Win A PlayStation 4 Or Xbox One from GamingBolt [Closed]

Win a PS4 or Xbox One by following some really simple steps.

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win a free ps4 xbox one from gamingbolt

Contest closed: An email has been sent to the winner.

part 1

Or use the link here.

part 2

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  • Bradley Thomas

    What i love about the Xbox One is i would be able to play online with my best friends!!!!!!:)

  • KB

    Love the fact that I can play FIFA 16 lol

  • zizou aziz

    ps4 and xbox one are the best in the word and whene i win one of theme i’m sure that i will be happy others think the ps4 and xbox can make to all us living an exellent and super moment with playing video games and also make new friend online i want to said that i’m not luky but i think that gamingbolt will give me a chanse fo win ps4 or xbox 1
    i prefer ps4 becouse whene i watch the video on youtube about ps4 i found that hi is more cool than xbox1.but i’m in position that i can’t prefer anithing…hh*
    thank you.
    NOTE*i’m from tunisia that whay may english is not good

  • Marco D.R.

    I love voice commands on xbox one!

  • GamingBolt

    More than half way there guys! Over 3000 subscribers now!

  • Kevwe Sota

    Firstly, I have been a fan of the PlayStation consoles since I was a kid. The gameplay is smooth. The graphics are unreal. The online servers are quite decent. I also like the ease of access on the PS4, being able to suspend games to do something else, without closing the game. The controller is also quite nice. The grip, to the lightbar on it which changes colours depending on the game, to the touchpad, to the new SHARE button which makes uploading and recording of gameplay easier. I also love the fact that the controller has a mono speaker and a port to plug in a headset. There’s also a new feature on the PS4 I love called SHAREplay which basically allows you to share your game with another player as if they were in the same room with you. The notifications system is also very helpful. There are also game communities that can be joined to find people with similar game interests. And finally, I love the fact that the PlayStation store is always up to date with every game. I’m sure by now you’re wondering “how does he know all this without owning a PS4?”. Well, my best friend owns one and I read about things I like, which in this case is the PS4 console. The PS4 is a must have for anyone who truly loves gaming. And as Sony rightly stated it’s “#4theplayers”.

  • Khizar Jamal

    Hello, GamingBolt!
    Video games are a beautiful thing; they are an excellent way to learn and grow due to the amount of skill sets put to work in video games. Problem solving, decision making, and hand eye coordination are all at work when playing these games. Moreover, games build teamwork, providing positive reinforcement for learning, and improve a person’s social skills. They bring together friends and family both online and away from the screen.
    Thus, the main reason why I love Next-Gen consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, is because they further enhance the video game experience. Because of the Xbox One and PS4, games have become increasingly beautiful pieces of art. And as with any art form, there is literally something for everyone. And because I believe that everyone deserves to escape real life and indulge themselves into a game’s complex and suspenseful story, or to grow to love an extremely detailed character, the PS4 and Xbox One are truly revolutionary gaming consoles that have collectively affected hundreds of millions of lives throughout the world. Aside from the consoles’ graphics, interface, and technological power, I love these gaming systems because they spread positive, creative, and artistic ideology throughout the world in the form of an interactive gaming experience. In essence, the Xbox and PS4 serve to make the world a better place.



  • Kauser Risz

    Hello Again @Gamingbolt yu might be wondering what’s wring with this guy but am here to share its amazing feeling of playing games…Consoles like PS4 amd others too can heal our pain too and escape from reality.This world have been getting worse amd worse..well Ps4 have been so well that my friends are talking about it all day long and i leave the conversation vecause i dont have one.Gaming is an Eternal Art

  • Ferinio Asandikromo

    I love the PlayStation. I bought a Xbox one but gave it to my nephew because I want a PlayStation. But sadly I don’t make enough money now to buy one. I absolutely love the jrpgs on the PlayStation and with the nee design it look stunning as well. I probably won’t get picked but always worth the try. Thanks for this oppurtunity

  • ROSSI46

    Dear GamingBolt,
    I am a normal teenager with a dream from Poland. Since I was a young boy i loved to compete. I very enjoyed playing Motogp 2 and Gran Turismo 3 with my brothers on PS2. In 2006 I watched my first Motogp race on TV and I literally fell in racing spirit, sense of speed and atmosphere of motorsport sunday. I love racing of all kind and I’m a big fan of Valentino Rossi and Ayrton Senna. My biggest dream is to achieve something in this sport (in racing), but everyone knows that it’s very expensive. Whole life I was playing GT series to get to know that it POSSIBLE with GT Academy development program. When GT Academy “came” to Poland in 2012 I realize that I must get to work. My best final place in this GTA edition was 5th in one round with a sixaxis so It was big motivation to me. I realized that it’s possible to chase a dream with a hard work. Since this event I trying to be better psychically, mentally and to be faster driver in GT6. There is nothing more enjoyable than taking the corner fast, hit the apex and get the clear powerful exit 🙂
    Already Gran Turismo annouce big step forward with FIA introducing GT Sport. It’s great news but It’s on PS4 platform. It’s expensive to buy even a PS4 console not to mention steering wheel. With GamingBolt it is POSSIBLE. I LOVE PS BECAUSE THEY ARE GIVING A CHANCE WITH PD (NISSAN&FIA) FOR CASUAL PEOPLE. RESPECT

  • Chris Walters

    I’ve entered this for my son. I love the xbox 360 because, whilst my son is playing on the xbox, he is chatting away to all his school friends via xbox live, which has helped him build a wider circle of friends. It is this social aspect that I think is great.

  • Kauser Risz

    Come on gaming bolt its 6000 subscribers

  • Andrew Adams

    Hello GamingBolt. In the last few years, I decided to put my career on hold so I could be a stay at home dad for my three young boys, only one of which goes to school:) I love taking care of my boys, but they are a handful for sure! The one thing I know that I can look forward to having at the end of the day when everyone goes off to bed is my chair, my tv, and my Xbox 360! It’s pretty much the only time I have by myself! I actually never got into gaming until my first child was born 6 years ago. This is when I discovered a little game named Fallout. My wife bought me an Xbox 360 and this game all those years ago. I’m proud to say Fallout has been a member of our family ever since. Even now, my middle child will say “pew pew pew, IM FALLOUT 4!”. Doesn’t really make sense, but even he knows how important Fallout is for me. Unfortunately I have a hard time justifying the cost for a Xbox one. I feel too guilty to spend so much money on something just for me. I came across your website and figured maybe there was hope. Please consider me and my family for this amazing give away:)!

    Andrew Adams

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