Upgraded Xbox One Consoles Could Work, Says Sniper Elite Developer

‘You would have to make the game run on the existing, lower spec Xbox.’

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Earlier this month, Xbox boss Phil Spencer hinted at the future of Xbox,where instead of having traditional console cycles, we would have one continuous hardware platform with multiple upgrades, conclusively ending the idea of console generations once and for all.

But would something like this even work? Are developers even on board with a departure from the norm as radical as this. In an interview with VideoGamer, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley speculated on exactly how such a move may help games, developers,and players.

“I don’t think anybody actually knows [what Microsoft has planned],” he said. “Yes, you will have to make the game to work on the existing, let’s call it lower-spec Xbox. You would also, depending on how the operating system works, have to anticipate the upgrade… We’re already working on Xbox One titles and we don’t know if there is another one coming. I guess at some stage we might know.

“It might just be that it would be a frame rate improvement, and it might just happen out of the box,” he speculated. “‘This one runs at a solid 30fps and with the new machine it runs at a solid 60fps.’ That I could imagine would be of value to some people.”

Definitely, at first, I can see things working out like that myself- a lot like how the New 3DS offers higher resolutions or better framerates to games, compared to older models, for example. But of course, this is all speculation for now- and without knowing exactly what Microsoft has planned, that’s all it will be.

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  • lagann

    Ms coming out with an external gpu is getting more likely. The Razer Core will soon be releasing and that one is an external gpu solution for laptops that support it.

  • Graeme Willy

    You develop the games they would be developed for, for a PC. Case closed. Everyone wins.

    It’s not complicated. This article almost seems to suggest that it is some far departure from how things currently work. It is not. In fact, developers will embrace it. Developers always embrace something that will allow them to be better express their work. For decades, developers have been challenged to no end, on as to how to really try and get the PC experience to translate over to console, without making too many cuts. This will no longer be the case. You simply continue to do what the PC developer does and develop an engine that scales well. Just as it has always been…only, it’s easier because you know every box has a set hardware. Meaning, someone who buys the next Xbox upgrade will have a specific hardware configuration that will still continue to likely use AMD’s GCN architecture and you still know the specs of the older Xbox One. You need only develop your games bearing in mind the minimum specification of the current Xbox One –8-core processor, 8GB of RAM, an r7 260x, or better, and 500GB HDD…etc. etc.

    On PC it’s a lot more vague. You have to develop for different chipsets, different GPU makes(including Intel), different HDD’s, different audio chips, a vast plethora of CPUs….when a product is streamlined and consistent, like a tablet, it’s easier to leverage.

  • Gobnik

    This game will look beautiful one my xbox new generation or whatever it is called


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