Watch Dogs

Game Overview:

Watch Dogs was unveiled in E3 2012 and it took the video game industry by storm. The game is an open world, and is built like a GTA game but with a lot of new features. The city is connected and the main protagonist can hack into any info he chooses.

It will be released on the current gen and next gen platforms and the demo that was shown at the Sony press conference for PS4 reveal ran on a PC.

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Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Open World
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Best And Worst Gameplay Mechanic of 2014

Along with the Best Developer of 2014.

Most Disappointing Game of 2014

Which game did not delivered on the promise?

Top Overhyped Games of All Time

Disappointment after disappointment.

Watch Dogs Hits Wii U With Less DLC Than Other Platforms

The Wii U version is already toned down on release.

Watch Dogs Reception “Pretty Close” to Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft Wants to Tackle Flaws

Ubisoft Montreal executive Lionel Raynaud also touches on the mindset for making Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date Set To November 21st

Ubisoft…you’re starting to do stupid things again.

There Is A Watch Dogs Mod for GTA4

And it looks pretty great!

15 Locations Watch Dogs 2 Could Be Potentially Set In

Beijing, San Francisco Bay Area, London and more.

Watch Dogs DLC May Take You to Camden, New Jersey

Ubisoft is teasing a brand new city for Watch Dogs.

15 Amazing Graphical Effects That Were Possible Only Due To PS4 And Xbox One

And of course, this automatically applies to gaming PCs.

Ubisoft: “DLC and Season Pass are Pretty Much Accepted Now”

VP of digital publishing Chris Early talks about doing DLC right.

Enhanced Reality Mod v3 Released For Watch Dogs

You finally get it to look like the E3 2012 debut demo, WILL YOU STOP BITCHING NOW?

Ubisoft On Hidden Graphical Settings in PC Version of Watch Dogs

Also responds to allegations of ‘downgrading’ the game.

The Art of Watch_Dogs Hands On Impressions

Who’s watching the watchers? Who’s watching the gamers? Who’s watching the readers?

Ubisoft CEO On Rising Development Costs: It Is Costing “10% More”

“It’s costing a bit more than I expected,” says Yves Guillemot.

UK Game Charts: Watch Dogs Sales Drop 81 Percent, Still on Top

Meanwhile, WildStar and Tomodachi Life debut.

Watch_Dogs – True Power At Your Fingertips

“Chicago is my playground and I’m enjoying every moment,” says GamingBolt’s Andy Brice.

Watch Dogs Easter Egg Pokes Fun at Microsoft Kinect

It’s a good thing the “Kinekt” doesn’t actually exist, right?

Ubisoft Consulted With Kaspersky Labs for Watch Dogs

We’re not sure that included the giant mechanical spider but anything’s possible.

Watch Dogs Day One Sales Set New Record for Ubisoft

Sales figures have yet to be provided however.

Watch Dogs Crazy Bug Lets You Shoot People in Cars Without Alerting Cops

Whether this is a design flaw or a bug, this is surely stupid.

Watch Dogs Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs: New Nvidia and AMD Drivers Now Available, Promise Improved Performance

PC players can expect performance increases with the launch of Ubisoft’s open world title.

Watch Dogs ctOS Companion App Launches on iOS and Android Today

Take control of a police chopper and hunt down console & PC players.

Watch_Dogs Review

Welcome to Chicago.

Contrary To Reports Watch Dogs Has Dynamic Car Deformation According To These PS4 Screens

Some screenshots showing the extent of vehicle damage in Watch_Dogs.

Watch Dogs Receiving AMD and Nvidia Optimized Drivers on Launch Day

Graphical issues with Ubisoft’s open world title may be resolved sooner than we thought.

Watch Dogs Continues to Deliver Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs

Abstergo employees roam the streets of Chicago in Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs Sets New Graphical Standards For Open World Games On PS4, New Screens Released

Watch Dogs seems to be firing all cylinders on the PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs PC Version Suffering From Performance And Frame Rate Issues

Users with GTX 780 Ti’s report frame rate issues on Ultra settings among other issues.

Watch Dogs PC Graphics Options Revealed

Requires 3 GB VRAM for ultra quality textures.

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date Announcement at E3?

The Wii U version of the game may finally be revealed at next month’s expo.

Watch_Dogs Entire Map Revealed, Compared With Grand Theft Auto 4 And GTA 5

How does Chicago compare to Liberty City and Los Santos?

Watch Dogs’ Skill Tree And Map Revealed

Alongside a map of the city.

Watch Dogs Valid Reviews “Emerge at Release on May 27th” – Ubisoft

Ubisoft says that false reviews of the game have been circulating.

Amazing Watch Dogs Facts To Get You Even More Excited

Some amazing Watch_Dogs facts that you may not be aware about.

Check Out This New CGI Watch Dogs TV Commercial

Ubisoft Montreal releases new video for the open world hacking game.

Watch Dogs Finally Goes Gold

In development since 2009, Ubisoft’s newest open world adventure is ready to ship.

Watch Dogs “101” Trailer Reveals 9 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

Ubisoft’s open world title receives a host of new details.

Watch Dogs Runs At 900p On PS4, 792p on Xbox One

“You want to have a steady framerate, but you want to have dynamism at the core of the experience,” explains the game’s creative director.

Does Watch Dogs Runs at 1080p/60fps on PS4? No Word On Xbox One Version

Has Sony accidentally revealed the resolution and frame rate for Watch Dogs on PS4?

Watch Dogs: No Manual Weather Setting, Xbox 360 Installation Size And More

Two online features have also been confirmed as exclusive to next-gen versions.

Watch Dogs is Over 20GB on Xbox One

Over 9000!!! …Megabytes

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Romania “Fully Focused” on Wii U Version

After helping to ship other versions, the dev team is now to developing the Wii U version.

Watch Dogs Delay “Was Right Thing to Do”, “Doesn’t Make it Hurt Any Less” – Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s Tony Key says that Watch Dogs is a “long term play”.

Watch Dogs Free Roam Applies to Entire City, Multiplayer Doesn’t Include Mini-Games

Jonathan Morin talks more about the competitive aspects of Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs Player Invasions Occur During Free Roam, Won’t Disrupt Campaign Missions

Ubisoft’s Danny Belanger has also explained how you won’t be hacked if you don’t want to be.

Watch Dogs New Details: Hacking Multiple Bank Accounts And Enemy Headsets, New Screens Revealed

Creative director Jonathan Morin also clarifies “Notoriety” for multiplayer.

Watch Dogs: Can You Tell Fact From Fiction? A Comparison Of The Game’s Graphics With Real Life

See how well Ubisoft’s stunning upcoming game fares against the real world .

Ubisoft on Watch Dogs: Hacking Is Not A Gimmick And It Changes The Game

“At Ubisoft, you need to define something that is not just a gimmick.”

Watch Dogs Multiplayer Trailer Captured on PS4 Devkit, DualShock 4 Controls Revealed

Watch Dogs is looking better and better with weeks to go before release.

Watch Dogs 2 Won’t Take As Long to Develop, Currently Doesn’t Exist

Creative director Jonathan Morin talks about further exploring the thematics of the series.

Watch_Dogs Interview: The Next Evolution of Open World Gaming

Ubisoft Montreal’s team members about their upcoming hacking adventure.

Watch_Dogs Has Experts Dedicated For Each Platform, Dev Assures That Wii U Version Isn’t Cancelled

Senior producer Dominic Guay confirms DualShock 4 touchpad support and present lack of Kinect plans.

Watch Dogs India Pre-Order Incentives Detailed Store-wise

The Cyberpunk, Dedsec + Chicago Club and other DLC packs stand to become yours.

Watch Dogs New Gameplay Footage To Be Released Soon

However, creative director Jonathan Morin can’t say when.

Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Will Be As Big as Call of Duty and FIFA

‘We expect it to go toe to toe with the biggest titles of the year.’

Watch_Dogs Features Over 13,000 Unique Animations, Resolutions Yet to be Finalized

Animation director Colin Graham says Watch Dogs “has more animation than any Ubisoft Production to date”.

Watch Dogs Will be “One of the Best Selling Titles Throughout 2014″

Ubisoft’s Wayne Greenwell also believes it will be one of the best selling new IPs in a while.

Watch Dogs Xbox One “Offers Same Game Experience”, “Needed to Scale Specific Elements on Each Hardware”

Senior producer Dominic Guay talks about the challenges in developing for multiple platforms.

Watch_Dogs Uses Custom SMAA For PS4 And Xbox One Versions, Frame Rate Important to Gameplay

Ubisoft’s Francis Boivin and Dominic Guay discuss the game’s visual presentation.

Watch Dogs Animation Director: “You’ll Never See the Same Thing Twice Guaranteed”

The delay also helped animate Aiden Pearce’s thumbs better.

The Division Dev: Watch Dogs Delay “Was a Good Decision”, Sent Positive Message to First Party Studios

Managing director David Polfeldt says that between delivering on time and quality, the latter wins.

Watch Dogs PC Ultra Specs Revealed: Intel Core i7 4th Gen, GTX 780 Required

You’ll need a fairly hefty rig to experience Watch Dogs on Ultra.

Watch Dogs Info Blowout: Cheat Codes, PS4/Xbox One Version And More

Creative director Jonathan Morin clarifies details about the PS4 demo at PAX and the controls.

Watch Dogs PC Trailer Details Nvidia Technologies: HBAO+, TXAA Confirmed

Ubisoft’s open world hacking adventure is already looking great on PC.

Watch Dogs Delay Meant Lots of Tweaking and Polish – Creative Director

Jonathan Morin says the delay meant ensuring everything worked.

Watch_Dogs About “Curiosity” and Details, Dev Clarifies Statement on Games Being Dumbed Down

“I simply think there’s a great place for sophistication in games.”

“Water is not possible on last-gen systems”- Watch Dogs dev

“It’s not concessions, we’re trying to do the exact same game.”

Watch Dogs’ Digital Shadow Trailer Focuses On Digital Hacking

“We know everything, and we can use it against you.”

Watch Dogs Won’t Have A Jump Button

Parkour will be contextual like in Assassin’s Creed.

Watch Dogs’ In-Game Inventory Screenshots Shows Off Apps

It’s an actual smartphone, ironically enough.

Watch Dogs Will Have No Loading Screens, New PS4 Footage At PAX East But No Xbox One Version

Animation director Colin Graham talks about the open world hacking title.

Watch Dogs: New Details On Map Size, Online Contracts & Sound Tracks Hacking

You can hack to get music and the lake in the countryside of the map is ‘huge’.

Watch Dogs Map Size: Here Is Your First Look

A glimpse at what players can expect in the game.

Watch Dogs PC Tech Video Showcases Environmental and Lighting Effects

Footage is apparently the PC version running at 1080p resolution.

Watch_Dogs On PS4 And Xbox One Look Identical, More Info On Safe House And Difficulty Levels

“They look pretty much the same from what I can tell. On the animation side they are identical.”

Watch_Dogs Features Ghost Rider-Like Enemies And Sci-Fi Elements? Wii U Version Graphics Discussed

Watch Dogs will have sc-fi elements but Ubisoft won’t reveal what they are.

Watch Dogs Trailer Welcomes You to Chicago (For Real This Time)

Ubisoft shows off the cityscape of its open world hacking adventure.

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Has Ideas for Sequel, Might’ve Changed Experience in First Game

Ubisoft has some big ideas that wouldn’t have fit in the first game but will be in the sequel.

Ubisoft: PS4 is so powerful it gave us a ‘chance to dream’

Ubisoft is all praises about Sony’s new console.

Watch Dogs: PS4 And Xbox Version Will Be Similar In Density And Content

Creative director Jonathan Morin says there won’t be any difference in terms of gameplay.

Watch Dogs PS3/PS4 Exclusive Content Detailed in New Trailer

Aiden Pearce runs evermore afoul of DedSec in some new missions.

Watch Dogs Requires Roughly 100 Hours for Full Completion – Creative Director

This is if you collect everything and play all side missions along with the story.

Watch Dogs Dev Responds To Comparisons With inFamous Second Son, Talks About Dynamic Fog & More

Creative director Jonathan Morin also provides new details on Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs’ Graphics Likely Downgraded Due to Current Gen Development – Cliffy B

Former Epic Games dev believes that publishers catering to current-gen is the problem.

Watch Dogs Devs Believed E3 2012 Reveal Was Too Soon

“They forced us to go, but in the end they were right.”

Watch Dogs On PC Looks “Really Stunning”, Says Ubisoft

Wii U version to look as good as the PS3/360 versions.

Watch Dogs PS4 Video Shows Off Sharing Features

See how the Share button works in Ubisoft’s open world adventure.

Watch_Dogs On PS4: GIF Comparison Shows Significant Downgrade Never Happened

Judge the difference in Ubisoft’s open world hacking adventure for yourself.

Watch Dogs Update: PS4 Graphics, PC Requirements, Limb Damage

Jonathan Morin talks Watch Dogs and gameplay possibilities.

Watch Dogs Wii U “Still Alive”, Release in 2014 “A Possibility” – Ubisoft Producer

Ubisoft offering plenty of time to Romania studio for development.

Watch Dogs Features 8 Person Free Roam Mode

Up to eight players in your game? Or a new multiplayer mode? That’s the question.

Ubisoft Are Absolutely Frightened Due To Backlash Against Watch Dogs – Insider

The game’s supposed visual degradation heavily overshadows news of its release.

Watch Dogs Has “Big Week” Ahead, Release Date Announcement Imminent?

According to product manager David Thériault, that is.

Watch Dogs New Trailer and Release Date Coming Soon?

A recent pop-up advertisement indicates a new trailer to be revealed.

Watch Dogs Features 110 Minutes of Cutscenes

Director Kun Chang lists the same on his official page.

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Says Trademark Abandonment Request is Fradulent

Ubisoft clarifies reports of abandoning its principal trademark for Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs: One of Six Trademarks Abandoned by Ubisoft

Let the conspiracy theories commence.

Industry Insider: Watch_Dogs PS4 Will Be Better Than Xbox One, Expects Performance To Widen In Future

“I didn’t think we’d see performance differences this large so early, but the jury is still out.”

25 Games That Will Push Graphical Boundaries In 2014

25 reasons why 2014 is going to truly be a ‘Happy’ New Year!

Is Watch Dogs Releasing in March?

The newest Official Xbox Magazine sure seems to think so.

Watch Dogs Budget Before Delay Was €50 million

And that’s not including the marketing costs.

Watch Dogs: Parts of Cancelled Driver Title Used for Development

But Watch Dogs never “started life” as a Driver game.

Watch Dogs Receives Three New Screenshots

The open world hacker is still very much bustling.

15 Action Adventure Games To Look Forward To In 2014

2014 has some great action adventure titles coming and we can’t wait for the new year to roll around.

Havok Engine Featured in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Watch Dogs and The Division

The leading physics engine will power some of Ubisoft’s biggest games.

Watch Dogs to Inspire Assassin’s Creed 5?

Will Ubisoft’s open world hacker take its premier stealth series forward?

Watch Dogs PS4 Footage in Recent Xbox One Trailer Was Ubisoft’s Mistake – Major Nelson

Nelson claims “a mix up at Ubisoft when they provided this video”.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Teases Watch Dogs’ CtOS Technology

Ubisoft keeps on building the hype for Watch Dogs.

Assassin’s Creed IV, Watch Dogs DLC to be PlayStation-Exclusive for Six Months

This is according to a small print in yesterday’s “Best Place to Play” trailer.

Watch Dogs Delay Will Push Back PS4/Xbox One Sales – Analyst

However, it was still the right decision according to IDC’s Lewis Ward.

Watch Dogs Delay Will “Prove to be Right Decision” for Fans and Shareholders

Ubisoft’s current long term goal is “win the next generation”.

Ubisoft Revises Its Financial Targets After Watch_Dogs And The Crew Delay

The second quarter of 2013-14 should exceed €210 million.

Watch Dogs Delayed Till Spring 2014, The Crew Also Delayed

Both current and next gen versions of the previously November-bound title have been delayed.

Watch Dogs: 11 Minutes of PS4 Footage Shows Gameplay Mechanics

Off-screen gameplay footage emerges for Ubisoft Montreal’s next.

Watch_Dogs On Wii U Is The Superior Current Generation Version

“It’s cool to play it just on the GamePad’

Watch Dogs PC Specs Revealed: 20 GB Install Size, 64-bit OS Support Only

What will you need to enjoy the open world title on PC? Find out here.

Watch Dogs Ships on Two Discs for Xbox 360, Requires Mandatory Install

Install size suspected to be the same as GTA 5.

New Information for Watch Dogs Announced

30 FPS on Xbox One and PS4, two discs on Xbox 360, and visual performance between current and next gen for Wii U version.

Watch Dogs DedSec Edition Unboxing Video Shows Exclusive Goodies

DedSec edition unboxing video shows off the goods.

Watch_Dogs Gets A Startling 14 Minutes Gameplay Demo

Indepth video shows more about this exciting open world game.

Ubisoft Reveals PAX Prime 2013 Lineup

The AAAs make their appearance at PAX.

Watch Dogs PS4 Exclusive Level Showcased in New Trailer

Aiden Pearce, like a boss, as always.

Watch Dogs Dev Talks How PS4/Xbox One Will Impact Video Games

Creative director Jonathan Morin talks about playing Watch Dogs in different ways.

Watch Dogs Game Play Series Episode 1: Hacking Is Your Weapon

Take a look at the upcoming hack system from Watch Dogs.

Watch Dogs: Unlock The Papavero Stealth Edition in uPlay

Use this sleek, stealthy vehicle as you see fit when the game releases.

Watch Dogs’s Current Gen Version Will Be Better Than What Was Shown

Creative director calls the recent fiasco “indeed hilarious”.

Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch_Dogs Pre-orders Higher for PS4 Version – Analyst

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-orders are higher on the Xbox One.

Analyst: Call of Duty Ghosts, Watch_Dogs With Most Holiday Preorders

GTA V, Assassin’s Creed IV and Battlefield 4 also showing strong numbers.

Watch Dogs: Aiden’s Friends Will Affect His Actions

The relationships you maintain will influence your overall success.

Ubisoft: “We Won’t Start a Game If We Can’t Build a Franchise Out of It”

Tony Key discusses how it’s currently too expensive to just “fire and forget”.

Ubisoft Talks About Watch Dogs, Details Multiplayer

New details on Ubisoft’s upcoming open world action game.

Watch_Dogs Interview with Ubisoft Montreal: PS4 Advantages, Perks, Story Details, Vehicles and Tons More

A venerable all-star line-up from Ubisoft Montreal answers our questions about the open world adventure.

Watch Dogs Franchise to have a Ten Year Plan

Ubisoft Montreal plan to support Watch Dogs for a while

Watch_Dogs Development Began in 2009

Senior producer Dominic Guay denies Person of Interest similarities.

Watch Dogs Viral Website Launched

Viral Marketing for the win

Ubisoft Explains The Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Versions of Watch_Dogs

Senior producer Dominic Guay talks design and scale for the open world adventure.

Watch_Dogs Multiplayer Trailer Leaked: Hack Targets and Evade Pursuit

Check out how Watch_Dogs multiplayer will function.

Ubisoft Working on Watch_Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids Films

The publisher’s film division is adding three more projects to production.

E3 2013: Watch_Dogs Trailer “Exposed” Trailer Fuels Vigilante Fantasies

Prepare to be watched this November (and not by the Xbox One. RIMSHOT).

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft Considered Real Life Hackers’ Lives To Build Aiden’s Personality

Cinematic animation lead Lars Bonde talks research and interactions with “specialists”.

Ubisoft Confirms at least 6 Next-Gen Titles for Xbox One During the First 12 Months

Ubisoft to release 6 next-gen titles in the first year of Xbox One

Watch_Dogs: Palace Pack and Signature Shot Pack Pre-order Bonuses Announced

Get in on the extra content for Ubisoft’s open world title.

Watch_Dogs Creative Director: “Players Won’t Come Into and Break Your Game”

But Jonathan Morin does want to find a win-win solution for bringing players together.

Watch_Dogs Info Blow-out: Side Missions, Hacking Abilities and 80 Hours of Gameplay

Check out all the latest details on Ubisoft’s hacking epic.

Watch_Dogs Will Feature 60 Real-World Vehicles

All specially licensed for your pleasure.

Watch_Dogs PS3 and PS4 contains additional 60 minutes of gameplay

Not surprising because Sony and Ubisoft have done this before.

Watch_Dogs: New “Out of Control” Gameplay Trailer Revealed, Special Editions Announced

Fight the city, using the city in the latest gameplay trailer.

New Watch_Dogs Trailer In-Bound

New gameplay footage?

Watch_Dogs Special Edition Features Breakthrough Pack

Cars, essentially. And rather nice cars at that.

Watch_Dogs for PS4 Will Feature Visual and AI Improvements, “More Realistic Consequences”

Creative director Jonathan Morin also talks taking advantage of PS4 with time and resources currently available.

Ubisoft Montreal CEO: “Next Generation Will Blur Lines Between On and Offline Play”

Believes it will “change the experience or become an essential part of the story”.

Rumour: Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV Will Require Constant Internet Connection

Could it be console specific or is Ubisoft back to their wily ways?

Watch Dogs Wiki

Everything you want to know about the game.

Watch Dogs On The PS4 Will Push All Aspects of The Game Further

PS4 is shaping up to be an impressive console for development.

PS4: Killzone Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs And DriveClub To Be Launch Games

The console will release this holiday season. And it’s bringing a few friends.

Is Watch Dogs coming to the Wii U?

No official confirmation.

Watch Dogs Confirmed for 2013 Release by Ubisoft

Might appear on Wii U along with PS3 and XBox 360.

Watch Dogs “Heroes Wanted” Trailer: Behind the Scenes with Development Team

Check out the thoughts of those developing Ubisoft’s next big action adventure title.

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