Wii U owners reporting freezing issues

Yeah, already.

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The Wii U, Nintendo’s new home console, has been out in the market a day now, but people who’ve bought the system have started reporting errors already.

Several users over at the Nintendo tech support forums have started reporting freezing issues- their Wii U GamePads are freezing.

Reportedly, the GamePad controllers are freezing during usage of the Miiverse, the internet browser, while accessing menus and while playing games. So basically, everything. The only way to come over these freezes is to shut down the controller and turn it on again.

The controller’s functionalities seem to be working well, though.

In several instances, the system itself is hanging up, and there’s no way to work around this issue but to unplug it from its power source, since it fails to respond to the power button during these freezes.

Users are saying that when they contacted Nintendo support, they were told that they would either have to wait for the patch or send in the GamePad for repairs, which could take upward of a week.

Yikes, sucks to be them. Have you encountered any such issues? Tell us in your comments below.


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  • Magiphart

    Mine froze three times in one day. One of them was when I first turned it on! I had to unplug it each time too.

    • before the update? i’m having the same issue but was unsure if anything happened to anyone before the update installed because mine was RIGHT after it finished

  • YouAintTheHost

    Froze twice today… each time playing a different game in nintendo land. Only way around getting out of it was unplugging the Wii U.

  • Jason

    Mine froze just now. About 8 hours into Mario the whole system froze and made this strange noise. I had to unplug it. Other issues were that the system auto shut down while in the middle of the massive download when I first booted up the console. I had to finally reach the main menu to turn off the auto feature and start the download all over again. These things shouldn’t be happening on the first day, especially since they delayed the release for so long.

  • Yoshi

    Yeah it started freezing today for me. It’s already done it 3 times and I wouldn’t be surprised if it kept doing it. It starts working again if I unplug it and replug it back in.

  • MAL

    Mine froze 3 times in the last hour or so just playing nintendo land, even after the update.

  • david

    has not froze on me at all,

  • ALH86

    My game pad has been pretty much unusable from the get go, it has frozen multiple times through the set up process, I barely got through that and it is continuing to do so after (I am using no screen protector by the way). I can’t even download the day 1 update because i have to turn the game pad off and on so many times to be able to pick the options for my wifi connection and then I get the error code dealing with the server connection so I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll probably end up having to get Nintendo to repair it. Probably better than sitting around waiting for a software update that other people have said customer support said will be coming. I wish Nintendo would keep us more up to date on that because this seems like a pretty widespread issue.

  • BatmansStalker26

    Mine froze 6 times in 20 minutes this morning alone. This the 3rd article I have read about the Wii U freezing. I also read posts in the Nintendoland community about the same problem. I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars for something that doesn’t work properly. I seriously hope Nintendo fixes it quickly.

  • â0RLA

    Leave a message…mine freezes when using miiverse. A lot. uk pal wii u.
    “a quick fix is to disconnect the wii u from the internet”
    what’s the point in the wii u then? might as well have bought another xbox360

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