Uncharted 4: Differences Between The E3 Build and the PSX One Explained

It is not a downgrade.

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When Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was shown off at the PlayStation Experience keynote, a lot of people were obviously pretty excited, but there was also some dissatisfaction about what was perceived to be a difference between what the E3 debut trailer of Uncharted 4 last July, and what we finally got this week (in common parlance, a downgrade).

Now, Uncharted 4’s 3D Environment Artist Anthony Vaccaro has come out to discuss the differences between the E3 build of the game and the PlayStation Experience one. “Here are just a couple of things about those comparison shots.

1.Time of day is different in both. – Our first trailer is at night, moonlight. Our gameplay demo is early morning. So the moonlight is slightly over exaggerated to give more contrast to give it that night feeling but enough light so you can see whats going on. Dawn is not a time of day where you have a lot of contrast.

2. His face is so spec-y [editor’s note: specular] in the first image! – Have you seen the trailer? He literally just gets up out of water so his face/chest/shirt are wet and have a high sheen. Bottom one he is not wet so of course he looks dry.

3. Trailers are Art Directed for every frame – A trailer is not gameplay so we have the ability to do a lot of art direction in that shot, that could otherwise hamper gameplay. It allows us to give a lot more emotion to a trailer.”

I mean, that sounds reasonable. Plus, come on guys, this is Naughty Dog. If anyone has earned the benefit of the doubt, it’s these guys!

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  • Starman

    Yes the RES and frame rate dropped the graphics don’t even come close …

  • John Doe

    It wasn’t downgraded. It’s just a bunch of Xbox fanboys who have become so desperate after Xbox One’s failure. Microsoft has had nothing new to announce for months so Xbots are swarming PlayStation news. Even if there was a downgrade, it would have to be so small that people are obviously nit picking. You must remember that the E3 trailer was a cutscene and PSX was gameplay. Cutscenes can run at better framerates and visuals because AI, physics, and controls are not being processed. Cutscenes are entirely scripted. Gameplay is not. No downgrade here, just a bunch of morons blindly hating and trolling.

    • Psionicinversion

      blind fanboyism again i see

    • Mark

      Psionic, get ur second cousin John Doe outta here man, really. Lol. “Cutscenes can run at better frame rates and visuals”………..wth? That’s why everyone except Sony clergymen are saying downgrade. Why? Because ND presented it as such at PSX (running on the PS4) and their Tweets, leading people to expect just that. And what was the result? A bunch of dudes throwing around “It’s running in-engine on the PS4”. Lol. Remember that not too long ago? Why do these guys defend everything Sony or the God Naughty Dog does? If anything, I’d no longer trust these CGI quality “reveals” anymore…….the jokes on them, not ND.

    • Psionicinversion

      if John Doe’s my second cousin hes the side of the family that gets dropped on there heads at birth!!! its because they believe whatever they see from ND, its ND so its got to be true hahah


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