Xbox 360 had No Games in 2010…Say What?

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In this second part of our “Year in Review” series, we take a look at how Microsoft’s Xbox 360 performed throughout the year 2010.  Against common belief, my analysis shows that the Xbox 360 had a great year as far as games were concerned. So let’s get started.

Q1 2010

Commander Sheppard was back with a bang!

Even though the Xbox 360 had a great year in 2009, it was undoubtedly lacking some momentum in to 2010. Just like for the PlayStation 3, the year began with a hard hitting game from Platinum studios in Bayonetta. The game was superior on the Xbox 360 as compared to its PlayStation 3 counterpart, a plus point for the console, since Bayonetta is easily one of the finest action games this year. Then what’s next? Mass Effect 2 is next. It’s safe to say that the Xbox 360 started with a bang with the release of Bioware’s must have role playing game. Mass Effect 2 bought you on a journey and gave you an experience that cannot be achieved by playing any other game.  Everything about the game seems polished perfectly and over the top.  January also saw the release of Darksiders which succeeded at starting the year off right by delivering a solid experience albeit a few bumps along the way. February saw some solid AAA experience for the Xbox 360. It all started off with the release of Halo 3 Mysthic Map Pack 2 followed by a revisit to the underwater world of Bioshock 2. The month ended with the scares of Deadly Premonition. March saw a plethora of multiplatform games. Metro 2033, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII and the amazing action game, Just Cause 2. The month also saw the release of Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content: Stimulus Package.

Q2 2010

One of the most atmospheric games of the year

April began with a huge bang for the Xbox 360 owners. Splinter Cell Conviction was released and was absolutely loved by fans and critics alike. Conviction is one of the few games that excited me enough that I took the time to get all 1000 gamerscore from it, and for good reason. Like it or not, Conviction is a true sequel that has sought after a new style of gameplay, but set it in the same world that old fans of the series will find pleasing and familiar. It took a leap of faith and is all the better for it. The month also saw the release of another exclusive in Left 4 Dead: The Passing and multiplatform games Fifa World Cup 2010 and Super Street Fighter IV. Another big month in May for Xbox 360 owners, this time the hero of the show was Remedy. Alan Wake is a lot like the horror novels it so oft references. It’s short and sweet at the same time as being entirely memorable and chilling while it lasts. The shooting aspects are robust but take note that if you are expecting something along the lines of Quake then you will be disappointed by the action on offer. If however, you want an intelligent and gripping story set in a fantastical world then you’ve come to the right place. The month also saw super blockbusters in the form of Red Dead Redemption, Split Second and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. June saw some pretty good games in Alpha Protocol, Green: Day Rock Band and Singularity.

Q3 2010

It seems that Microsoft started every Quarter with a bang. They did that again with Crackdown 2. But it was a major disappointment for us. Overall Crackdown 2 was too much like its predecessor. The Co-op was only online but offers more fun and explosions; while competitive modes aren’t so great. Lacking a good soundtrack the same song is played over and over again at different tempos. Crackdown 2 offered some fun with big explosions and fun Co-op but suffered from multiple major setbacks. But it seemed like Microsoft something up their sleeves, a small game, yet so big! Limbo one of the most original games that we played this year was a gem. It was damn good, one of the best games- not just Xbox 360 or Xbox Live games, and just games in general- you will ever play in this year. Do yourself a favour, get this greatly priced wonder of a game, and experience one of the most atmospheric, spooky yet wonderful video game ever. August was a slow month as far as disc based games were concerned, more of the fun was from the digital games. Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light, Shank, Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Castlevenia: Harmony of Despair rounded up August. September was the month of Halo! Halo Reach was released on 14th of September and it was close to a perfect game. “In my beginning is my end… In my end is my beginning.” Reach takes us back to the beginning of the Halo franchise and marks Bungie’s beautiful Swan song to the epic FPS series with exciting multiplayer, the intense Firefight mode and the best campaign yet.

Q4 2010

Just like its main competitor, the PlayStation 3, the 360 was bombarded with multiplatform games in October. Enslaved, Castlevania, NBA 2K 11, Star Wars etc. The 360 also had a few exclusives in the form of Alan Wake: The Writer and Fable 3. The Writer was a great piece of downloadable content that should not be missed by any Alan Wake or a horror genre fan and Lionhead’s third entry in the epic Fable saga was definitely worth a purchase. November was undoubtedly the month of Kinect. Microsoft did a great job of putting out some really good Kinect based games. Kinectimals offered a surprisingly robust story mode but a little too much repetition prevents it from appealing to all demographics whereas Shape: Fitness Evolved does exactly what it needs to do and it does so in an enjoyable and stylish manner. Overall I think Kinect is here to stay.  November closed out with Call of Duty Black Ops and James Bond: 007 Bloodstone. And December is where we take a breather!


Personally I think the Xbox 360 had a great year. Yes there were moments where things were going down a bit, but mystically some great game came over and balanced out the ship.  During Q4 it was no longer about hardcore games from Microsoft, it was all Kinect, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Microsoft has a very promising line up next year and something with which they can make some amazing games: Kinect.

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  • Tom

    This article is obviously aimed at fanboys who say the 360 had nothing good this year, no matter what games you show them they will disagree with this article.
    It was nice to see what has been released this year though! Both consoles had great games come out this year and 2011 looks like a lot of AAA titles coming out for both consoles.

    Each year gaming seems to get bigger and bigger!!

  • haha APLHAMALE 22 on n4g is calling gt5 a flop,a game that has sold 5million in 2weeks and 85 on meta even tho he knows full well reviews marked it down for being a ps3 exclusive n nit picking.

    on topic those 360 games are multiplat and the exclusives are kinect games and shovelware,only 1 game 360 got and thats gears 3,dont count forza since it will struggle to sell 300.000 just like the last one and alan wake.

    • I know… Gran Turismo 5 out performed Forza III where it truly matters. Far more race types, far better driving physics, far more vehicles, better steering wheels to use with the game, track creator, far better online, etcetera… Actually… It pretty much outperforms Forza III in every way. Forza III hardly has an edge on GT4 still…

  • That’s the problem though, those games you mentioned are all crap. Halo is the same regurgitated pig spit every year, nothing new, just more aliens, more unstable online and more bad graphics.

    Alan Wake was the biggest flop in videogames history, it was just a cheap imitation knock – off of Heavy Rain that completely failed at storytelling.

    Kinect, what more can you say? Kinect is great if you’re like 7 years old or just a weirdo but it’s not for real gamers. Jumping up and down like a retard all day is not something a real gamer would be interested in.

    In 2010 the PS3 has had killer exclusives like Heavy Rain, God Of War, Gran Turismo, White Knight Chronicles and Yakuza. While all the 360 has are dissapointing, last – gen imitators. Halo has become more stale than Rock Band and Microsoft are so embarassed of Gears 3’s terrible graphics they pulled it from the VGA’s so as to avoid the awesomeness of Uncharted 3.

    I am Frank Burns, the real Frank Burns and I have spoken!

  • 360 had a bad year compared to ps3 cause for q1 ps3 had M.A.G. Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3, WKC, and of course GOD OF WAR 3… then Q2 had Modnation Racers, 3D Dot Game Heroes… Then q3 was Move and all its games… then q4 was GT5, Sly coll., and many big psn titles like Dead Nation, Kung Fu Live, and soon Echocrome 2… im mostly putting in the big titles too, even tho some flopped 360 had an ok year but ME2 was better for PC Alan Wake is even more a dissapoint than GT5(its not as big as GT5 tho), and Halo was the only major title 360 really had

  • Wow what a moron, Forza 3 sold over 3 million, close to 4 I think, LOL your head is so far up Sony’s @ss, do you even know what a Xbox 360 is.

  • so three games and a crappy gimmick toy justifies the whole year…say what?

  • @slinky
    You’re a freaking retard, you know that? Mass Effect 2 has a higher metascore on the Xbox 360, and nobody but you thinks it was better on the PS. Alan Wake has to be one of the most immersive games ever created. Halo: Reach was just plain awesome. Not to mention the fact that Fable III wasn’t very bad either.
    Oh, and let me tell you, Kinect and its games >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Move and its games.
    There were a LOT of games on XBLA that far outdo your PSN titles, like LIMBO, Super Meat Boy, Costume Quest and a hell lot of others.
    And I’m not even mentioning all the multiplatform titles.
    So just shut the **** up and check your facts before you open your retarded mouth.

    • You are the retard. Now let me tell you…

      Mass Effect 2 will be released on PS3 early next year. It is also already on PC and better on PC. So its not a 360 exclusive.

      Alan Wake one of the most immersive games EVER created? You are a fucking pathetic gamer and critic. That game had a great concept but the concept of using a flashlight to kill shadowy figures belongs to a $15 downloadable game. That game overall was average at best. Halo Reach? A complete rehash of the same crap with a few more features and updates EXACTLY like Call of Duty. May I mention SAME gameplay?

      Kinect games suck dreadfully. They are fun at first… But they are absolutely repetitive and you will soon realize that for just about every game so far you did the same exact type of gameplay.

      PSN has far better titles overall. What is also funny is how Limbo was exactly replicated in LittleBIGPlanet as a FREE level to play on.

      Multiplatform titles don’t count as something to brag about you dumb ass. You did mention one by the way. Mass Effect 2.

      Check facts? How can you say that when you have a shitty opinion you spout out of your mouth with no real reasoning behind them?

      Oh, and Fable III sucks terribly. The only reason the game was really worth it was because of the way you can chose your characters path but the choice to be good or bad is so damn obvious which one you will want because they hardly adapted the feature in to the game. They only hyped the Good or Evil subject once again but fucked it up and made another below average game.

    • Xs

      Children, adults are talking right now. Why don’t we go to our fanboy rooms to chill out?

      Ok look, shepard-commander. Your argument is opinion and opinion only.

      wtfwtfwtf, your yelling at someone. With little reasoning.

      Both consoles have their flaws. Rules to this shit, no arguing multi platform games and their scores. Shepard, metacritic (I’m assuming you meant that?) scoring system. Do you know how it works? Go read how they score, you might be surprised how they do multiplatformers.
      Kinect and Move are COMPLETELY different. One is an extension, another is a method.
      “Alan Wake has to be one of the most immersive games ever created” It has just above average scores. 8.5 from IGN, 83/100 from metacritic and 1up gave it a B to B+. It ranked #194 out of 2909 Xbox 360 rated games. on IGN. It was not scored as well as you think.
      Halo:Reach. While i don’t personally like the title, it was review as 91/100 on metacritic (however only 75/100 by users), 9 for IGN, Gamespot gave it 9.5 (8.9/10 by users). It was a good game, however the last from that serious which i respect bungie for. I prefered their earlier games. So I’m glad microsoft has a good game here and there for 2010.
      Lastly, Fable III is not a AAA title so we cant call it a AAA title of 2010.

      Is that fair?

  • Overall the author is highlighting a pretty pathetic year for MS in terms of new compelling exclusive content.

    You have 3 games and 1 peripheral that won’t work with any of those games.


    While your spelling and grammar make you sound like a complete imbecile, it is painfully obvious you don’t have a PS3 or if you do, you are not paying attention. The PS Store has quite a few treasures in it as well. There are few games that do not make it to PSN. There are quite a few that will never be on XBL.

    Alan Wake would have sold two or three times the amount on PS3, because the only software that has ANY success on Xbox 360s are SHOOTERS.

    And BTW — Mass Effect 2 on PC only scores 2 points lower than the Xbox 360 version. The only problem is there aren’t really hardly any PC Fanboys these days, so much of the scores for the Xbox 360 likely were scored higher out of console loyalty.

    MetaCritic is far too infused with Blogs and less desirable News Outlets to be really taken seriously.

  • Alan Wake may have been an extremely atmospheric game, but it wasn’t a great game. I have a 360 and my roommate has a PS3 so suffice to say, I’m pretty much playing the PS3 now. The only notable 360 exclusive game I’ve played this year was Mass Effect 2, and it is honestly one of the best games I’ve ever played (more polished than ME1, unfortunately less RPG elements), and it’s great to see that the game is coming to the PS3. Halo Reach for me was an obvious upgrade in terms of MULTIPLAYER. Multiplayer is beyond fantastic, better than Black Ops in my opinion. But I really only bought it for the single player because Halo 1 and 3 had a pretty great campaign. But for a game going all out on character development, it was the most shallow campaign of the 3 and made me pretty disappointed. In terms of XBLA titles, the only one I’m interested in is Limbo, played a little of that and it was great. Super Meat Boy, a recent release, I will most likely get that for the PC.

    I don’t give a rats ass about Kinect or Move, played some of their games and frankly, still didn’t give a shit. I’m playing the past PS3 titles, and it’s enough for me to say that I know I’m going to enjoy that console more than the 360.

  • @ wtfwtfwtf

    I wasnt even gonna comment in here, but after seeing wtfwtfwtf’s comments, i must say that man is dumb as hell and way misinformed. Obviously never played Halo, Forza, Alan Wake, or any Kinect highlight games like Dance Central, Kinect sports and your shape (hes probably fat too). Youre obviously a PS fanboy saying that GT5 outperforms Forza “in every way” and that the LBP2 Limbo level replicates the Limbo game. h fr Christ sakes. You find the dumbest gamers on the internet for damn sure. And each and Halo 3 are the same game? o read evry single review and ask REAL Halo gamers that played both about that and watch you get smacked. And games like Mass Effect 1, 2 (at least til january), Splinter Cell, and Metro 2033 are non exclusives, but theyre Not on PS3. So who is that gonna benefit? The Xbox gamer or the PS gamer? So then that makes MLB the show not exclusive either. Anyways, I love GT5 and Little Big Planet 2 is a game i cant wait for, as i also like PS3 and own one, but quit it with your ignorance and dumb nonsense comments. Your opinions suck and eery real Xbox gamer knows it

  • I LMAO’d on the guy who said only shooters are successful on Xbox. Go look at Fable’s numbers. Go look at forza’s numbers. Or Assasins creed, or Kinect sports, or Red Dead. Negro Pleez


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