Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Already Has A Scorpio At Home, Even 10 Year Old Xbox 360 Games Will Benefit From It

“Every game should get access to the full capabilities of the hardware, whether the game was written two years ago for Xbox One, 10 years ago for 360, or is yet to be shipped. “

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The Xbox Scorpio is a beast of a machine. There is no doubt about that. However, Microsoft have ensured that not only future games but also older Xbox 360 titles dating back 10 years will also be able to take full benefit of the new console’s technical prowess. Speaking to The Guardian, Spencer revealed that every game on Scorpio will have full access to the console’s technical performance.

“Every game should get access to the full capabilities of the hardware, whether the game was written two years ago for Xbox One, 10 years ago for 360, or is yet to be shipped. You’re gonna see games that shipped on Xbox One that just natively run better on Scorpio, because you have the CPU and GPU power, and things like scalable resolution, which Halo used. You’re just gonna find that it’s running at a higher resolution a lot of the time, or all the time – and if the team does specific work for Scorpio obviously then there’s a ton of headroom to go do something great.”

He also revealed that he already has a Scorpio at his home (which is not a big surprise given that he is the Big Boss at Xbox) and that he is clearly able to tell the difference between running games at 1080p and 4K. Heck, he even admitted that games look even more amazing at 1080p resolution on the Scorpio.

“We’ve got a higher frequency CPU than any other console, we’ve got a better GPU, we’ve got more RAM. I have a Scorpio at home, so I’ve moved it back and forth from a 1080p TV to a 4K TV – and if you’re running on a 1080p TV and you plug Scorpio in you’re gonna be able to tell. I can tell,” he explained.

Scorpio is expected to launch this Holiday. The release date and price have not been announced yet.

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  • crazy_black_man-
    • Never say never cause you never know with games that are 30 years old making a come back on systems that where never even thought of 30 years ago.

    • crazy_black_man-

      HUH? WHAT?
      30 YEARS OLD?
      HUH? WHAT?
      HUH? WHAT?

      WHAT? WHAT?

    • Atari Flashback just to name one set of games that are over 30 years old. AND besides, who’s to say that he doesn’t have a PS4 in his home. I would. He isn’t into all this console wars schtuff like you Pony Boys are.

    • Learned Handgun

      Which one have you played the most?

    • crazy_black_man-


    • Learned Handgun

      I was thinking about buying some of those games but I can’t seem to find any in-store yet. Any release dates?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Oh don’t worry baby girl, they’re coming. They’re just not coming to the Xbox Scorpio. LOL.

    • Learned Handgun

      Wait, you’re posting games that aren’t coming out on the Scorpio on an article about the Scorpio?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Wait, are your stupid eyes deceiving you?

    • Learned Handgun

      Just trying to understand what your goal is.

      Why are you posting about games you’ve never played, that aren’t out, that have no release date, on an article about a system they aren’t coming out on?

      Cannot afford to buy any games that are out?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Do you see what you’re doing right now?

    • Learned Handgun

      Yup. So did you not want to answer the questions?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Mission accomplished.

    • Learned Handgun

      My mission or yours?

    • crazy_black_man-

      Wait, what is your mission again?

      For starters, you could post a list of all the upcoming competing Scorpio exclusives. Just list about 5 or 6 of them that you think are going to be of equal or better quality than my list. Make Phil proud.

    • Learned Handgun

      My mission is to discover what your mission is. I said that earlier. quote “Just trying to understand what your goal is.”

      Scorpio has no known exclusives.

      There I answered your questions. Now would you be so kind as to answer my questions? repeated here for ease

      Why are you posting about games you’ve never played, that aren’t out, that have no release date, on an article about a system they aren’t coming out on?

      Can you not afford to buy any games that are out?

    • crazy_black_man-

      What I said….For starters, you could post a list of all the upcoming competing Scorpio exclusives.

      What you said…Scorpio has no known exclusives.

      So, it seems to me that we’re just 2 gamers sharing information about what we both have to look forward to. I shared some news about upcoming Sony exclusive games and you shared some rather heartbreaking news about what’s not coming to the Scorpio. Do you not see it that way too?

    • Learned Handgun

      What I see is me coming to read an article about an upcoming system that I’m likely to buy, and you posting information about games you’ve never played, that are not out yet, that have no release date, and are irrelevant for the purpose of the article.

      This makes me wonder why you aren’t reading articles about PS4, playing the PS4, or doing something else.

      So would you please tell me what you are attempting to accomplish.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Oh, I get it. Soooo..instead of ignoring my post, suddenly you find yourself talking to me about the upcoming PS4 exclusives while totally ignoring the reason why you came here in the first place. I hate it when that happens. I know how you must feel right now

      And I like it.

    • Learned Handgun

      I read the article first. Then went to the comments to discuss with like minded people. Instead I found you posting about PS4 games. Why is that? Answering what your doing here shouldn’t be that difficult. This isn’t life or death.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Once again…I will have you refer you to my previous answer above.

      Listen I’d like to stay and chat, but there are other articles calling out for my attention and my time is very limited. If you would like to continue this discussion, by all means…come and find me.

      Oh, also…do you see how easily I ignored those hateful comments from Rasta 4? You should be more like me and learn to just ignore people who aren’t worthy of talking to you.

      Bye now.

    • Dan Neal


    • Dont talk trash about Sony.. you need us to buy your Scorpio.

    • crazy_black_man-

      LOL. No sh it. They really do!

    • Rasta4

      Just tell the truth….. tell him you are a mentally disturbed Sony humping fruitcake….that lives in Scorpio articles trying to bash it because you are jealous. Set yourself freeeeee !

    • Dan Neal

      Lets restart this conversation after June 11th… Also if you are representative of the Sony Fanbase… I am Glad I chose Xbox… I hear Don Mattrick is looking for a Job.. Maybe Sony can use his Philosophy’s on gaming… Seems Right up your alley bro.

    • Lol the Sony gaming community obviously has a much higher IQ.

      Just look at the PS4 exclusive games :).. but nice try.

      And no. I am never buying a Scorpio. You can say whatever you want, i am not letting Microsoft trick me into this console trap.

      Everybody who buys a Scorpio deserves what’s coming to them.. don’t cry when all the best games are on the PS4 and PS5 and beyond..

    • crazy_black_man-

      There will be tears.

    • crazy_black_man-

      You didnt chose Xbox. Xbox chose you.

    • So.. i have a pS4 Pro, how are you gonna force me to buy a Scorpio?

      I mean i already have all the games i want on my PS4 Pro and more 1st party games that arent even on the xbox.

      Do you want me to buy those games i own on my PS4 Pro again on the Scorpio?

      How much is MS willing to refund me if i trade my PS4 Pro for a Scorpio?

      Help me.. Sony owns me. 🙁

    • Rasta4

      Because he is mentally disturbed

    • He talks more sense than you.. all you wanna do is hype up the Scorpio at all cost.

    • Rasta4

      You should not get it. Will not be good.

      I’ll get it for you

    • I can get it but only if it’s below $350.. if the Scorpio is not cheaper than my PS4 Pro then why should i buy one?

      Chew on that for a while.

      I know what will happen when i buy the Scorpio. After a couple of disastrous months salewise. Microsoft will retire completely out of the console gaming business focusing solely on xbox live and pc gaming.

      End of story.

      The Scorpio is a lie.. all they say it can do is a lie. “True 4k” is a lie. All games “60fps in 4k” is a lie.

      VR on the Scorpio is a lie.. that’s why microsoft is visiting Sony’s VR team to steal ideas and insights.

      Scorpio is a lie.. and that’s the truth.

    • crazy_black_man-

      I agree. The fact that Phil Spencer still hasnt invested in a larger portfolio of game studios is a clear indication of his lack of long term commitment to the future of Xbox console gaming.

    • You can’t believe anything that comes out of the mouths from Xbox executives… specially when they say everything is “Great!” And everything is “Fantastic!”..

      People be acting like the Scorpio is the last console generation on earth.. they act as if time will stop when the Scorpio comes out and the industry will do a 180 and flock to the Scorpio..

      Reason why the Scorpio and the xbox brand will utterly fail is because Sony already has bought the best game studios ever.

      Sony invested in talent.. Sony invested in creativity.

      Microsoft invested in plastic and lies.

      Now they say they have learned from the xbox One failures and changed their ways..

      Yeah right.. a leopard never changes it’s spots.

      The only way the Scorpio can make it.. is if they pay Sony to bring the exclusive games they got to the Scorpio! Lmao..

      Imagine if Horizon Zero Dawn was on the Scorpio! Uncharted etc.. All these xbox fanboys would be praising how beautifull these games are.. because it’s on the Scorpio.

      The hardest thing for xbox to overcome is the exclusive PS4 games. And something they can’t overcome because Sony owns the best game studios! And nothing Microsoft does will change that.

    • crazy_black_man-

      I’ve been saying this forever. Well said!

    • Rasta4

      You should not get one.
      I will get one for you.
      We are good my bro

    • Troy Marcel

      Just another useless Sony troll.

    • How does it feel to walk around with Microsoft having a finger up in your.. @ss?

      Ur just a pawn microsoft uses to promote the garbage scorpio.

    • Troy Marcel

      You Sony girls are really desperate with all this hate towards a piece of plastic. Blocked

    • You know the Scorpio is a lie.. search your feelings boy.

    • Dan Neal

      Don’t Worry Folks this Trolls Tarp has Sprung a Leak… He’s Living off of Grass, and Drippings from the Ceiling…

    • crazy_black_man-

      That first joke fell flat. Pretty embarrassing.

    • Hahah dont tell him lies big papa!!

      Aint never no Scorpio games coming! Unless you count Halo forza gears as games xD

    • Hahaha Sony aint going nowhere son.

      They are letting Microsoft take the first step in the new console generation.

      What microsoft forgot with the Scorpio is that: when you go to war.. never give your enemy a demonstration of what you can do.

      They gave a demonstration with the Scorpio and now Sony will beat them to death with the PS5.

      RIP xbox Scorpio pour out a lil liquor..

    • crazy_black_man-

      You know the game! Preach pastor, PREACH!

    • Dan Neal

      You guys are seriously nearsighted… this isn’t just a Scorpio… its the end of Console platforms… While you are re buying all your games… I am ADDING to my Xbox Collection and moving on…

    • Eddie Battikha

      But perhaps the biggest takeaway I had from the meeting with Mark Cerny was the insight into how Sony views the console generations. PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio have been seen as the beginning of the end of the jump to a new, more capable wave of hardware in favour of intermediate upgrades. What’s clear is that Sony isn’t buying into this. Cerny cites incompatibility problems, even moving between x86 CPU and AMD GPU architectures. I came away with the impression that PS5 will be a clean break, an actual generational leap as we know it. I do not feel the same about Project Scorpio, where all the indications are that Microsoft attempts to build its own Steam-like library around the Xbox brand, with games moving with you from one console to the next – and eventually, maybe even to the PC.

    • Yes.. and when he Scorpio arrives time will stop, the heavens will open up, people will grow wings and fly..

      The Scorpio is a lie, specifically made for hardcore fanboys like yourself.

      Microsoft is playing you, not you playing Microsoft’s Scorpio.

    • TwinStripeUK

      Xbox versions of 7 games without release dates and a re-hash of last year’s sports title?

      He’s probably fine with that…

    • Dan Neal

      Until Scorpio Loads a PS4 Emulator cause its all x86 platform now lmao…. ID10T

  • Rasta4

    Crazy_Black_Man appears to be having a mental breakdown below.

    I’ll help him out…
    Sony’s single player anime and hack n slash games have little to no replay value….May as well just beat em on PC PSnow and save the $.

    Where are the VR games for this $500 pile of plastic and wires that I bought PSVR ?!?!? $500 dollars and it’s sitting in a corner. FU sony.

    At this point Sony offers me….No native 4k games (some as low as 720p), no back compat, a $500 PSVR lie, inferior multiplats, no upgrade to shader model 6 textures, no improvements on 1080p TVs, no EA access, gimped mod support, no dedicated servers, no game pass downloading service, no 4k bluray, no digital refunds….and NO MULTIPLAYER GAMES as good as Xbox’s. Scorpio on Day 1

    • C. Hoffer

      Breathe… lol
      I am totally looking forward to Scorpio as it will be a great addition to my consoles but I have to say…the way you attack Sony you sound like a ‘rabid’ Xbox fan. I say ‘rabid’ because despite Sony’s perceived ‘weak’ points (by you), you fail to rail against the absolute GARBAGE that the One and One S are.

      Sony may not be the best, but they sure as heck are doing way better than Xbox. There is absolutely no question that the original One was a under powered, over sized piece of junk. The One S corrected a lot but was still weak. As for the games…well there weren’t any that stood out unless you were a longtime fan of the never changing (Halo x, Gears x, etc…). Why aren’t you mentioning any of that while you gush for Scorpio (which isn’t out yet) or while you bash Sony despite the market superiority for the last 4 years.
      Edit: Spelling-lol

    • Rasta4

      Sorry guy Xbox one S upscales all games to 4k..and has 4k bluray. In addition to my other points it’s superior to PS4 IMO of course. Market superiority…MS now has the largest operating system in the world in the gaming market in addition to the most powerful console ever made coming in a few months..I could care less about a PS4 console base that is flatlining and being outsold by the Nintendo switch.

    • C. Hoffer

      Shrug. The one and one S are total garbage. To say it ‘upscales’ to 4k is the most absurd and misleading information out there. Everything scales… So what. The One and One S will be completly obsolete she scorpio comes out.
      Nintendo is only a win because their last system was junk and there is a lot of fans that love Zelda.

    • Rasta4

      OG XB is obsolete.
      The XB1s is a great machine…like I said superior to the PS4. Switch is outselling both XB and PS4 because they are slowing down.
      Scorpio is verrrry attractive.

    • Dan Neal

      my one s upscales and plays games in HD it plays 4K video my games Even Destiny show a Radical improvement. From Bloom to Raster Point Vertice scaling oil from Mars Looks like real Oil Water is smoother Armour Gleams and Shines in ways it didnt before. I CANNOT WAIT for Scorpio. I can’t really respond to anything PS4 has to say with anything but Really Xbro? And just in Closing to Say a PS4 plays games in 4K is Ablosute Garbage… its NOT true 4k AND it CANT EVEN PLAY 4K BLURAY… Also if I buy a Playanywhere game on XBOX I can play it on my PC in 4K… My DIGITAL GAMES PLAY ON MY PC AND MY XBOX1SAND XBOXOG…So what now homeboy?

    • shortman eighty2

      Omg are you retarded? The Xbox one S has a software based upscaler! Do you know what that means? It means it is doing exactly what your 4K TV does when fed a lower resolution, Only A LOT worse. You would be better off selling you 1S and buying an OG X1. At least then the half decent scaler in your TV will be put to use instead of using the crap one the S comes with. You talking about bloom and raster points? Lmfao. Do you even hear yourself? Where is the Digital Foundry write up on all these improvements to destiny? That’s right, They don’t exist because it’s all a placebo. You tell yourself it looks better to justify your purchase.

    • The PS4 does everything the xbox can and 10x better.

    • CC-Tron

      Market superiority means nothing for the consumer unless they own shares in Sony stock. Even then it means little.

    • C. Hoffer

      Are you drunk? The whole basis of determining what system a developer/publisher builds a game for hinges entirely on money potential. The more money they make, whether by sales on the largest platform or by sales and mfgers incentive (read cash payout) means that is the platform the game works on. Right now Sony holds the most cards_ willing to pay the publisher extra cash, has the largest platform (console) and they have are still the most powerful system (until scorpio lands in 6 months).

    • CC-Tron

      Are you drunk? None of that matters if the console has sold more than enough already. X1 is getting all the third AAA titles and always has. That’s all that matters. Destiny, COD, Battlefield, Red Dead, Final Fantasy (if you like Japanese AAA). Until those games don’t end up on the console due to low sales, you’re talking nonsense.

    • Dan Neal

      Absolutely RIght Xbro…But heres the Deal… A Publisher is gonna see that his game if released on XBOX is gonna be accesssable to Xbox 360 xboxONE xboxoneS PC AND SCORPIO gamers… THATS 5 Platforms….So instead of Comparing PS4 Pro to Scorpio. You are comparing it to 5 Console and PC Platforms… How many people own Xbox 360s and Ones and Ss and Scorpios Not to mention PCs with windows 10 which is FREE…. When you look at it… Its Mind Bottling… Like Lady Humps…

    • C. Hoffer

      All of Xbox (One, S, Scorpio) is one platform. PC is a second platform. Microsoft is certainly working on creating a seemless experience and hopefully moving forward they can get this done.
      I’ll be a Scorpio owner when it lands, but I won’t be scrambling for games as there is absolutely nothing coming that interests me on Xbox.

    • one and xbox one-s.. been there done that. Not interested.

    • Rasta4


    • crazy_black_man-

      And what’s even worse is how Microsoft is trolling their own Xbox One customer base with the Scorpio. The best place to play multiplatform games? What ever happened to the Xbox One, and the One S? Are they just throwing them under the bus as they build up hype for Scorpio? It sure looks like it.

    • Dan Neal

      lol dude you are suffocating from the Sony hype…. Xbox One and S can play the exact same games… in fact I have about 179 Digital games on my 5TB external… Do you know how HARD it was to get all those on my XBOXONE S? *Plugged in my Xternal HDD and clicked on the Icon. Not only that but Xbox saved my Games that I had in my quicklinks for Home. So I signedf into my profile Scrolled down and pressed Play… When I get my Scorpio Since everything will just work and all games are Backward Compat… I will scroll down and hit play and my games will be upscaled in REAL 4K. The Only console throwing anyone under the Bus is the PS4… I can’t Play my PS3 games on PS4 Pro.. I have to rebuy them… I am Playing Black Ops II right now on XBOX ONE S from a Disc I bought back in 2011.. I think someone needs to gift you an Xbox so you can see the difference XBro its not a whos better…. Its a DIFFERENT Mindset… Completely… Phil Spencer is really honestly The FUBU of Gamers.. FOR US BY US. Nuff said. No hate all truth Just Game…

    • crazy_black_man-

      “I can’t Play my PS3 games on PS4 Pro.. I have to rebuy them… I am
      Playing Black Ops II right now on XBOX ONE S from a Disc I bought back
      in 2011”

      Dude.Its simple. Play your PS3 games on your PS3. You didn’t buy a PS4 to play your PS3 games. That why its called the “next generation”. If you feel like you “have” to “rebuy” your PS3 games when you already have a PS3 to play them on, and please forgive me in advance because I really hate to say this to people, but if that is truly your best argument, YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

      Me personally, I go from generation to generation looking forward to NEW games on NEW CONSOLE generations. I’m sure the PS5 will most likely be backwards compatible but I wouldn’t be buying a PS5 just to play my old PS4 games. You guys on Xbox we’re given backwards compatibility in order for MS to save the Xbox brand’s life. It was a LAST RESORT. But it obviously still wasn’t enough.

      PHIL NEEDS NEW GAME STUDIOS. He learned a hard lesson about moneyhatting games from TombRaider. But he hasn’t increased the Xbox portfolio of first party games studios, and he’s here today still making false promises, while 3 years later, they’re focusing on another new console release, ignoring their current hardware and you clowns still just continue to eat up the lies and tweets. Its pretty hilarious!

    • Lol, no need to rub salt, lemon, and bleach in his wounds hahaha

    • Rasta4

      Lolol…Dude didn’t go into Xbox articles spouting Sony humping insanity…all would be back to normal. These Sony humpers are weird and in every Xbox article.

    • Completely agree, haha

    • Dan Neal

      BURN well said XBro….

    • All you wanna do is talk hype about Scorpio but u ignore the rest of the xbox failures..

      Seems like u need a 1 hit wonder desperately.

      Scorpio your ”Jesus Saviour console”..

      Why arent you mad at microsoft for lying to you and cancelling games?

    • Rasta4

      I am mad that Sony sold a $500 PSVR and hasn’t even mentioned a game for it in a very very long time. I am mad they sell a new console that can’t do 4k games (some as low as 720p on the pro), no back compat, inferior multiplats, no upgrade to shader model 6 textures, no improvements on 1080p TVs, no EA access, gimped mod support, no dedicated servers, no game pass downloading service, no 4k bluray, no digital refunds….and NO MULTIPLAYER GAMES as good as Xbox’s .

      A lie would be calling an upscaler a 4k console when it can’t do native 4k or even play 4k blurays. Why aren’t you mad at Sony for these things ? PS4 pro is your Jesus savior console ?

  • Michael

    Sony drones are having meltdowns all over the world. Kevin Butler can’t save you now…lol

    • Agent_Blade

      Keep trying tool.

    • Lol.. my money this holiday is going towards PS VR..

      Scorpio can kiss my !@$!!

    • Eddie Battikha

      U still crying about Xbox Sales and not having Spiderman. Scorpio is a strong Mid Gen Console, but will be destroyed by PS5 Fall 2018 a Real 4k Next Gen Console.

  • Triton

    So basicly this means every multiplat (which is BC) from the last gen runs better than on any other console.

  • Mr Xrat

    Oh look, there’s that premium pricing again. $499 so you can run ten year old XBLA games with no screen tearing! Not surprised they have to go down that angle considering how underwhelming those tech demo comparisons were. Xgimps just can’t catch a break.

    • TwinStripeUK

      Come E3, you’re actually going to kill yourself, aren’t you?

    • Mr Xrat

      Like the last three E3s, right?

      I might just die of suffocation from all the laughter I’ll be doing at Xgimps.

    • Eddie Battikha

      Sonys Floor Plan is way bigger than Microsofts this year at E3, u have no idea what’s coming. PS5 is launching Fall 2018, Scorpio is gonna be in a HORRIBLE SPOT.

    • Lol.. the xgimps are trying so hard to pry me away from my PS4 Pro. Smh.

      They really really have no clue to what gamers want.

      Scorpio the biggest flop in all of console gaming history.

  • Dan Neal

    @I’mtheMetalLord TRUE DAT I just played Contra on my Xbox and Double Dragon and CastleVania… Never ever say never

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