsoft realized that and the Xbox One went under drastic changes to match the PlayStation 4’s price point and offer features players simply wanted. Regardless, the Microsoft Xbox One, much like every console available for purchase in market today, has enough room for improvements. Here are fifteen updates and changes we wouldn’t mind Microsoft implementing for Xbox One.

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15. Faster And Smoother User Interface

Xbox One UI (3)

Microsoft could really speed up the user interface on the Xbox One. The system on paper sounds great, a console home screen where players can snap apps and display everything easily on one page. However, when using these features you’ll find that the system can suffer from some major slowdown issues.

While restarting your Xbox One can bring the system to a more stable state, don’t expect it to stay that way for long. This feature should be on Microsoft’s priority list for the Xbox One. First make the system’s UI readily available, stable and fluid while additional features can be looked into later on.

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  • harryt

    Microsoft so desperate they release a holo lens that will make all its gamers go blind and make permanent screen burns in its customers brains.

    Microsoft so ill that it would align itself with the enemy of the USA just to make a buck.

    Microsoft such a punk it would advertise using fake blogs that its making money while taking out billion dollar loans to buy back (inflate) stock when it down.

    Microsoft and its top executives and founders including Gates are wanted felons who are RUNNING from felony tax evasion in half the countries on the planet.

    Microsoft the type of company that would settle tax evasion charges with China and admit guilt while telling the IRS to screw off.

    • ak33715


    • d0x360

      Sony called, your paycheck is on the way, all 18 cents.

    • Fay_Z

      LOL looks like sony gave him a pay rise there

    • TwinStripeUK

      Not to worry – they just sold 123 limited edition PS4s in Japan to cover it…

    • Orion Wolf

      And those 123 limited ps4s they sold are probably the ones they promised as prizes for a contest, but “accidentally” erased all the data regarding the contest winners.

    • Fay_Z

      We discovered who lost the data

    • Demetrius Radford

      Lol thats dirty lmfao

  • Brian

    What a great list! And achievable too!

  • Mike Greenway

    To a simple mind, it’s a simple matter.

    • Mark

      Lol. Us non tech savy consumers want the world! Haha

  • i3myX1

    Go here and vote for what you wish:

  • Edonus

    Here we go…. one of these propaganda lie BS articles. The first paragraph set it off and is an illustration of the rape the gaming media has been doing.

    Always online didnt mean you could not play video games titles offline….. that was some made BS from the gaming media. Your system verified whenever you turned it on, you did need an internet connection to use the console but in truth for both systems to get 100% out of them you need an internet connection. With the success of many online only games we can conclude this was made up issue… most people would have their systems connected always anyway. And they had a system in place for used and trade in games….. remember Gamestop and others would have a data base in place that would manage game license. This would have worked out really well for devs. I know Ready at Dawn wish this was in place now, because i have seen tons of people say they are going to beat The Order 1886 and trade it in this means Gamestop is probably going to sell The Order 3 million times while the dev sees 1 million sales.

    Honestly the whole fiasco was just gaming communities supporting a corrupt system with bottom feeder gaming habits.

    • d0x360

      I WISH we had the original plan for x1. Sharing games with 10 friends, not need I discs. If you didn’t have the internet like say at a military base all you had to do was pop in a disc and poof problem solved. Wanna sell a game to a friend or trade or in? Go into your games menu and click remove this game from my account, done.

      People gave up ALOT over fear and rumor. They have no idea what they missed out on.

      If you have 10 friends and they all share their games with you…you would probably never have to buy a game again.

    • jayflow

      Only problem with the game sharing deal would be if you wanted to play a game while 2 of your friends was already playing the same game, one of them would get cut off.

      Now if as many as 10 friends could all play the same game at the same time from one account then that would’ve been good, but from reading the fine print that wasn’t the case. Also developers weren’t going to let that fly either. I find it hard to believe developers were going to allow (10 x $60=$600) $600, for every customer that bought the game, to slip out of their hands. My guess is the developers would ask for the price of games to increase, which they’re already doing now, or asked MS to charge a fee for doing this. Would’ve been interesting to see how it would’ve went though.

    • d0x360

      Microsoft put the feature out there so publishers already agreed to it. You can’t promote something like that without agreements in place its against the law for a publicly traded company.

      Yea you would get a warning message and then cut off BUT thats more than fair. Chances are game sharing would have lead to more sales not less as friends got chances to play games they might not otherwise have had and would have bought a copy for themselves to play with others.

      I use steam game sharing which is similar to Microsoft’s plan but more restrictions are in place. Off the top of my head I’ve bought 10-15 games this past year that I wouldn’t have without steam game sharing and I have friends who have done the same. Some single player some multi. Its a great way to spread awareness.

      Plus you have trend setters who buy almost every game released and then their friends buy based on feedback from that person. 90% of gamers dont read reviews or follow news and they certainly dont comment on stories. They just don’t care to. They also only buy a couple games a year. Those are the people game sharing was for cause that’s where the money is. Entice them to buy not only your game but more overall as they are better exposed.

    • jayflow

      Yeah with steam you both can’t play the same game at the same time. Like I said, I wish it would’ve came out or we could’ve gotten a little more info on how it would’ve worked. I know developers bought in to it, but to what extent? It never got far enough to get the relevant information on how it would’ve worked.

    • d0x360

      With steam you can’t play the game at all if the person is signed into steam doesn’t matter if they are playing a game or not.

    • jayflow

      Yes that is correct.

    • d0x360

      The xbox version would allow you to play any game the user owned as long as they were not currently playing the same game. Which is fair. There was to be a warning prompt saying user is now playing you have x min to save and quit or you could also buy the game and keep playing.

      There isn’t much more to it really. Hopefully they bring it back for digital purchases. The only way to do it right now is account sharing. The benefit of that is you can both play the game online together but you have to absolutely trust who you are sharing with for obvious reasons. This is allowed because the changes to gold give everyone on the “home” xbox access to live. So you sign in with a secondary profile and have the friend sign in with your main profile on their Xbox or vice versa. I use it at home so my son and I can play coop together since for some insane reason you can’t do LAN coop anymore like you could on the 360. The upside is I no longer have to buy games twice.

    • jayflow

      Yeah I did that with a buddy of mines on the PS3 last gen. You can still do it on both the PS4 and the Xbox one, but like you said you have to trust the person you’re doing it with.

      I won’t connect my credit cards to either system though. You can use paypal on PS4, but you have to enter your password every time which is the way it should be. I hope MS allows paypal on the Xbox one soon too. It’s a lot better than connecting a credit or debit card, in my opinion.

    • d0x360

      I’ll stick with credit cards and debit. They are insured and if you ever have an issue and the merchant won’t help you the bank will take care of it.
      Yea I share my ps4 details with someone as well I just wish it was setup like the x1 so we could use the single copy of the game to play together. I wouldn’t mind buying a copy myself nor would he but we play so rarely it’s not worth the money. Its like an hour a month. He’s pretty much the only reason I keep my PS+ account active, I’m not big an competitive MP I’m more of a coop guy and too few games have good coop.

    • jayflow

      If you’re account is on his PS4 as long as the game is downloaded you shouldn’t have any problems. You’re account has to be the main account on both PS4’s though. Then you should be able to play the same single copy together. He just has to log on as a different account on his PS4 to play with you. It’s like that on the PS3 too.

    • d0x360

      That could be the issue. On his ps4 his account is main. It probably won’t matter for much longer anyways. We usually buy stuff we are going to play online for the xbox becauae of Xbox live but in a month or so I will be retiring my very aged gaming rig. Its a sad time when a $4000 pc can’t run anything modern at a decent frame rate and respectable resolution lol but its lasted me so long I can’t complain.

      I’ve spec’d out my next build at around $2500 but if the upcoming AMD GPU is as crazy powerful as rumors suggest I may have to ditch the dual 980’s from nvidia I planned to get and instead use dual cards from AMD. I also plan on building with ddr4 support which is adding a premium onto the memory and cpu costs but I figure it will be worth it 3 Years from now when I’ll be able to pop in some faster ddr4 modules than are available today which I’ll in turn use again on the next build scheduled for year 4. I’ll also reuse the 1500w PSU which should still be plenty, the case, liquid cooling system, fans etc, sound card, networking stuff and capture card.
      And I REALLY hope the dx12 mixed gpu rumor ends up being the real deal because then I can also keep the 2 old gpu’s and slave them to a single new GPU saving myself around $600+ right off the bat on the next build. So hopefully I’ll just need to replace the motherboard and CPU. Of course this is in 2019-2020 so who knows. If I do have to junk it all I’ll just do what I did with my last pc and turn it into a home media server. After having one I’ll never go back. I spent a month ripping my 800 strong collection of DVDs and 100ish blurays. I can access any movie any time from any tv in the house, no way I’m giving that up and even though they dont get taxed a media server will wear out eventually.

    • jayflow

      I’m in the market for building a good gaming rig myself. This will be the first time I’ve built my own, so I’m going to take my time. I haven’t had a gaming rig in about 5 years. Its been all consoles lately for me. Just feel like PC gaming is on the rise and it’s time to get back into it. I’ll save my consoles(PS4, Xbox1) for exclusives and games I like playing with friends.

    • d0x360

      Yea gaming has been stagnant on pc for years but its been slowly rising again. With dx12 I think it will explode once games are designed around it which will be a year or 2.

      Building a rig is a good time. Its usually $5-600 cheaper than buying one already built. My biggest piece of advice is…dont worry it won’t break just keep pushing.

      Instructions for CPU installation say they should just fall into place with gravity. They dont lol. You always gotta push and it always feels like something is going to break.. Every time. Its intensely stressful lol even when you know its normal.

    • jayflow

      Ok thanks! I’ll keep that in mind, lol.

  • d0x360

    Faster interface, I can’t disagree but at the same time you need to be a realist. The stuff that is slow is stuff being loaded from the internet on demand. Yes it could be faster and hopefully they do make it faster but there is a reason it takes a few seconds to load it up. Also consider the system devotes most resources to games not apps.

    Smart phone pairing, I can already easily stream media to my xbox from my phone and have no desire to see phone notifications on my tv but…to each their own I guess. Doesn’t seem to have a point when my phone is always right here anyways.

    HoloLens, bit early to be calling this a top desperately needed feature when it very well might be…the damn thing isn’t out yet.

    Download management, sure having an estimate how long till something is done is nice but again desperate? Come on lol. Click meet bait. You should be happy the xbox can play games while they are downloading long before they finish.

    Any receiver that supports true HD audio supports lpcm. Why would you want an inferior audio format? That said it ALREADY supports bit stream

    All in one social tab? The activity feed you mean? All that stuff is there its just not a tab. If it were a tab it would be way too much clutter on the home screen and look horrible. What you are asking for defies even basic UI design. You dont just cram everything in for the sake of it being there.

    Offline achievements? You can earn them offline. What you can’t do is view that crazy detailed list of information because its all stored online. Does anyone ever use their console offline? Why?

    Faster installs. You should clarify and say faster from disc installs since installing from xbox live is very fast. I 100% agree disc installs need to be faster.

    Background music. Microsoft already stated they are working on it which is appreciated. Snapping will do for now.

    Turn off the LED? On the console? Unless you can’t help but stare directly at it what’s the issue? I’ve never once noticed the led on the console while watching a movie and the controller can easily be shut off

    Changing themes, I’d never use such a feature but to each their own…

    Better clips, sure good idea as long as it doesn’t impact performance. I capture all my stuff with a dedicated device but I get wanting that. However capturing a full game is not going to happen. Your HDD will fill up VERY quickly. A decent quality capture at 30fps can eat up 20 gigs an hour and is also very resource intensive. The reason they end the capture after 5 min is resources. The more drive seeking being done the slower your games will load data. If you want to capture that badly invest in a cheap device like the hdpvr2

    Matchmaking based on age..the tried that once. You know what happens? People lie.

    Gold credit? You are joking right? You want them to give you free money because you dont like a free game? Microsoft would go broke in a month. Everyone would take credit and keep doing so to save for new releases. What an absurd request.

    Cortana, you need a digital console assistant? I dunno why but ok.

    So…the best thing about Microsoft is they hevr a feedback site for x1 and users have a major say in every feature of the box. Every tweak and new feature comes straight from that site so if you feel strongly enough go there and start making requests.

    • Mark

      Yup. The feedback page is there, so it’s likely we’ll be getting most of our requests…….can’t complain about that. Nice little write-up dO. I’m MAINLY having a blast on the X1, it feels next gen to me. So any feature or patch that people say the Xbox is in DESPERATE need of, I’m curious of them to hear why. Win10 will bring even more goods.

    • d0x360

      The word desperate was why I wrote such a long post aside from having a free 5 min with nothing to do.

      Sure I’d like a few things tweaked or sped up, I’d like some features added here and there but desperate?

      If you are going to write this type of article you dont start with the box that does more things

    • Mark

      Haha. Yeah, I was thinking about writing something, but it’s time consuming, and u did a better job than I woulda. To be straight up, I think Gbolt wants to look balanced. I iust think sometimes these articles CAN be food for trolls lol.

    • d0x360

      I think just about anything is food trolls.

  • happy_noodle

    The above list is obviously an Anglo, US point of view.
    Ask ANY non US based XONE owner and they’ll say the NUMBER ONE thing that needs to get implemented is more open language/region settings. IN Europe, except for the UK and Greece, we’re forced to live with the native language of our countries, leaving us with horrible dubbing of games ;-(

  • corvusmd

    The UI is actually rather fast and smooth considering everything it’s doing, and most things are instant, the only time they seem to take a little while is when it’s something reliant on the internet.

    However, there is NOTHING on this list that is “desperately” needed. Some nice touches here and there, but nothing desperate.

  • Psionicinversion

    well PS4 records/streams only at 720p as well and why does it do that? because it means less load on the CPU, recording at 1080p 60 isnt even recommended on PC’s unless you got a powerful CPU


    Another gamingbolt article full of crap… cortana is still in BETA you get it BETA…. and is most useful on your smartphone first. Cortana will be integrated into windows 10 and that is when its most likely to show up on Xbox as it will replace current xbox navigation with cortanas natural speech recognition….

    Holoens is still a fricking prototype and is not ready for commercial release and when it does manipulating something like a 3D CAD rendering is a bit more useful than playing minecraft in your whole living room added to the fact the first run will most likely be near $1000 i cant see a kid running a few paper rounds to get it

    so much FAIL in every gamingbolt article its just ridiculous


    I hope they address the slow installation process when popping in a new game

  • PachterStation

    That E3 will always plague the Xbox One. And that sad survey about most PS4 owners putting resolution/graphics top of the list, sums up gaming today. Still, the Xbox One and PS4 haven’t delivered the games. Like Nintendo with the Wii U, Microsoft will sit back and let the Xbox One run its course. Nintendo and Microsoft will bulk up big time with their next consoles. But it’s sad times when a lot of the talk these days is about console updates (features/apps) and indie games. Owning a Wii U, Xbox One and PS4, by far, they’ve not delivered the games.

    • Mark

      Gotta disagree Pach. I’m having a blast with Sunset, FH2 and MCC. The Halo 5 beta was surprisingly better than previous Halos (not because of the MCC mp fail lol). So the games for the X1 are pretty good for me, and will be even bigger later this year.

      As for people talking about monthly updates, it’s because they come every month, and adds mainly the features most requested by owners. People r still talkin about games, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be excited about new improvements to the console too. I know u disagree with these systems delivering, but there’s many of us that feel they r.


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