Very Few Developers May Utilize Xbox One X’s Extra Power Over PS4 Pro, Sony’s Jim Ryan Suggests

“I’m a big believer of learning lessons from history.”

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There is no denying that the PS4 Pro is a far weaker and decidedly inferior console to the Xbox One X when it comes to pure hardware specifications. For Sony, who have had the stronger system over Microsoft this entire generation, this comes as a reversal of fates. So when Sony’s Jim Ryan was asked by Eurogamer what he thinks of this difference, he said that if the PS3 generation is anything to go by, very few developers may utilize the extra resources the Xbox One X presents over the PS4 Pro.

“What I would do is cast our minds back to the PS3 generation, where we had on paper more impressive specifications than our competition, and in some areas by quite a considerable margin,” Ryan said. “What happened was that developers, maybe at the behest of publishers, developed up to the lowest common denominator and stopped there. And in very few cases took advantage of the additional horsepower of the PS3.

“Now, I’m a big believer of learning lessons from history. History doesn’t always repeat itself. But if you’re a publisher of video games, that is a perfectly commercially rational approach for you to take. Because you only do one set of work. You don’t do one set of work to get up to one level and then a different amount of work and consequently may need to go further.”

While he has a valid point- in fact one that I have made myself before- hearing this position from him is interesting, because it does beg the question, if no one will utilize marginal additional power, and everyone will just develop for the lowest base denominator anyway, why did they spend resources making the PS4 Pro to begin with?

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  • Brian

    What do you expect Sony to say?

    Where he falls on his face is that the ‘work’ many of these developers will need to do is already being done to make the assets for PC. And even if they don’t, the games will still look better with the additional processing power that a high-end unit can provide. And of course, as mentioned, if he believes this why is there a PS4 Pro?

  • Malkill Basdain

    Wow this was just an idiotic response by someone afraid of the competitions offering.

  • heima

    Using Ps3 as an example is quite… misleading, since the problem with that console was not that its power was not properly used by third party developers because they had to level the games to the “lowest common denominator”, its problem was that developing on the Cell architecture was a pain in the a**.

    • Mark


  • The Knight

    Jim Ryan needs to stop talking.

  • Poseidon team

    What he does not realize is that Xbox One X will use the PC version on multiplats games and also use 4K assets made for PC. On the other side the PS4 Pro will require a lot more time and optimization, which following his logic will end looking the same as the regular PS4 but upscaled since devs won’t waste time and money tuning games separately for PS4 Pro and Slim.

    • Riggybro

      And the PC, XBX, Pro versions are all held back by XB1 and PS4 base versions.

  • Gamez Rule

    IF Xbone was the main console leader with the biggest install base I believe Xbone X would get devs taking full advantage of the additional horsepower to the fullest, but we know that’s not the case. It is what it is.

    To be fair devs that made games for MS ( like Cliff Bleszinski ) have made games for PS4 this gen due to Sony having the larger install base, and although a version of his game *LawBreakers* isn’t ruled out for MS consoles at a later date he went where the install base was. In fact Cliff mentioned about that “Xbox fanboys being salty” due to comments being made towards him for his platform choice. ( see video )

    MS stated Xbone X as a *TRUE 4K Gaming console with no compromise*, and we now know that isn’t true. Example AC-Origins is not native 4K and is using checkerboarding as a compromise to hit high resolutions…… Or as some people called it when PS4-Pro used it *Fake 4K*

    But does it matter if a console cannot always hit 4K. Example by the looks of it Anthem was also using checkerboarding to hit 2160p but that game looked great.
    Hopefully devs will support all consoles and gamers, but IMO I really believe that MS needs to get some exclusive content within third party games to really make owning the Xbone X worth the cost over other platforms like Sony done this yeah for it’s install base.

  • hardseppo

    He could also have said: no one will optimise games for PS4 Pro, because base PS4 is the lowest common denominator 🙂

    • Gamez Rule


  • Starman

    First of all the ps3 was a weak P.O.S. …. the cell chip , they couldn’t manipulate the cell-chip …let alone comprehend , they should’ve let NASSA win the bid .. Sony got greedy , couldn’t even get pass 720p (99.9%) of the games..but wanted devs to do so .
    Stop with the propaganda.

    • Holeybartender

      Uh no it’s,the PS3 was a powerhouse…the CELL chip was too advanced that devs couldn’t comprehend it’s alien power except for the Chinese who used it to control missiles. Heh,Chinese using it to guide missiles,now THAT is propaganda.

  • Mark

    Well PS3 had a unique architecture to program for (the Cell), but Xbox X is pretty much Jaguar and Polaris coded by DirectX12, these are now familiar with devs so, gotta disagree with Jim

  • Smart guy

    On the contrary many devs have said they will utilize it’s power 🙂

  • Riggybro

    Xboxone is not lowest common denominator??

    • Mr Xrat

      Four years of getting constantly owned has confused them.

  • Holeybartender

    “Why did they spend resources making the PS4 Pro to begin with?”

    Because if you watched every interview and read every article during the PS4’s original launch (and I continue to do so everyday since) you would know that the most asked question was,”What are you going to do with PS4 when 4k arrives later this year?” Enough people wanted 4k content for PS4 so they got the Pro.

  • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ
    • Gamez Rule

      People on here were saying PS4 Pro is not a true 4k console because not
      all games are Native 4k LMAO! Now those people find out that Xbone X is
      also using checkerboarding on games it doesn’t matter LOL.

      Ac origins checkerboarding
      Anthem checkerboarding
      Metro checkerboarding.

      MS misleading “true 4K Gaming” to promote their Xbone X console. Turns
      out that PS4 Pro is also capable of “true 4K Gaming” thanks to checkerboarding. lol

    • crazy_black_man- ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Mr Xrat

    Unfortunately for Xgimps, it’s not the Pro that’ll be holding back the Xbollox and its Jaguar CPU, it’s the Xbone.

    • Smart guy

      It’s not held back at all limpdick 🙂

  • Dougdec92

    The beast roared with all its might, it felt the sound rumbling out of its chest,a deafening crash to the ears that was unfortunate to hear it and the world stood still, silent………BRUUUUHHHHH… fact that was a chihuahua bark synching with a lion on natgeotv…and that tv was connected to an amplifier….beast…lol.


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