‘We Are Incredibly Committed To Xbox Play Anywhere,’ Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

‘I’m really committed to Xbox Play Anywhere, and it’s really great to see the third party support that we are getting.’

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There are some who would argue that Microsoft’s strategy of putting all of their games on PC via Xbox Play Anywhere is counter productive, that it reduces incentives to actually invest in their hardware. Others will say that Microsoft is ahead of the curve here, that they are preparing for a hardware platform agnostic future. Still others think that this is just another pet project for Microsoft doomed to be abandoned soon, and fade into irrelevance- not unlike Kinect, or Games for Windows Live.

However, speaking at the Halo Wars 2 launch event, Xbox boss Phil Spencer refuted that notion, reiterating Xbox’s commitment to Play Anywhere. ‘The most important thing for me about Xbox Play Anywhere is letting you play games anywhere you want,’ he said. ‘And people will talk about it like, is it selling more games? Is it about monetization? I’m just like, I want our Xbox customers to be able to play their games, if they’re at a place in front of a PC, they can play, if they’re on console, they can play.

‘So we’re actually seeing it- you know, we shipped Gears, we shipped Forza, and we’re shipping Halo Wars 2, and of course there was Resident Evil 7… and we talk to our developers, and what they say is that the people who play on both platforms play more. And I think that’s validation of the program. It’s not about where customers buy their games, it’s not about whether PC is bigger or console, it’s just about giving people more opportunity to play. And I’m really committed to Xbox Play Anywhere, and it’s really great to see the third party support that we are getting.’

I can see Phil’s point- and there is definitely something to having a continuous gaming experience, no matter where you are. That is, in fact, one of the things that Nintendo is banking on with the upcoming Switch. But is it wise to divest all of your exclusives like this by also putting them on another platform? That remains to be seen, still.

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  • Go Xbox! im really excited for the scorpio I have a launch ps4 but i think the ps4 pro is just not the console upgrade for me, cpu bottleneck and not enough memory for true 4k textures. If the scorpio has 12gb’s and a better cpu I am all aboard the xbox train, with my ps4 on the side ofcource 😀 naughty dog games rule

    • The iSheep

      Lol 4K textures won’t happen on the crappy console. It takes a lot more than a “special” AMD APU to do that. My 2 R9 290x GPUs can’t handle true 4K gaming. If they can’t, your pathetic console can’t either. I’d be surprised to see them manage 1080P gaming, because their games run at 900P. My guess is that they’ll just have a small-ish frame-rate increase, and you’ll say Microsoft “revolutionized” the gaming market with it. LOL!!!

  • Gamez Rule

    Wonder IF ( or when ) MS will start charging PC gamers to use xbone / window 10 games online? People have to pay MS to use XBL for online gaming via console use, yet PC gamers at the moment have no charges that I am aware of BUT I bet that will soon change. Just hope when that happens other PC networks don’t follow suit, IE Steam as an example.

    • Psionicinversion

      console users have no choice but to go through MS servers. thats the big difference. It will never happen charging PC gamers cus the second they do that they may as well pack up there plans for putting there games on win10 and sod off back to console land.

    • Mavericks

      Wait, I think custom servers are a thing since X360. If the devs wants to use their own servers they can, only relying on MS’ servers for log-in.

    • Psionicinversion

      whats custom servers got to do with anything?? if you want to play ONLINE majority of the time you need to pay to play online same with sony. Although some games can play without a PSN or xbox live subscription which i dont know why. I remember when i was playing destiny on ps4 in 2014 and PSN sub ran out it cut me off the game and i had to pay for a sub to get back on it. Thats what im talking about, console users have no choice whatsoever, dont pay dont play!

    • Gamez Rule

      Yeah subs can suck, PS3 still plays online for free yet PS4 needs online subs most of the time.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah they only brought it in with ps4. they must of seen how much money MS was making with it and wanted money for themselves

    • Gamez Rule

      Agreed. MS started the online console payment subs and it spreads, hopefully it doesn’t spread to PC and IF it does hopefully PC gamers will not jump aboard.

    • Psionicinversion

      Like I said consoles are 100% controlled by MS/Sony, there is no freedom with a console. On pc there are to many options and to many ways of getting around stuff that is trying to block you from doing something plus we have the option of giving the middle finger. If console only users did that well the only they can do is give up gaming.

    • Gamez Rule

      Like I stated “Agreed”

      Sony and Microsoft are in full control of their ecosystem, and we all know using Steam is free, even though some games may have monthly fees. I remember when there was fees to play Eve Online which suddenly became free-to-play, but then Sony offers no need for PS+ subs to play free-to-play games either.

    • Psionicinversion

      Well eve online isn’t exactly free to play in the normal sense. It’s free to play to play upto tech 1 cruisers (which isn’t very far in) if you want to fly anything better then you have to pay for a subscription so it’s throwing a net out to catch more flies :d

    • Luke Skywalker

      You’re such a FUD generating machine, aren’t you?

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    • Gamez Rule

      You may not like what is posted, but still doesn’t mean others wouldn’t agree with what’s been posted. You may look at it a fud but IF what I posted took place people would soon be all over it☺

    • Psionicinversion

      MS tried that before with GFWL, look what happened. But it also had loads of knock on effects like when they shut it down you couldnt play the games anymore unless it was patched out. Thats why people dont trust what MS are doing now and why they avoid it like the plague

    • Gamez Rule

      I don’t game on Windows 10 unless I really have too.

      Example: I have Quantum Break on Xbone ( it is crap IMO on that console ) and I also have it on Steam which uses DX11 but runs so much better than Windows 10 DX12 version when using a Nvidia GPU. But like you say “Thats why people dont trust what MS are doing now and why they avoid it like the plague” and I agree.

    • Psionicinversion

      I like windows 10 tbh, I ain’t got a tin foil hat on about that telemetry stuff, as long as ads don’t start popping up on my desktop I dunna care.

      I havnt got QB not really interested but yeah bit shabby. Gears 4 is supposed be good port and sea of thieves is having a pc version built separately at the same time so that could be well done. I don’t mind buying MS games on windows store because they paid for it so they can do what they want with it although I reckon it would sell alot more if they put it on steam. FH3 is good game but any 3rd party stuff, anywhere else please other than windows store

    • Gamez Rule

      Like you said before pretty much all pc gamers avoid the windows store and I’m one of them unless I have no choice. But yes Steam would allow for more sales imo

  • Mr Xrat

    “We’re incredibly committed to Wait Anywhere.”

    “There will be Xbox and PC exclusives.”

    Must be tough being Phil Spencer, stuck between an annoying, stupid fanbase and the board of executives breathing down his neck.

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