Two New Xbox One Exclusive JRPGs Announced

In other, unrelated news, meteorologists are predicting sunrise from the west tomorrow.

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Stranger-of-Sword-City xbox one exclusive

The Xbox One has been a dismal failure in Japan- where the Xbox managed to garner an enthusiastic niche for itself in the country, and the Xbox 360 made its presence felt to some degree, the Xbox One has sunk without a trace, failing to sell even as much in a year as the Xbox 360 did just at launch, failing to stimulate local game support for itself in the country, failing even to secure Japanese releases of western multiplatform games.

It’s been a mess, and though there is hope that Microsoft may be planning on doing something to turn the fortunes of the console around in the region some time soon, for now it is baffling why any Japanese developer would commit to making an Xbox One exclusive- the market just is not there.

And yet, today, Experience Inc., a small Japanese developer and publisher, announced not one, but two new upcoming Xbox One exclusive JRPGs.

The first is a remake of the Vita, 360 and PC release Stranger of Sword City, with a whole new art style, and it’s due to release by March 2016. The second game is a tactical RPG with the working title of Students of Round 2, due before the end of March 2017.

Maybe by then the Xbox One will have enough of a Japanese base to make these games viable?

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  • freekface

    You try and make it sound like these are going to be released in Japan only !, but there not they are being released WORLDWIDE.

    Why didn’t you know this ? Still at least you no longer have a reason to be “baffled”, sighhhhhh.

    Experience Inc.’s CEO, Hajime Chikami, has confirmed.

    “While Xbox One titles will naturally struggle to sell in Japan due to the system’s low install base, it’s now much easier to release Japanese titles worldwide thanks to the advent of digital storefronts, including Xbox Live”.

  • lagann

    “now it is baffling why any Japanese developer would commit to making an Xbox One exclusive- the market just is not there”

    Because they got paid money to do so…..and they probably smelled some easy extra money (besides what ms already paid them) because there aren’t any jrpgs on the Xbox One at all.

    There you go…I have solved your baffleness my little Pramath.

    • Mark


    • Alistein

      The market might not be there in Japan but worldwide is a different issue. As far as I know jrpgs tend to do well in Europe plus this game as been announced as digital only probably going to retail for around 20 dollars. It also doesn’t have to sell big to do well considering they are not triple A games snd one of them is a remake. As for Japan I do wonder if windows 10 platform might be more of their thing cause if it is MS need only focus on releasing games they might like on win10 and focus the xbox platform in places where it is accepted.

  • Mark

    I wanna see what Round 2 looks like.


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