Watch Dogs PC Graphics Options Revealed

Requires 3 GB VRAM for ultra quality textures.

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Watch Dogs PC

Watch Dogs PC

You might not believe that Watch Dogs necessarily looks good, especially after all the controversy surrounding it after its recent ‘downgrade’ (I certainly don’t think the game looks all that special anymore, though maybe this is just my hype having been dulled over the two years since its initial unveiling), but the game still seems to demand a mammoth amount of resources running on your PC on ultra settings. To be precise, unless you own the highest quality configuration, your PC will almost certainly melt trying to run this game on max settings.

Ultra quality settings require a whopping 3GB of visual RAM. Not only is this obscenely more than even the next generation Xbox One and PS4 can muster, this is also more than mostly any reasonable PC configuration out there. That, along with the fact that the game simply won’t support PCs with dual cores, means that it’s probably time for PC users to upgrade if they want to play this game on the maximum possible settings.

Watch Dogs launches next week on PC and all consoles except for Wii U, which gets the game later this year. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage.

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  • Watch dog sack

    This game is trash. No one cares.

  • Michael

    I had high hopes for this game but it looks slow paced and repetitive.
    Walk around aimlessly, hack for a missions, drive there and steal an
    item or kill a bad guy. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. I’m not
    trolling just telling it like I see it. I may be wrong but all the the gameplay videos I’ve
    seen so far look the same. YMMV.

    • Masato Indou

      I guess it’s just a matter of preference really, what type of games do you play? Maybe you’re just not into these types of games(explore/action/openworld) in the same way that I can’t stand puzzle games 🙂

  • Ubisoft liars

    Watch dogs looks nothing like the footage from E3 2012 even on PC Ultra graphics. You can check up some footage on Youtube game looks nothing close. Ubisoft is probably going to do the same thing for The Division don’t get your hopes up on that game -_-

  • Dissatisfied gamer

    I have a copy on pc, max settings. Shooting is cool, missions a bit dull, so far have just enjoyed the gang hideout missions. Driving cars is lame, really clunky. In general the city feels like saints row 2 as in it’s really empty. Graphics are nice but not the best I have seen. And the game just feels so different to what the original video promised. No big fancy explosions, no fancy shootouts, no blind fire, no drive by shooting, police seem to home in on you even if you are not visible. I would give it a 7.8

    • Masato Indou

      Well with the police thing, they’re probably trying to promote the whole “High Tech” tracking thing, even that yellow scanning part when you’ve evaded them can be a bit of a pain

  • John Doe



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