Valve sued in Germany, reselling rights issue appears

Noble cause.

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Gamers should be able to sell resell their games, the The Federation of German Consumer Organizations has said. To set an example they have sued Valve, the provider of PC and Mac games on their digital distribution service, Steam.

Now I’m not sure how exactly you can resell digital games, but they have said that Valve is guilty of this and it’s something that they won’t stand for.

“Steam users own the games they purchase and should be able to resell them when they want to, just like owners of traditional card or board games can,” said Carola Elbrecht, project manager for consumer rights in the digital world at the VZVB.”

“But while those traditional game owners can resell their games whenever they like, Steam users often cannot.”

It seems they also have a way how people can resell their digital games. They say a Steam user could download a game, burn it on a CD and resell it… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

Look, this is a pretty noble cause… and they are essentially fighting for consumer rights, but they are also aiming the cannon in the wrong direction.

You can read the rest of the gibberish here.

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  • R. Nunes

    Sure, why not act like an american would… sue the snackbar that sold you that cup of hot coffee that you burned your mouth with instead. I’m sorry to phrase it out like that, but you people obviously have no knowledge what so ever about german laws and about our customers organisations. It’s not about serving a noble cause, it’s about protecting customers rights. Since, at lest in my country, the game producers track illegal game copying down and sue everyone they can get their hands on while executing their rights, it’s only just to check the other side’s rights as well, don’t you think?

    P.S.: Gibberish… well, since it’s a safe bet that my english is way better than your german, I would like to give you a word of advise here: Check your own writing from time to time, you may find more than enough gibberish at your own doorstep.

    • Meisadragon


      The point I was trying to make is that the PC platform is already facing a piracy issue, and Valve–with Steam–are in a way trying to change that and have turned the ship around somewhat. PC digital games are already so cheap, and when you demand reselling rights for that, it’s going to be really difficult for developers to support PC gaming.

      Suing Valve is not the right way to go about it. I may have been a bit harsh about the whole thing. I wasn’t criticizing the writing but rather the move and the justification behind it.

    • R. Nunes

      While I highly disagree on piracy being an actual problem for the PC gaming industry, I am willing to see your point. You might be a little to young to remember, but we have always made copies of games, like forever. Nobody was buying games for the C64 or the Amiga for example, we always copied and shared them among our friends, and we never heared the companies complain and hunt the game shares down like criminals. Please do not get me wrong here, I’m not saying software piracy is just, but I suspect quite some companies to take that piracy “issue” as an excuse for bad marketing and in fact for not being able to cope with the market economy itself.

      What I was trying to point out is that you don’t seem to understand the reasons for that german organisation to sue Valve, and that might be because you don’t know what’s going on in germany. We even have a political party that came out of the freedom for internet, information and data privacy movement. Perhaps, our society takes things like that reselling-issues a bit more seriously than other countries, I can’t evaluate that. I do not blame you for not understanding all that either, I certainly doesn’t understand your countries laws and processes. But you might want to consider doing some research before you write about other countries policies, that’s all.

      Greetings from europe
      R. Nunes


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