Video Shows PlayStation 4 Suspend Resume Feature In Action, Takes About 10 Seconds

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As we reported to you yesterday, the PlayStation 4’s all new Yukimura 2.50 Software Update is going to be rolling out sometime in the future and it’s bringing new functionality to the much loved Sony platform. One such feature, that has been a very long time coming, is finally ready to drop and that’s the Suspend and Resume feature.

Suspend and Resume is exactly as the name would suggest, it lets you suspend your gameplay and put it into a sort of “sleep” mode. You can then “resume” your gameplay at your own discretion, lending you a little bit more wiggle room in your personal life without having to start over from check points or level beginnings etc.

One Reddit user posted a video online of this new feature in action, showing a speedy switch from suspend to resume. The transition from suspension to gameplay takes just over 10 seconds, which is a lot better than booting the game from the menu.

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  • Guest

    Welcome to 2013 Sony.

    • Mr Xrat

      Just like screenshots, huh?

      You’ll be begging for button mapping next.

    • Michael Norris

      ROFL what Mr Xrat said.

  • crunc

    I wish this did an actual state save and thus let you suspend, then others could play in their own accounts (maybe even doing a state save too) and then you could resume where you left off. As it stands, this feature will only be marginally useful in my 3 gamer household.

    • Starman

      Now you’re asking too much from Sony , they barely got this to work.

  • Starman

    10 seconds ? lol really ??? what’s the 10 sec delay for ?
    I guess it’s better than not having it at all ….seems like it’s half of what xb1 has been doing since “THE ONE” launched in 2013.

    • Mr Xrat

      Meanwhile the Bone’s been doing hard catchup since November 2013 and counting. Now it’ll be further behind.

      And no, no one cares about your Twitter integration.

    • jayflow

      That’s not a delay. That’s going from sleep mode straight into a game. Looks pretty fast to me.

  • kreator

    I noticed some lag/slowdown, but it works..


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