Wii U Price Cut “Without Compelling Software Will Produce Nothing” – Nintendo France

A price cut is no substitute for good games according to Philippe Lavoué.

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Despite the recent increase in sales, the Wii U hasn’t exactly been setting the market on fire like its predecessor. Many developers and analysts suggested a price cut to improve the odds but Nintendo isn’t having anything of it.

Speaking to Gamekult, Nintendo France’s Philippe Lavoué stated that it was more about the games. “Our belief is that sales react to the games lineup. Lowering the price, without any compelling software will produce nothing. Our responsibility is to provide a solid games catalogue.”

He gave the 3DS as an example. “When we lowered the 3DS model price, it didn’t have the effect we wished for. We only had a good improvement during half a month and then sales went back to the levels they were at before.

“What helped the 3DS at the end of its first year was titles like Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario Tennis Open and Super Mario 3D Land. New Super Mario Bros. 2 sales have been phenomenal.

“Price isn’t the only lever that we can use to drive sales.”

Let’s hope titles like the next Mario, Super Smash Bros and Zelda are, then.

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  • I think people might just be bored with playing the newest edition of old IPs. Smash Brothers is one of the newest IPs they came out with and it’s from what….3 generations ago? Nintendo needs some new ideas and fast.

  • Sony & Microsoft……… powered by Frostbite 3, Unreal 4, Luminous, etc.
    Nintendo…….. powered by NOSTALGIA(TM)

    • mike

      +10, man.
      And the worst thing is, Wii u buyers should be moaning and shouting out loud, for showing they’re not happy with the situation: high price, expensive touch controler ,only one gamer can enjoy playing with the nice controller, the others won’t have the same experience, barely no 3rd party support, shitty lineup, very few games announced, first games not that great, ports well below the originals, Nintendo hits only coming at the end of the year, rushed console, weak hardware that will totally be blown away when the ps4 and x720, with killzone shadow fall-destiny-deep down like games will be released, no bluray video support, no nintendo-super Nintendo support, no external USB drive video playback support, mkvs, etc etc etc, instead of saying ‘ hey, dear Nintendo, were not happy with the situation’, instead, they keep saying the Wii u is the most powerful console ever made, the lineup is-was excellent, the ports are superior, zombiu looks much better than the upcoming the last of us, on the ps3, the Wii u hardware is amazing and will make better games than the ps4, are OK to waiting one year for the next Mario, and they claim they don’t need third party support or games, Mario,kart,Zelda,monster hunter,xenoblade and Luigi being all they need, until the next Wii u2 is released, in 2015. Sure, acting like this won’t force Nintendo to do more than they are doing/did so far.

      Even developers say its very hard to publish a game on a Nintendo console, if Nintendo isn’t the publisher… it says everything.

      Nintendo are just waiting for the next classic Mario game to be released, so people go out and get a Wii u. But the problem is, when this may occur, we’ll be close to the ps4 release, and even all the Nintendo fans will be getting one, for its capabilities and the insane AAA lineup, that should be, with no doubt, the best one in the gaming industry.Sony has already corrected a big error, by releasing a developer friendly console. Next error, will be games. And for sure, we will have dozens of AAA exclusive games, among many non exclusive, and dozens of indie ones, because its now much easier for small studios to develop on a well known x86 environment, without the need of a cell processor scientist.

      With a huge lineup, even the huge Japanese market that skipped the ps3, will be getting a ps4 day one.

      I’m really convinced the ps4 will be THE next gaming system.so far Sony did everything right. Maybe they’re waiting for the x720 announcement, and they will say they will improve the apu cores speed, add many more bells and whistles, etc etc.

      Already now the world is on fire, I can’t even imagine when well start watching amazing gameplay videos.

      Meanwhile, Nintendo fans are playing Mario, over and over, waiting for the next Nintendo game to be released. Damn, its sad, isn’t it? Why being forced to only play a few Nintendo games, thanks to the nostalgia, fanboyism, stubborn, when there are/will be hundreds and hundreds of amazing games, on the other consoles. Why suffering like that, in the name of a manufacturer, and pride?
      C’mon guys, stop playing Mario and waiting 6 months until the next classic Nintendo game is out, and do yourself a favor and get a ps3 or x360, and start playing incredible awesome games, tons of them.Nintendo definitely don’t give a damn about you, customers, they don’t even want other publishers or studios to make games for the Wii u, so why would you stay that faithful toward them? What for? Besides the pride you get when commenting on some forums, what else do you get? Do you realise they release a 450$ console in 2013, that is barely more powerful than a 2005 console?

      Why stay faithful and limit yourselves to a few Nintendo classic series, when you have thousands of amazing games you could play, on other consoles?

      Nostalgia is cool, but it shouldn’t retain people from discovering new things.

    • Woah man, that is one LOOOONG reply.
      Seriously though, I never understood nostalgia, I played old games like Mario and Zelda when I was a kid, but it doesn’t mean I still lose my mind when I play them….. because they’re OLD.

  • William Cole

    Well we haven’t seen not one true Nintendo game. Well, not one new Nintendo game on Wii U besides Nintendo Land. If you ask me Nintendo Land should have been a pack in for both consoles. We haven’t seen Nintendo’s HD Zelda, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., etc. We cannot judge them just yet. Wait until E3 please.


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