Xbox 360 Lifetime Sales Reach 42 Million

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Microsoft just officially announced that their current generation home console, the Xbox 360, has now sold 41.7 million units. Microsoft and Devices Division also reported a huge year-on-year improvement, which a profit of $679 million this year as opposed to that of $108 last year.

In the quarter of 2010 which ended with June, Microsoft shipped 1.5 million Xbox 360 units, which is 25% more than the 1.2 million units shipped the same time last year.

The shipment for the previous 12 months, however, has fallen from 11.2 million units to 10.3 million units, an 8 percent drop. As of March 2010, the PlayStation 3, which is in direct competition with the Xbox 360, has shipped approximately 36 million units, and is in last place in the current generation console wars.

The Xbox 360 is a huge improvement over Microsoft’s first foray into the console market, which was the original Xbox, which sold only around 22 million units in its six years lifetime.


Editor’s Note: There was a minor error with rounding figures for the total PS3 units shipped. The post has been edited and updates to reflect more accurate figures.

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  • Researcher

    Why didn’t you report this more accurately? 🙁 Microsoft clearly states their 360 sales are at 41.7 million units, not 42 million. If you are going to round UP, so to speak, why not round the PS3’s 35.7 million to 36 Million? What’s up with that? Finally, The PS3’s sales aren’t “as of now”, they are as of March 31st, 2010. So, we are comparing sales from March 31st for PS3 to just released sales numbers for 360. The statement above, “As of now, the PlayStation 3, which is in direct competition with the Xbox 360…” it’s not as of now, it’s as of March 2010. All I’m saying is accuracy. Most people don’t even care about Console sales, but the ones that actually do, want accuracy. There is NO DOUBT in my mind the 360 has more sales than the PS3, but let’s report it accurately. This isn’t about fanboyism, it’s just about the need to be accurate.

  • Researcher

    Thanks for the two fixes, have a good one mates.

    • Pramath

      Thank YOU for poitning the errors out 🙂

  • joemoe

    In my region Xbox 360 was on the market a full year and 4 months before Ps3 was released. The PS3 sales are very impressive in comparison.

    • Pramath

      It’s true that the PS3 hasn’t exactly been the failure that most analysts predicted it to be. However, there can be no denying that Sony’s fall from total domination last gen to a distant third place this gen has been a steep and dramatic one.

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