Will Fallout 4 Feature Improvements For Armour Customization?

How can Fallout 4 improve on the previous game’s armour rules?

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Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 4 may or may not be showcased this year and in fact, it may be a long while before the game actually materializes. Unlike Half Life 3, we know the game exists thankfully due to a leaked casting call sheet which showed the game taking place in Boston, Massachusetts. We’ve talked about new races, items, weapons and how to change the Power Armour with the fourth game but what about armour itself?

Armour in Fallout 3 was fairly limited so why not give more slots for armour to allow one to equip different pieces for the Head, Hands, Legs, etc? Basically more on the lines of what The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim offered.  It could also be changed to allow one to mix and match certain armours rather than needing to equip the full set of, say, Power Armour at any given time. Other suggestions could include specific armours having specific functions such as night vision, etc. beyond the usual stat bumps.

Of course one wouldn’t expect to always come across a full set of a particular armor build which could possibly improve and enhance exploration and its related gameplay mechanics as the player will now be searching parts of a particular armor set located in different areas. Given the rapid development of character customization in role playing games these days, we expect Bethesda to follow new trends with regards to armor options.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of Fallout. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into Fallout 4, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Everett Field

    Interesting thoughts; however, I’ve always preferred the way Fallout went about armour sets. I like the two piece set rather than many pieces required for an Elder Scrolls armour set. I don’t think that breaking armour into more pieces would improve gameply.

    With that said, my mouth waters at the idea of armour customization/improvements.

  • EmmanuelKShannon

    Honestly the Armour customization was the last thing on my mind while playing Fallout. They could put in a color wheel for certain parts and the choice to accessorize and I’ll be happy enough.

  • Seth

    I just hope that they make it more realistic. Just in the terms of survival I mean. Like I remember Fallout 3 at E3 and they claimed you needed to scavenge food and water when that was actually not true. I want a hardcore mode like New Vegas had, and be able to customize like what was said above, as well as be able to put guns completely together; like upper and lower reciever, better triggers, sights, imagine being able to make a gun that was not even in the game! Being able to use your head and make decisions outside of the beaten path is what video games need these days. Look at DayZ for example, (other than the game is completely unplayable ATM) such great ideas there and would like to see more of that.

  • Christian Dixon

    Seems to me that amor customization would be the last thing on a wasteland dwellers mind. It’s not like he has the advanced tools to sit there and mod his suit of Brotherhood power armor.

  • jamjam

    One thing they definitely need to add to the game is freerunning and when wearing power armor it’ll be too havey to climb in so that th armor as a jump-jet ability that can be added to the armor as an upgrade

  • Ben Statham

    Just squash the bugs. Bethesda titles are never complete until a year after release. It’s criminal.

  • Lord Leprosy

    Agree with Everett’s comments about keeping armour sets to a small number of constituent parts. Morrowind was a little too much with 8 pieces [boots,
    greaves, cuirass, gloves (L&R), pauldrons (L&R) and helmet], but I think Skyrims level of detail where the greaves, cuirass and pauldrons have been combined into a single detailed piece, whilst still allowing you to swap in gloves and boots that you find more useful and/or visually attractive would work quite well in Fallout.

    As for enhancements, the power armour always felt a little lacking in power. It’d be great to have improvements like little rockets in the boots that were no way powerful enough to let you fly, but if you jumped off a cliff they’d activate before you hit the ground so you didn’t lose any health, or you could superheat the armour so that for a short period melee attacks by animals damaged them instead of you, or thermal/nightvision in the helmet (downside of all these that they need some special fuel to function).

    Seth mentions that it needs to be more realistic in terms of survival which I completely agree with and although it may not be popular with diehard Fallout and RPG fans, I think you should only be able to carry a realistic amount of stuff and it should be visible on your character (within reason).
    If you want to carry more ammo, upgrade your amour with more pouches.
    Maybe early on you have your pistol tucked into the back of your trousers and a shoulder bag to carry your stimpaks. As you want to carry more you buy/craft a holster from brahmin leather, a sling to carry your rifle, a big rucksack to carry a whole load of extra stuff. Add a bedroll so you can get some rest in a cave you’ve just cleared out. Strap a pair of machetes to your back etc.

    I really like the idea of the character actually looking like they are travelling through the wastes, and not having endless supplies and a gatling gun magically appear in their hands.

    And to satisfy the kleptos out there, this is a 50s vision of the future where we carried on developing technologies exponentially until nuclear war ravaged the planet. There could be some kind of rare quantum space folding device that allows you to turn your little pouch into Marry Poppins bag and carry much more than should be physically possible – but this should be rare and/or a service provided by certain scientists at The Institute (Level 1 adds 25% carrying capacity to a bag, Lvl2 50%, Lvl3 100% etc. getting more expensive each time)
    I have a long commute and have far to much time to think about this kind of stuff!


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