Why the PS3 will eventually sell more units than the Xbox 360

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Ok before I start this editorial, I will like to make one point very clear. I am not a PlayStation 3 fan boy or an Xbox 360 hater. In fact I have both gaming consoles and love them. Then why the hell I am claiming that PlayStation 3 will eventually sell more than the Xbox 360? The reason being that I have been following this generation of gaming since it began in 2005. I am no industry analyst but this editorial is basically a representation of what a gamer like me will think.  Now let’s get started.

When Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 in fall 2005, it was a no brainer that Microsoft will have lead of millions of units, when the PlayStation 3 and Wii launched in 2006. According to my findings that lead was 6 million units. I am not considering the Wii in this editorial, since the gamble has really paid off for Nintendo, and no one really expected it to do so well. As it is the Wii is targeted for an audience which may or may not belong to video games, hence broadening the market for video games. Now let’s compare the sales of both the consoles till date.

Xbox 360 life time sales: 39 million (2005 Fall to date)

PlayStation 3 life time sales: 33 million (2006 Fall to date)

As you can see the lead has been stable. The Xbox 360 had a 6 million head start and it has maintained the same for the last four years. Now why am I claiming that the PlayStation 3 will eventually sell more than the Xbox 360? As you all know Sony has a ten year old plan for the PlayStation 3 and with almost six years to go before that time gets over, the PlayStation 3 is still in a pretty good position. If you think logically, neither the PlayStation 3 nor the Xbox 360 have outsold each other overall so far by a long margin (overall), considering the fact that the 360 actually got released a year before.

Also we all know, the Xbox 360 is catching up with age. Fall 2010 will mark the 5th anniversary of this amazing console. I am not sure how many years have Microsoft planned for the Xbox 360, but surely they must have started working on ideas surrounding the next Xbox console. Sony has always claimed that PlayStation 3 was meant for a longer run and it looks like it’s going to be that way. With some of the most technically proficient games out there on the PlayStation 3 like Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain, it’s really tough not to think that there is still untapped potential in the black beauty. So given a scenario where the 360 really starts to show its age, developers will take up the PlayStation 3 and use that processing power to drive the next generation of games. It is my belief that the best of PlayStation 3 is yet to come, as was evident with the PlayStation 2 when the best of games came out in the later stages of that console. And as is the trend, people always prefer buying quality games and that is one of the major reasons as to why I see the PlayStation 3 selling more units than the Xbox 360 in the longer run.

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  • shikamaroooo

    @ tarbis i woudnt be too sure of that cant really trust anything that commes out of companies competing

  • LevelHead

    I too think the PS3 will eventually overtake the Xbox 360 in sales but guess what, does it really matter at this point in time? Both consoles offer great entertainment. It’s not like last generation where the PS2 just stood head and shoulders above the others in both software support and sales. This generation has become far more fierce which explains the fanboyism being extreme.

    2010 both systems will have huge games and the Xbox 360 will offer much more against the PS3 than last year. Plus we have Natal and the Arc coming.

    It’s a great time to be buy either console, or in my case both.

  • David Macphail

    The 360’s sales are currently at 39 million with the PS3 at 33.5 million, the gap between the two is now 5.5 million and closing with every week as the PS3 constantly outsells the 360 in worldwide hardware sales.

    If you want to break the sales down fairly – it’s simple:

    PS3 – 33.5 million in 3 years = 11 million per year.
    360 – 39 million in 4 years = 9.75 million per year.

    So yeah, PS3 is comfortably outselling the 360 on a yearly basis. Also, it should be noted that PS3 sales have risen YOY whilst 360 sales have declined. Meaning the gap could close shut even more this year. For 2009, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 2.2 million units worldwide. In 2010, the PS3 could easily be looking at a 4 – 5 million lead for the year due primarily to the launch of their biggest system seller – Gran Turismo 5.

  • Brklynty1

    Excuse me? Untapped potential? In which way does the 360 have potential left? Natal is that things last hope. You have to be by yourself on that one because I’ve yet to hear a analyst, developer, publisher, whoever say the 360 has more potential. Comments like that goes toward the PS3. As far as sales go, the PS3 pretty much equals or passed the 360 in sales. Out of that 39 million I can guarantee at least 8 million are from replaced consoles from being bricked, RROD, and from M$ using the ban trigger on over 1 million of the 360 users, even though I know its more than that. The PS3 yes has been replaced by many, but not even comparable to the 360. It also has far less banned people. As for the developers sticking with the 360, its been noted that developers will eventually lean to the PS3 as the lead console, and with a fan base growing more, I see why they will. Just look at FFXIII, you see the outcome of the PS3 as the lead console. If it was developed on the 360, both consoles would have the 360’s version of it. Not to mention, SE said they didn’t even use the PS3 full power to be fair for the 360, and that was the PS3’s outcome compared to the 360’s. Also your basically saying Sony mostly uses 1st party developers, hey at least those games are console sellers. Microsoft can only rely on 3rd party support because they’re 1st party only knows the name Halo. Sony uses 3rd party just as much as 360 does, not to mention if I got a free 50 million dollar check just to hold off a game or its content for 1 year, why not? I’ll just take your money and release it to the others with more things added. So you see why 3rd party love Microsoft, its all about that free check for them son.

    • Riggler

      Ummm excuse me, but I think you misunderstood the article…the article states that the PS3 has untapped potential…

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  • It’s ridiculous to claim that PS3 would eventually outsell Xbox 360 in coming years, Jan 2010 sales have seen Xbox 360 coming back in the lead due to Mass Effect 2, Project Natal could further propel the hardware sales for Xbox 360 this fall, i am still not sure how Sony is going to match up to Natal Hype, also one should not forget with a strong paid model of Xbox Live and high software attach rate, Sony has a lot of catching to do on many fronts.

    The Fanboyish argument can go on forever, last year was a dud for Xbox 360 with Playstation slim launched and Uncharted 2 emerging as the best exclusive title, Sony still does not have enough steam to keep running ahead of Microsft all times.

    • TheMason

      Thats really funny cause i agree that the ps3 may almost pass 360 at the end of the year. Yes Halo Reach is coming out this fall, BUT Gran Turismo has been around a lot longer than Halo series and there are many more Gran Turismo fans than Halo fans out there. I no I am not alone when i say that im buying a PS3 specifically for Gran Turismo 5 this fall. I know there will be many other doing the same.

      And if you have played the Halo Reach Beta then you also know the game is kinda crap. Its not even Halo anymore, its a mix between Halo, COD, and Battlefield, its just stupid and i miss the old halo 2 gameplay. But if you have played the Gran Turismo 5 prologue then you know Gran Turismo will be amazing.

      This is my point, gran turismo will outsell halo, therefore i think many more PS3’s than 360 will be sold bc of this, this fall..

  • Sab187

    Ok Here are the only two question you have to ask.
    What is still the number one reason you buy an Xbox?
    The Games
    What is the number one reason people buy the PS3?
    The BluRay Player.

    I bought an Xbox for the games. The PS3 is just starting to have good games. You know its true, don’t lie to yourself, but even those game are console sellers.
    Uncharted 2 has only sold 2.5 mil. It’s been speculated that only 800,000 of those were bought with an PS3.

    Still the number 1 reason people buy PS3 is the BluRay Player and not the games.

    • TheMason

      As you said and the article said, PS3 is just coming out with better games and unlocking its true potential. Many great games are expected to come from the PS3 soon. AKA Gran turismo and Killzone 3. The only game thats coming from 360 soon is Reach. All other really anticipated games from 360 are also coming to PS3. Sorry…

  • Sab187

    Plus the Xbox outsold the PS3 in January, and the only PS3 game on the top 10 best sellers sold better on the Xbox which was Modern Warfare 2

    PS3 exclusives never sell well. There is a little hope for GOW 3

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  • tareq salah

    i think that the xbox rushed it self to sell before the ps3. and even though the ps3 had a slow start. it picked up speed fast and released more exclusives. it has blu-ray free internet or psn-plus with benefits. the move appeals to wii owners. it has a slow but steady climb to the top while the xbox needs to invent crazy items to have that jolt to the top and then falls again and needs another invention.


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