Valve’s Dan Ginsburg Thinks Vulkan Is Better Alternative To Creating A Back End With DX12

Take it with a grain of salt though, as he’s worked closely on Vulkan.

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At the recently completed Siggraph event, Valve’s Dan Ginsburg talked, among other things about the new and upcoming APIs involving DirectX and Vulkan. Ginsburg said these APIs are set to offer low-level access to the GPU and CPU, thus improving performance in games. Ginsburg has been working very closely on Vulkan for Valve and talks about the fact that he doesn’t see any reason for game developers to create a DX12 back end for their games. He added that in general he feels as though Vulkan is far superior technology.

“Unless you are aggressive enough to be shipping a DX12 game this year, I would argue that there is really not much reason to ever create a DX12 back end for your game. And the reason for that is that Vulkan will cover you on Windows 10 on the same class of hardware and so much more from all these other platforms and IHVs that we’ve heard from. Metal is single platform, single vendor, and Vulkan… we are gonna have support for not only Windows 10 but Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.” Ginsburg said at the event.

It should be pointed out that Ginsburg might not stand alone in this opinion, but he’s certainly still in the minority. More and more developers are looking to support DX 12 than ever before. He’s also got an inherent bias since he’s worked so closely with Vulkan over the past few months. Whether you agree with Dan or not, you can watch his entire talk about these APIs in the video below. it is a rather long video but Ginsburg gets to the heart of the matter at the 1:40 minute mark.

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  • Pazz

    Ginsburg has been working very closely on Vulkan for Valve and talks about…

    Vulkan is far superior technology

  • Tyson225

    Lul i guess i would say anything for money too

  • Grifter17

    Of Course Valve is going to say this, but we know DX12 is shipping this year … Valve Hopes Vulcan comes out at some point … down the road …

  • Mark

    He does have a solid point. But ultimately it’s good that there’s new features and tools for devs within APIs to get more performance back outta hardware. People argue over nothing. Both APIs will be used for games and that’s all we want, A-Sync compute, Conservative Raster, Volume Tiled Resources, being used to build 2016’s games and beyond.

    • Orion Wolf

      Indeed, I don’t have anything against Vulkan, actually if it’s better than dx12 or whatever … well, by all means than.

      If nothing else, it will (hopefully) push MS to invest more into dx12.

  • kee1haul

    Wasnt DX12 already shown to be superior? Mantle is gone, Vulkan is going to be something at some point, but DX12 is already out there.

  • Luieburger

    I love watching the DX12 fanbois clamoring here to defend MS. Comedy gold.

    • XbotMK1

      It’s the well known Microsoft fanboys like Mark, GamerJudge, Pazz, and One the One.

  • XbotMK1


    So when a developer says that Vulkan is superior to DX12, you call him bias? But when Brad Wardell and Microsoft talk up DX12, you’ve been kissing their @ss?

    No sh*t this developer has a bias. He’s telling you that Vulkan is superior to Direct X because Vulkan doesn’t lock you into a specific platform like Direct X does. He is absolutely correct. Fact. There is no hidden bias. Only a Microsoft fanboy would deny this or defend Direct X.

    Once again, Gamingbolt has released a sh*t article.

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