‘We Have To Be Realistic About Scorpio’s Sales Potential,’ Says Analyst

“If it sells more than one million units in Q4 2017 I think it will be doing extremely well.”

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The Xbox Scorpio may be the most powerful console in the world- but in spite of that, or really, maybe because of that, it won’t end up setting the charts on fire as far as its hardware sales go. After all, being what it is, it will probably be a fair bit expensive- which naturally means that its mass market appeal will be limited, especially compared to the (likely) cheaper priced PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the standard Xbox One.

This is also the view of Piers-Harding Rolls, IHSMarkit’s head of games research. Speaking to GamesIndustry, he said, “The high level specs suggest that Project Scorpio will come to market at a higher price point than the PlayStation Pro launched in 2016 at $399/€399/£349. Although the ability to deliver native 4K gaming is a boon to Microsoft and its product positioning, we have to be realistic about its sales potential at a higher price point when for many console gamers – those without 4K displays – the improvements will be less significant.

“We expect Project Scorpio to be most attractive to early adopter Xbox One users and to those who want a potential PC-level VR experience from a relatively cheap alternative to a VR ready PC. If it sells more than one million units in Q4 2017 I think it will be doing extremely well.”

These remarks seem to echo a lot of what we are hearing here- and to be fair, Microsoft themselves have admitted that they don’t intend for the Scorpio to be a big mover, with the role of mass market driver having been delegated to the Xbox One S instead. The main benefit for Microsoft from the Scorpio’s existence will be intangible- the halo of having the most powerful console that is indisputably the place to play multiplatform games again.

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  • heima

    Oh, look, seems that at least one person amongst these “gaming industry experts” (*cough cough* Pachter *cough cough*) knows what he’s talking about.

  • Gamez Rule

    PlayStation Pro launched in 2016 at £349 with a game and a single controller, now when Scorpio releases ( should be Nov-2017 IMO ) the PS4-Pro might drop it’s price to approx- £299 range, while base and slim PS4’s dropping to approx £169-£179 or lower ( PS4 consoles already at £199:99 )


    Now Scorpio’s price might be approx- £425-£499, and if that’s the case I see PS4-Pro selling more hardware due to costing less while having more game choice this gen.

    I still believe that Scorpio will not outsell the Xbone base models, and I don’t believe that it will slow down PS4 sales like some people like to think. Yes Scorpio is more powerful than PS4-Pro, but as we have seen in the past…Power doesn’t always = success.

    • Dougdec92

      Simple and true but we would wait and watch and see

    • Luke Skywalker

      Microsoft said it themselves they’re not expecting Scorpio to sell more than the regular Xbox one S. So I don’t believe they’re looking to slow down ps4 sales, I think they’re more about solidifying their base, their technology and their games. Phil said it’s a marathon so it seems they’re looking far ahead into the future and not just about this cycle. In time they’ll have a solid group of first party studios with great IPs, they’ve been saying it for a while that they’re focused on that.

    • Annamariejcook

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  • Dougdec92

    Ohk , they don’t expect it to be a mover, next time I’ll be hearing Phil say it is all about Xbox live numbers…lol, so if it was delegated to the xboxone s to be the platform’s mover, then why the Scorpio at all then?

    • Luke Skywalker

      You’re not making any sense. Maybe you should think that carefully.

    • Dougdec92

      Since you do well at thinking, you could reply with your thoughts….because u don’t see why you should make a system just to soothe some sore butts appetite to smile after three and half years of being battered against the rocks. Waiting for your thoughts still.

  • Mr Xrat

    Of course. Xgimps who think this is going to be some kind of second coming are in for a painful reckoning.

  • Rebelox

    Yes the Scorpio is better, but only if you have invested a lot of time and money in Forza and Halo and your back library on the Xbox 360.. and we all know that not all the Xbox 360 games are automatically backwards compatible with the Xbox One, so why should the Xbox One games be automatically compatible with the Xbox Scorpio?

    The rest of the games are also available on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

    So who is gonna buy the same games they have on the PS4/PS4 Pro again on the Xbox Scorpio?

    Just for the 4k? Sony can also release 4K games (sometimes native and sometimes checkerboarded)..

    You also forget that the Scorpio is already lagging behind by more than 1 year by the time it gets released.. which means it will take at least 3 more years to get on the same level as Sony regarding saleswise by then.

    Keep in mind that the current console generation will end in about 2 to 3 years.

    You can almost time your clock on it that there will be a PS5 within the next 2 years. Which means people are gonna keep playing their PS Pro untill Sony feels the need to make a PS5.

    The Scorpio is a continuation of the same failing Xbox brand we have seen up till now with the backwards compatibility extended to the Xbox One.

    Look.. why would people buy the Scorpio (minimum $500) if they can play the backwards compatible games on the cheaper Xbox One-S for $200? Or even on the original Xbox One?

    The Xbox Scorpio has a 4k blu ray player.. and the Xbox One-S also has a 4k blu ray player.. so what’s the point in buying a Scorpio?

    Do you want to pay $400 extra for a 4k blu ray player?

    People will just buy an Xbox One-S at $150-$200 for the same 4k blu ray player that’s in the Xbox Scorpio..

    Convince me why i need a Xbox Scorpio.. please.

  • Rebelox

    Backwards compatibility is not that strong of a selling point.. so Microsoft is saying that people never move beyond old games? As if people are gonna keep playing those same old backwards compatible games over and over again forever.. at one point even that is gonna stop. Life goes on you know.

    Microsoft should really stop making consoles and just focus on UWP/PC gaming and developing games.

    They should just let everybody build their own monster PC and charge more for Xbox Live and bring all their games from Xbox360, XboxOne to the PC.


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