UK Game Charts: Halo 5 Guardians On Top, Outsells Master Chief Collection in First Week

First week sales also 50 percent higher than Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

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343 Industries’ Halo 5: Guardians didn’t disappoint on the hype. According to Gfk Chart-Track, not only did the first person shooter outsell other titles across all platforms in the UK but it also averaged 50 percent higher first week sales than Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Halo 5: Guardians also managed 50 percent higher first week sales than Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, which was on top last week but averaged the lowest launch sales for a mainstream Assassin’s Creed title yet. It’s at number two this week though, so the situation isn’t that bad.

FIFA 16 is in third place followed by WWE 2K16 debuting in fourth and Minecraft: Story Mode – which recently released at retail – in fifth place. Grand Theft Auto 5 is in sixth place with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Watch Dogs, LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Jurassic World rounding out the remaining top ten.

Meanwhile, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition just managed to enter the top 40, debuting at 37th place.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    After Unity, everybody got even more skeptical. Hard to blame the measly sales really.

  • XbotMK1

    But Halo 5 had the worst first week debut of a new Halo title in the entire franchise. Destiny had a higher first week debut on the PS4 alone.

    • Michael

      You never learn, pony. Sony has nothing that’s why destiny sold.Most of sony’s exclusives this gen have sold like crap. The evidence is backed up by your mentioning Destiny. A bad week for Halo is better than anything sony offers.

    • Michael Norris

      LOL Uncharted 4 nuff said..

    • Mark

      U know what the digital numbers are? Oops, fanboy logic my bad..

  • awng0718

    Halo 5’s UK launch sales are the lowest for a major Halo shooter since the original Halo on the original Xbox, 14 years prior. Things aren’t looking too good for Halo, at least in the U.K.

    • Sharon Williams


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    • Mark

      Too bad Halo is being downloaded digitally, in comparison to pretty much all the Halos on console…

    • awng0718

      Even if half of Halo’s software sales came digitally (not possible), it would have still sold less than Halo 3, Reach, and 4 did during their respective debuts. Halo 5 really took a sales hit in the U.K., which is unfortunate because it plays real nice from what I have played of the game.

    • Mark

      Why wouldn’t half of Halo’s sales come from digital? I’m curious.

      Also, even if the sales were just 150k-200k, I don’t see how that’s underwhelming when, according to GamesRevolution, Guardians lines up with Halo 2 sales in UK, during the same time, which went on to become a massive hit.

      It’s funny how, even IF, true about UK sales, the article doesn’t mention the fact that there’s less than 20m Xbox console owners, compared to 70+million for 360 when Halo 4 dropped. Wow, talk about flawed comparisons. Install base matters….

    • awng0718

      “Why wouldn’t half of Halo’s sales come from digital? I’m curious.”

      Because the vast majority of console gamers still buy games physically. The majority of digital sales that publishers boast about come from microtransactions, DLC, and mobile gaming revenue.

      “Also, even if the sales were just 150k-200k, I don’t see how that’s underwhelming when, according to GamesRevolution, Guardians lines up with Halo 2 sales in UK, during the same time, which went on to become a massive hit.”
      The Xbox One has already outsold the lifetime sales of the original Xbox in the U.K. in under two years. Given the fact that the Xbox is significantly more popular now than it was two generations ago, it would be reasonable to assume that Halo 5, a long awaited entry in a highly recognizable 14 year old franchise (that happens to be the XBox’s biggest exclusive IP), would sell on par with the like of Halo 3 (300k +), rather than 150k+.

    • Mark

      Just because publishers boast that way doesn’t mean Halo sold less than 50% digital. See, that’s why I can’t follow articles like that, they’re assuming what the digital number is. If it is indeed 40-50% digital, it’s pretty much right there with Halo 3. So why write an article when u simply don’t know? U cannot claim it’s the least sold Halo game, when ur ASSUMING the digital part of sales….Click-bait

      Basically anything else we argue about is moot, cuz everything rests on those digital numbers….

    • awng0718

      No console game has ever had a digital sales ratio at 40%-50%. Why would Halo suddenly break the trend?? Because it’s Halo?? Give me a break…
      It’s not like you couldn’t download Xbox 360 games either. I am sure a good amount of the 360’s Halos’ software sales came digitally as well. So Halo 5’s digital software sales ratio would have to significantly more than 50% in order for it to match the success it’s predecessors. Which is not possible.

    • Mark

      Wow man, rarely anybody bought digital games on the 360. Reason being that 1) Internet speeds were even slower years ago, and 2) Our hard drives were way smaller, we couldn’t just install and save whole 7GB of data on it. And we didn’t have to install games on the Xbox, just plug n play. So no, people rarely bought digital man. Way too much hurdles. Again, the article’s reaching. As journalists, they should use FACTS only, otherwise, tag the dam article as opinion….

    • Mark

      Now here’s what I mean, people are going digital dude.

      “This resulted in a spike in digital sales of Halo 5: Guardians, leading to it becoming the best-selling digital game ever in the Xbox Store for an opening week”. Thus, Halo sold big time digitally.

      Like I said, u cannot just assume digital purchases anymore, and GamesRevolution knows that..

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