Ultra Street Fighter 4 Fifth Character Reveal Teased

“All I can say is, wait till you see how we unveil her.”

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In a recent interview with VG247, senior community socialist for Capcom fighting games, Peter Rosas, teased at the release of the fifth released character in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Up until now only four characters have been released, and now we have a little bit more to go on for guessing the next character. Rosas was quoted:

“As much as I’d like to, unfortunately I can’t. If I divulge the play style of the character, I feel that all of the mystery will be taken away. All I can say is, wait till you see how we unveil her.”

From this quote we can infer that this newest character will be a female, which shortens the list of existing potential characters by around half. The word on the internet–which is purely speculation at this point–is that this character comes from the Street Fighter comics.

Additionally, Rosas informed community users that the song from Street Fighter 4, ‘Indestructible’, will not be included in Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Source: VG247

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  • @10xian

    Yellow Iris of Battle Circuit will be the fifth of the new characters. It is HYPER all the way!
    H= Hugo
    Y= Yellow Iris
    P= Poison
    E= Elena
    R= Rolento
    Why Yellow Iris? She is new to the SF series and has never appeared in any Street Fighter game or storyline.
    She has appeared in Udon comics ending for Felicia in Fighting Evolution (http://udoncrew.deviantart.com/art/Fighting-Evolution-FELICIA-58432108).
    She is a bounty hunter (huntress) by profession.
    She has claws.
    She is female and out of every (most) SF fan’s radar.
    She is a perfect love interest for Blanka, Ono’s favorite character. (http://tretta101.deviantart.com/art/Yellow-Iris-and-Blanka-297627326)
    She has a cute pet fox named Finn. Japanese people love cute pets with hot babes or hot babes with cute pets.

  • @10xian

    More hints that YELLOW IRIS of Battle Circuit is the fifth Ultra Street Fighter character:
    She is a speed-based character.
    She is wild… more specifically feral.
    Only a few fans guessed her when Googling “Ultra Street Fighter fifth character Yellow Iris”


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