Volition Producer on Red Faction Revival: “I’d Totally Give it to DICE”

Jim Boone feels the Battlefield 4 dev is experienced with destruction.

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Say what you will about Red Faction, whether you enjoyed the open world nature of Guerrilla or the first person shooter-centered initial games, no one can deny that it had a certain appeal even with the disappointing Armageddon’s release. Though the franchise was auctioned off following THQ’s bankruptcy, Volition Inc senior producer Jim Boone stated that if it ever was revived, he’d want developer DICE to handle it.

Speaking to OXM, Boone stated that, “The fact that they have had experience, and understand what it means to perform destruction, and what kind of compromises you actually have to make – maximising the opportunities that it presents from a design standpoint. I think you almost by definition have to be someone who has some experience in destruction so yeah, I’d totally be giving it up to DICE, if I could choose anyone.”

Given DICE’s experience with destruction in its video games, especially the upcoming Battlefield 4 which implements real-time reshaping of its levels for tactical supremacy, it seems like a good choice. Boone also remared about the “smarter” destruction of Frostbite compared to Volition’s GeoMod. “In Red Faction, I could destroy every single bit of wall I wanted to. In Bad Company, I could destroy one part of wall, but the outer edges would stay. And the gamer didn’t care.

“They just thought ‘I shot that wall and it blew up and that’s amazing.’ Not ‘I shot the wall right there and there’s a hole right there.’ Because DICE made that one compromise, everything else looked amazing. And I think that was a smart call, frankly.”

Battlefield 4 will be releasing on October 29th in North America for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, with next generation versions due in November for PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Lucastos

    Oh please please please!!!!

  • Anton Wallerstedt

    The precision of the destruction in Guerilla was why it was so good! Bad Company style hole in the wall works well for that type of medium. However, not in an open world environment where you wanna strategically and precisely bite off pieces of a building to make it crumble to whatever direction you want.
    The wall holes in BC are just to not having to use the door.
    Gurella 2 I say!! But no BC business. Sniper precise destruction is what Guerilla made right. Expand upon that. Do not take it away. It is the core of it all.

    • Scott Wheeler Woytek

      yeah red faction guerrilla uses the geo mod engine. DICE and the frost bite 3 engine does not compare. its decent, but not close to how awesome the geo mod is. it sucks because everybody says the frost bite 3 engine is so amazing, but its because they don’t know how great the geo mod was… anyways i would really love a guerrilla 2 with a even better geo mod engine, but if it would go to DICE, they have a lot of work to do.


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