Wii U Tops Target’s Black Friday Online Sales

A rare good showing from the Wii U.

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Black Friday is a great time for all gaming companies in general, because they end up seeing higher than usual sales for their products. However, Nintendo’s had it rough these past few years, what with the Wii U simply not managing to move a whole lot of units- including at Black Friday.

Ironically enough, with Wii U support tapering off, and its successor console looming on the horizon, that may have changed this year. Target reports that it had its biggest Black Friday yet, as far as its online sales go- and that this was driven primarily by three products: the Apple Watch, the iPad, and surprisingly enough, Nintendo’s Wii U.

Of course, the Wii U had its best bundle ever this year, with $250 getting you a new console, as well as Super Smash Bros. and Splatoon included for free- which meant you could get the console and two of its best games for a very low price. That may have been responsible in driving sales for the system.

It’s good to know, however, that there is demand for the Wii U- all it needed was for Nintendo to drop the price. If only they had done this two years ago, maybe the console’s outlook would have been very different.

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  • HoistDude

    This is why I am not really so surprised by this news.

    1) Great Exclusives: The Wii U has AMAZING exclusives for really all ages and all types of gamers. Indeed, you could make an entirely LIBRARY out of nothing but Nintendo exclusives and have a real quality gaming library for every gamer and every genre of game. I personally would argue that the exclusives for the Wii U are also the best, especially as far as gameplay is concerned. But (in the attempt to remain objective), lets just say that the exclusives are great and the first party is second to none.

    2) Family-Friendly Gaming: As already noted, the Wii U really offers whole families an alternative to the increasingly m-rated gaming crowd. As the industry has clearly moved toward more mature content in games (and purposefully so), it is apparent that Nintendo is trying to recapture the family-friendly market. And, yes, it appears to be working. Anyone who is paying attention realizes that Lego City Undercover is the alternative to GTA — and a darn good one it is. Xenoblade is the alternative to open world RPG games like the Witcher and Fallout, and a darn good alternative it is (maybe, even better). The new Super Smash Brothers is not only one of the greatest fighting games of all time (maybe even the best), but it is also rated E for everyone. Mario 3d world is hands down the best platformer I have played in a decade. The list goes on and on. My point being that the Wii U is really the best option for family-friendly gaming this generation, and it should not be a shock that families would want a Wii U over a PS4 in their living room, especially if there are teens and children at home.

    3. Local Multiplayer: As Xbox One and PS4 have moved entirely towards solo play and online play only, the Wii U provides really the best clear alternative to local multiplayer. This is especially true for family-friendly, e and t rated multiplayer. For example, the new “Driveclub” is single player and online only. In contrast, you can have up to 5 local co-op players in the new Mario Kart and up to 4 local players in the new Fast Racing Neo. You can have up to 8 local players in the new Smash Bros. As a parent, I can tell you it is hard when your only options for local multiplayer are two players only. If my two boys have even one friend over, then they have to take turns and that can always not be the best outcome. In contrast, the Wii U is local multiplayer at its finest.

    4. Inexpensive: Not only is the Wii U console and gamepad controller on average $50 to $100 cheaper than the PS4 and the Xbox One, but Nintendo has no monthly subscription. Moreover, the Wii U uses less than half the electricity to power than the Xbox One or PS4. In all, you are going to pay a lot more for your PS4 or Xbox One than your Wii U. You will almost surely pay several hundred dollars in additional monthly subscription fees alone with the Xbox or PS4 over the life of your new console. If you get a Wii U, you will save several hundred dollars over the life of the console. This alone I feel justifies picking up a Wii U instead of an Xbox or a PS4.

    5. Great Controllers and Input Devices. Let me just say this (and I know that people will disagree); but, the gamepad in my opinion is the most underrated controller of all time. It is just so innovative and truly does add an additional level of depth and immersion to certain games. My personal belief is that every system 5 years from now will have a simlar type controller, because it really does add so much to certain types of games with the additional touchscreen and built in motion control. But that is not all. The gamepad is also incredibly light. Moreover, it DOUBLES as an in-home handheld console with a built-in HD screen. Talk about value for families! Unless you are a parent with teens or kids, then you wouldn’t understand. But the off-TV play of the gamepad is a DEAL BREAKER (and should be) for a lot of buyers.

    6) Retro Gaming and Virtual Console: Wii U owners have access to the virtual console where you can download all your favorite old school Nintendo games on past systems. Combined with the quality gamepad and Wii U Pro Controller, the Wii U is a retro gaming masterpiece.

    Also, the directional pad on the gamepad and the Wii U pro controller is second to NONE, making these controllers a must in my opinion for retro gaming. The rechargable battery life on the Wii U Pro controller is also 80 plus hours. Add to the fact that the Wii U pro controller is less expensive than the PS4 controller or the Xbox controller, and there really is just no denying that the Wii U’s controllers are second to none.

    There is no hiding that the Wii U is my favorite console of this generation. I am not shocked at all by the recent enormous spike in sales trends for the console. For many of us, we are looking at this thinking — well, duh, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  • ShoNuff

    sorry, first Nintendo system I ever skipped. Maybe i’ll pick up the NX if it is backwards compatible. I only wanted it for Zelda and who knows how long that’s going to be. I’ll just play ps4/xbox/pc for now and the last Wii

    • HoistDude

      You are missing out. Wii U has all the best exclusives and, indeed, over twice as many exclusives as Xbox or the PS4. All the good games this generation so far are on the Wii U — or, alternatively, on the PC.
      The Wii U is a console gaming masterpiece and the NX likely will not be out until holiday 2017 at the earliest — which means you are going to be waiting a long time for backwards compatibility (that is assuming the NX has it).
      Meanwhile, you will miss out on some the best games all time.
      But, to each is own. I see know reason to own either an Xbox or PS4 this gen if you already have a PC or a laptop computer. In contrast, the a number of reasons why you should pick up a Wii U. It is a masterpiece of console gaming.

    • ShoNuff

      I’m not 10 years old. Most of the games don’t appeal to me. Like I said “zelda”.”

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      He’s a Nintendo fanboy. Seen him on several sites with the same comments.

    • Randall Tolentino

      Wii u needs to be priced at $250 in Jan after my christmas shopping is done for me to want to buy this console.

  • Randall Tolentino

    Wii u needs to keep this price of $250 which shows it sells better also according to CNN it only cost’s $228 USD to make a wii u Console.If wii u wants to stay alive they will keep this price point of $250 USD

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