Xbox 720 Always Online: Cliffy B Says “Such a Future is Probably Coming, And Coming Fast”

Whereas fringe scenarios of no-internet access will quickly reduce.

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Of all the people who would defend the rumoured always-online requirement of the upcoming Xbox 720, you probably wouldn’t expect former Epic Games stalwart Cliff Bleszinksi. However, in a new blog post, he states that early adopters will belong to a generation of always-online individuals and scenarios of little to not net access are quickly becoming obsolete.

“My gut is telling me that an always online future is probably coming. It’s coming fast, and possibly to the majority of the devices you enjoy. SimCity, with all of its troubles on launch, seems to be selling briskly.

“Diablo 3, the poster child of a messy launch, is estimated to be at 12 million units. I would bet money that without the always online elements of Diablo 3 that it would have sold half of that.”

“Sooner or later our government, or Google, or any number of providers are going to get their shit together and we’ll have universally fast internet for the majority of the first world. I’d be willing to say that any early adopter for any new piece of technology is probably going to have some sort of solid internet connection.

If you’re on a forum raging about Adam’s comments there’s a whole new generation of kids who are growing up always online who won’t really give a shit.”

“My wife and I were discussing these issues this afternoon and she mentioned the example of ‘Hey what if I’m a gamer who wants to go to a cabin in the woods for a week and I don’t have online access there?’

“That’s the edge case…the week-long vacation to the cabin is only 30 hours of not playing a game or a device that’s built for much more. Technology doesn’t advance by worrying about the edge case.”

Do you agree with Cliffy B on this particular argument or not? Let us know in the comments.

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  • osirus

    Nope I can’t agree I have lived on the edge of town for 15 years now and we still don’t have a ISP. But I do have cell phone 4 g but the price is to ridiculous to use for gameing .I live 1 mile to far for the cable company to provide me internet and its been like that for the last 10 years nothing is expanding . The U.S is much more rural than people believe the only companys that care expanding are wireless ones 4g networks and they are out to rob you. Verizon charges $350 for 50 gbs of data and $15 for everyone 1 GB there are smaller data caps that are cheaper but not cheap compared wired isps. hardwired company’s charge around$50 for a monthly data cap of 250-300 GB and charge you $5 when you go over and give you an extra 50gbs. Even in the future not everyone will be “connected”.

  • MyBoyPolyGotItRight

    No one is going to buy this shit console. Stop supporting Microsoft. Pirate their shitty operating systems. I’m done giving Microsoft my Hard Earned money. Oh wait, no one wants to pirate Windows 8 because it’s a piece of shit.

  • MyBoyPolyGotItRight

    I don’t support Nazi’s, that means I don’t support Microdick. I’m supporting Sony PS4 because they’re not ran by disgusting assholes who think we all should be rich and have a perfect internet connection.

  • MyBoyPolyGotItRight

    Microsoft has always had a problem with Southerners, so it’s not shocking that they don’t want Conservatives to play their crappy DRM-Filled console.


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