Vita sees massive sales jump in Japan after price drop

Combined 3DS sales still lead the charts.

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Vita price cut

We have the latest Media Create Sales data from Japan and it seems the price cut has worked for the Vita. The price was cut at a Vita event where SCEJ president Hiroshi Kawano revealed the price drop.

The WiFI and 3G version of the system costs 19000 yen and it looks like the price drop has worked.

The Vita sold more than last week and such sales would be pleasing to Sony. It still has to sell consistently at this range to get game developers to develop for the system.

Sony hasn’t announced a price drop for the US and EU regions yet.

The system failed to top the chart for this week, and the combined 3DS sales are higher. You can check out the complete sales chart below.

3DS = 77.439

PSV = 62.543

PS3 = 25.725

PSP  = 11.171

WIU = 10.021

WII = 1.383

360 = 486

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  • Such a shame people keep saying “3DS is better than Vita because it has more games” and other BS, I mean let’s look at the games


    KidIcarus__________V.S._________Gravity Rush——-Winner:Gravity Rush
    SMBros2_________V.S._________Mutant Blobs Attack——Winner:MBA


    That’s 6 for Vita and 2 for 3DS, I think people are way too blinded by nostalgia to see that Nintendo hasn’t evolved for like a decade or two
    (Also, I played every single game I mentioned so don’t give me crap)

    • Heh, no way is LBP superior to SM3DL, or Uncharted to RE: Revelations, although I’ll grant you Persona 4 Golden probably does beat Ocarina of Time 3D. I love Atlus games.

      The difference between the 3DS and Vita right now is that, not only is
      the 3DS swimming in great software, but it has several great releases to
      look forward to throughout the year with no signs of letting up, whereas the Vita currently has a select few high-quality software titles on it currently and nothing much, at least in the West, to really look forward to. Where on your list is Etrian Odyssey IV? Fire Emblem: Awakening? Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask? Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which releases in 3 months and has posted record sales in Japan? Devil Survivor: Overclocked? Luigi’s Mansion 2, releasing this month and a follow-up to a cult classic on the Gamecube? Pokemon X and Y, which will showcase 3D graphics for the first time in a portable main series Pokemon game? Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, which might very well be coming to the West due to enormous Western excitement about it having been noticed by the developers? Monster Hunter games, which have switched, at least for this gen, from Sony to Nintendo? Project X Zone, a cool looking RPG which brings together Japanese video game characters from all over the place? And all of these are just the beginning, the stuff (side from BD:FF) releasing in the 3DS’ immediate future in the West if they already been released recently.

      The Vita is a great piece of hardware, Sony just needs to support it more. Really, if the one-two punch of great new games and a price cut worked for the 3DS, it should work for the Vita. Especially in Japan, where they love their handhelds. I think I’ll wait for a price cut and the release of more quality software in America before jumping on-board.

    • Well, I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it, especially reagrding LBP and UC. For me Nintendo games have become way too simplistic and too similar to past releases (which were already too simplistic). I agree that the 3DS is getting more games in the near future, I just simply don’t see the difference to be worth the 25 million units difference in sales


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