Xbox Classics That Need To Be Remastered For Xbox One: Gears of War, Mass Effect And More

We wouldn’t mind playing these again on the Xbox One.

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Microsoft first released their dedicated video game console back in 2001 and labeled it as the Xbox. The original Xbox lasted all the way through 2008 before being discontinued. Although the console was not able to hold itself against the stiff competition that was Sony’s PlayStation 2, it still managed to deliver a number of critical hits such as Halo and Fable.

In 2005, Microsoft released the original Xbox’s follow up console, the Xbox 360 which became a huge success winning over in some areas that the PlayStation 3 could not. Now as we enter Microsoft’s third-generation console lifecycle, there are several video game titles we would love to see remastered and released on the Xbox One. We have selected fifteen awesome games that deserve to get the remaster treatment.

Note: List is in random order.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Series)

Developers: BioWare
Publishers: LucasArts

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic takes place 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire with players having to face off with Darth Malak, a former Jedi as he brings in an armada of Sith against the Republic. This game is a classic and the particular series is still looked highly upon to this very day. Because Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is shaped by choices made, players can fine tune their story and character uniquely.

From the very start, players can pick through different character classes and are able to make adjustments to their skill sets or perks as they gain experience.

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  • HAppY_KrAToS

    “…the Xbox 360 which became a huge success winning over in some areas that the PlayStation 3 could not.

    of course. how could it be differently, with:

    – devs and studios signing contracts where they were forced to keep a visual parity, otherwise, ps3 games would look better, like Portal 2 or GTA5
    – devs spending their time like x360–60-65% – ps3–40-35%, hence, despite the more powerful ps3 system, the x360 version would benefit from that extra time, to look more polished, stabilize framerate, etc
    -microsoft spending tons of cash to secure exclusive dlcs contracts
    -Press always bashing and trashing and nit picking sony games and hardware, just to justify that inferior ps3 score. even on reviews from the top 5 gaming websites, we would get reviews where the x360 version would be considered “superior”, only because the reviewer “preferred” playing the game with his x360 controller.
    – press, like lens of truth, etc, always looking for 1 or 2 bad textures on the ps3 version, or 1% less contrast, to justify that 8.9/10 score, while giving a 9/10 to the x360 version
    -Press (again), would play an x360 exclusive(or not) game, there would be 5 positive things and 20 negative things, and the overall score would still be a 9.5/10. then, the guy would play a ps3 exclusive game, he would mention 20 great things on the game, and 2-3 things he didn’t like, and the overall score would be a 7/10.
    -press (re-again) would write tons of doom and gloom articles about the ps3, ps4 accessories or ps3 games, or any other sony console, or future hardware, where they would claim, many months or years before, that that game or device would flop, would be ugly, would be this or that, would be broken, and they would advise people not to buy or pre-order it.
    for those of you too young, to have an idea about how it was, just check the recent The order-1886 title.

    -press (re-re-again) would ram and trash sony for any decision they would take, any delay, etc, turning it into a lethal issue, and telling people to stop buying sony’s console because of this or that…. sony was the hated evil all xbox fans wanted to see dying. but while the press would criticize everything sony would do, at the same time, the would be totally supportive and tolerating towards real issues, like the RROD issues, on the x360. still today, it is hard to find an article talking about the RROD, on the big websites, like those who have a spot.

    – microsoft lying about their sales, to make the x360 look great and a perfect top-seller device, when, actually, 20-40 million “SOLD” x360, were,in fact, people who had received a 3rd, 4th, +5th x360, as they kept melting and dying, aided by some extra millions consoles that were bought for piracy purposes, or after a massive ban, etc. so, no, there weren’t 80 million x360 units sold, but rather 35-45 millions, which correspond to the number of unique Live subscriptions..strange, huh?

    -again, the big websites lied about the RROD, and did all they could to hide the truth to gamers. the x360 was a rushed and flawed console, released one year before the competition, after microsoft has ditched the not-number-one-in-sales xbox(just like they will ditch the xbox one: no way they will be number 2 forever, have the inferior versions and ports forever, have the weakest hardware forever, etc etc. i can bet my computer and my consoles, by feb 2016, microsoft will announce an xbox two, and will release it by november 2016. of course, naturally, with the current and more faster-advanced components, that xbox two will naturally be 4-6 times more powerful than the ps4. really, people, do you think microsoft will accept being 2nd, until 2018-2019, and see all these games running at 1080p on the ps4, and being announced at 900p only on the x1? that’s why they will do exactly like they did last 2005: ditch it, and move on to something new, as faster as possible. fans will be delighted when learning about that more powerful system, and because microsoft will surely offer some 100-150$ coupons to all x1 owners, it will be a great deal. be prepared. november 2016).
    the big websites lied about it, barely talked about those issues, like RROD, scratching discs, over-heating, permanent freezing, etc etc. because they didn’t want gamers to go and buy a japanese ps3, and ignore the american x360. yes, this is how far press is ready to go, just to sell national products and brands. even if that means selling a DOA-melting console that will stop working after 2 months, to a 12 yo kid, that wanted his daddy to buy it for him.

    but when sony announced they would be removing the “other OS” feature, to avoid a massive ps3 hack, then, then, the press was present, to write and publish thousands of articles, to show how bad and evil and liar and etc etc, sony was.

    i could go for 10 extra hours…
    but for the new gamers, those who never bought a console, and for whom the ps4 or x1 is the 1st console, this should be enough for you to know why the ps3 wasn’t more successful than it managed to be, why the x360 games would always get higher scores and much better reviews, why the ps3 would always be watched through a microscope, just to find that ugly texture, to justify that poor score and review, etc etc.

    if press wasn’t trashing sony as they did, if there was no graphics-released-other- parities, etc etc, the ps3 would have been like the ps4: more and most powerful console, better games, better multiplatform games, many more sales, better visuals, etc etc.

    • Guest


  • Trinity

    Gears of War Collection, Mass Effect Trilogy, & Red Dead Redemption = YES!!!!!!

    Everything else = NO.

    How bout a Shadow Complex remaster and/or sequel while we’re at it…?

    • Alexander Barker

      I’ll take you’re suggestions, and then raise you a Rare Classics collection!

  • JPalto

    Why on earth would we need COD remastered?

  • kevin mole

    still would not buy the xbox one I totally refuse as Microsoft tried to rip people off I wont forget that e3 2013 it was horrid what they were trying to do.

    • Alexander Barker

      Yes, because Microsoft was the only one planning on using DRM. It’s not like other companies were looking into it and it’s not like Steam uses DRM either… oh those poor PC users, they don’t realize that buying games for so cheap is so bad for the gaming community. *end sarcasm*

    • Guest

      Not having to deal with you on XBL is the best reason to buy an X1.


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