Will Xbox One’s Successor And PS5 Be Consoles Or A Service?

Zoltán Pozsonyi from Neocore Games on the future of console gaming.

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Its been close to two years since the PS4 and Xbox One launched and since then the rise of digital gaming has shot up. Internet speeds are getting faster, Sony is now streaming older PlayStation games through its PS Now service and Microsoft is apparently improving Xbox One’s processing power using the cloud. In short, everything is slowly taking the digital form. This begs the question…will there will be another console cycle in PS5 and a successor to Xbox One and are games becoming more of a service rather than limited to a hardware box?

Speaking to GamingBolt, Producer, Zoltán Pozsonyi from Neocore Games gave a reasonable explanation regarding where console gaming could be heading in the future and why it would be nice to not be limited by hardware.

“We’re still in the early phase of the new generation (hence we’re still calling it the “new generation”), so it’s very hard to tell what the future holds for console gaming. The industry is changing faster than ever and we’re really just trying to keep up with it. There are some very interesting experiments going on, but I think it will take more than a couple of years to perfect the technology behind it,” explains Zoltán.

A few years ago a games analysts were claiming that the PS4 and Xbox One will be the last console cycle along with the constant claims of PC gaming is dead. Neither of them turned out to be true which means console manufacturers will keep on building new products in the future.

“We all remember the voices that proclaimed the downfall of consoles not too long ago, suggesting that this generation might be the last, but the current numbers don’t seem to support that theory. It’s slightly similar to our own experience – 10 years ago we were constantly warned about the inevitable decline of PC gaming, and PC gaming still looks fine to us. We think that the decline of both PC and console gaming seems unlikely at the moment, and trends are shaped by gamers and not theoreticians, so we are ready to create games on platforms we have the opportunity to work for and which fit our chosen gameplay.”

“It’d be great to reach the point where games are not limited by hardware and the periphery, but we won’t think that it will happen very soon. It might be a safe bet to say that until console manufacturers have considerable success with their products, they won’t abandon the idea of a next generation. They base their decisions on financial realities, and as we see it, the sales numbers indicate that gamers clearly love buying consoles.”

Right now it’s too early to speculate what the next generation of consoles will look like but given the sales of numbers of both the PS4 and to an extent, the Xbox One, Sony and Microsoft are probably researching their next console logistics already.

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  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We would like a Kinect type device that streams TV first and then some kinect games we are told we will like For our new Xboxes.

    • Kinect is awesome. You are not.

    • Pulstar

      Since f00king when?!

    • Since Child of Eden, D4, and Fantasia.

    • rudero

      I will believe in kinect once they can make a Microsoft Sync actually work since that is their oldest technology and STILL a running joke.

    • That makes no sense since the engineers who built Kinect had nothing to do with Sync.

    • rudero

      Makes perfect sense since it has the same issues of hearing what it is you are saying. Does it work? Yes. Eventually. For the added cost of $150, it is not considered worth the value.

    • bardock5151

      Why are you trying to pass subjective off as objective?
      Do you like VR?
      What I’ll do is apply your logic to Morpheus.
      Does it work? Yes.
      Far behind PC offerings however.
      For the added cost of $400-500, it is not considered worth it.

    • Psionicinversion

      Cortana is much better when you get that update it should work better

    • John Nemesh

      Sure does, Cortana is GREAT! Everyone should use it! * (*comment paid for by the NSA)

    • Psionicinversion

      NSA hahaha, do you want natural language recognition like in the scifi movies like star trek? this is where it starts

    • Orion Wolf

      I find it funny how people think NSA has easy access to the Kinect and that they’re streaming everything people do. Basically a far better version of PSNow i.e. NSANow. However, all the cameras out there (phones, watches, laptops, tablets, etc.) are for some reason immune to this…

      *cough*or that the NSA would have an issue accessing someones disqus account*cough*

      btw in relation to natural language recognition i.e. the star trek universal translator


    • Psionicinversion

      yeah it is pretty stupid, if they wanted to spy on you theyd just turn on your mobile phone microphone and camera as thats what is on you pretty much all the time

      Star Trek universal translator is completely different. It translates language that has never been discovered before by using tone pitch etc of the thing your talking to

    • Orion Wolf

      “Star Trek universal translator is completely different. It translates language that has never been discovered before by using tone pitch etc of the thing your talking to”

      Indeed, but the youtube video is, IMO, a good start (considering its from 2012) for the tech to yet come – especially the English to Chinese translation at the end of the video.

    • John Nemesh

      Do you want Big Brother like in the scifi movie 1984? This is where it starts…

    • freekface

      Sony is the only network to of been fully hacked so if any of them are open to spying it’s Sony.

    • Guest

      This concerns you, why….? Are you asking Cortana to look for illegal content?

    • Tech junkie

      Judging by the pic. I’d say so.

    • It has no issues hearing me. It’s definitely worth $150. If you think it’s not, you have no clue what you’re talking about. You could not go out on the open market and buy that technology at that price anywhere else.

    • Orion Wolf



      Kinect 2.0 is offering far more than the camera in the link above, while costing $100 less … and yet people still complain about the cost.

  • Samuel G Alterio

    Nvidia is already streaming games over the internet with GRID, so a little box with a monthly subscription fee isn’t so far out there into the future anymore.
    Times are changing, PC gamers have already went digital distribution with Steam, Uplay and Origin. It won’t be too long before Xbox and PSN become the only way to get your games, once console users accept digital distribution and get used to streaming from their consoles to their phones and tablets the next step will be MS and Sony making their own subscription GRID service where you pay monthly to access it, pay to play online, and pay to “buy” the games with no more physical media.

  • sbkline

    MS is going to come out with a upgradable console. It will have a base hardware and api, that will help devs focus but at the same time being able to up the settings in all there games. And MS will just start selling parts, instead of new consoles every 10 years. As long as the xbox and ps make dev focus and ease of use a priority it will always give a swaying reason to play on console vs pc. I have $1500 pc, while I do have games on it, and tend to favor my xbox since I don’t have to worry much the background behind anything, I just download and play, sometimes its that way with PC too but there can be a lot problems with the variety of hardware and software.

    • XbotMK1

      That is what you would call a PC you halfwit. Basically what you’re saying is Xbox will just become a PC digital store like Steam.

    • Psionicinversion

      PC is the best, that’s why consoles are trying to be more and more like us. They’ve even got mouse and little keyboard hahahaha

    • Guest

      More like the other way around with PC’s making console emulators, console controller support, and nearly every game for PC being ported from consoles…

    • Psionicinversion

      console controller support hahaha whatever dude. PC can run anything as long as it has a driver for it. If it is made it can run on PC…. im sorry i forgot your console have support for HOTAS’s… oh wait!!

    • sbkline

      Consoles are PC’s you dumb-ass, the only difference is “ease of use”, like pre built computers….and no, the xbox console will do something like this


      As a consumer, you can pick how much you want to spend, and MS will show what parts you can get it, and it will simply as snapping it together.

    • Psionicinversion

      You know they could actually do that you know wether they go split system or apu. An APU would be really easy as it will have HBM or something next to the apu. Then it could be a module that you can pull out of the console which includes the heat sink and fan on it then plug a new one in and it connects to the power and hooks everything up to the system. Doubtful they would do that though

      They could do something like what the NX may possibly do which is being able to plug extra hardware in to augment the consoles capabilities. Then because the specs are controlled devs can still easily target the hardware

    • sbkline


      Acer is already doing what I think MS will do in the future, its keeps the simplicity of pre build computer/gaming consoles feature.

    • Psionicinversion

      looks pretty good. Could be a bit hard of the cooling though

    • Orion Wolf

      Depends on the cost/benefit factor for the publishers/studios working on a certain game and the available resources to make the game work on various builds of a game + making it for all other (popular) platforms VS what we have currently. Looking at all the issues we’re seeing with game development (especially PC) lately I don’t know how would an upgradable console pan out, even more so if the competition decides to release a “more traditional” (I’m looking at you Nintendo) console.

    • Psionicinversion

      Not difficult at all, pc will always be top dog so assets will already be created. If your talking about exclusive well little bit of extra power can mean 60fps or higher details

      Nintendo might be going with SD cards to put there games on for the NX so it can have the games in the console and hand held, also it might be able to plug additional hardware in it to boost performance

    • Orion Wolf

      No matter how “powerful” a console gets, when you have an ever evolving (upgradable) platform, it’s logical (at least to me) to assume that the one that can be upgraded will be more powerful (yeah I know “duh”, but some don’t really/don’t want too understand that) … but looking at some recent games and their issues (Batman) I have to wonder how much care was there for the PC version to begin with.

      My comment was … well, “inspired” after reading a dev from Bethesda “complaining” about the difficulty of making a game for the PC because of all the possible configurations. And the (not so) recent (but very much ongoing) Batman issue makes me wonder if an upgradable console is something a corporation would go for. Another issue is the raising cost of game development. That is when talking about the triple A games, which are absurdly expensive to make and why Sony is making one a year (if that).

      However, as a $2k PC owner myself I would very much like that to happen. There wouldn’t be “anything” (hopefully) holding true next gen gaming back anymore … for now what we have is Star Citizen, but I can only imagine the games, if an upgradable console becomes a thing.

    • Psionicinversion

      well the thing is it wont be like PC gaming, the hardware will still be fixed. say they have 2 upgradeable modules they will be fixed specs so the devs still know what to target

    • Booomshki!

      I think Orion Wolf has it spot on. I only differ in opinion that I think MS will move away from the hardware side of things and let the manufacturers produce the hardware.

      If MS were to produce a media OS with a standard configuration that can be scaled in power it would solve a lot of the problems that the devs face when producing for PC. I am oversimplifying here but the point stands.

      At the moment I can walk into PC world (for want of a better example) and browse 2 dozen laptops in one isle then 2 dozen desktops in the next isle. It would be a natural next step to have another isle filled with media PC’s (Xbox OS or whatever) ranging from the minimum specs to extreme powerhouses. This would solve so many problems. A game could automatically detect the specs of the machine and push the res and frame rate accordingly.

      It can’t be denied that it looks as though MS is heading this way. Keyboard and Mouse support coming for Xbox. The new Xbox controllers work with W10. Xbox Live services already running with apps in the app store. The app store soon to be on Xbox. MS pushing for cross play between Xbox and PC. W10 based Hololens showing a demo for an Xbox game at E3.

      The writings on the wall if you ask me.

  • Psionicinversion

    there will be another console gen because the internet infrastructure wont be good enough to support online only gaming especially with ISP’s in certain countries giving pitiful bandwidth caps for an extortionate amount

  • Benji Smith

    Idiot writers like this were already dis-proven, remember no one was going to buy the PS4 or XBOX 1, we were all going to be playing mobile games. I hope this douche at least got a check worth 30 days of Ramen dinner, at least Pratcher gets to eat that.

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  • Booomshki!

    My bet is on MS eventually letting other manufacturers produce their own versions of the Xbox in the same way they do with Windows. It would make perfect sense both financially and competitively to MS. As soon as the Xbox is based on Windows 10 there isnt really any reason why not.

    That would be the end of console generations and probably the end of the Xbox brand. It would just be another type of PC. A media PC suited to the living room.

  • damian

    Ok I’m going to say it since no one else has. XBox was initially going to be released as a service. People lost their collective minds. Remember game sharing, portable accounts? No trade in, no resale, the paywall, always connected? That’s steam, that’s games as a service.

    Console gaming as a service isn’t a future thing to be birthed, it’s a stunted toddler living in shame in the basement trying to grow up and live a life but the parents are ashamed because the community said your baby will be a monster, abort it.

  • John Nemesh

    Ha! This guy thinks there will be a successor to the Xbox One! HA!

    • Guest


    • Knock knock* Jesus is knocking at your door he wants to come in. 🙂

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