Xbox Exclusive Chaos;Child Fails Miserably in Japan

Yet more bad news for Xbox One.

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Overseas, the Xbox One is having a hard time getting its act together, as previously reported on, the console isn’t doing to well in the Japanese market, and not for lack of trying. This seems to be an ongoing problem for the Xbox One at a software level as well as at a hardware level.

Not only did Grand Theft Auto V broke even into the top 50 on their sales chart, neither did Chaos;Child, a game that was more or less tailor made to fit a Japanese demographic.  It’s a visual novel, typically a genre that is very well received, but its sales reflect poorly on Microsoft’s big black box.

Chaos;Child is estimated to have sold under 2000 units in its first week. Shockingly those sub par sales numbers are enough to make it the most sold game in Japan for the Xbox One. This is made worse given the fact that debut week of the game was around the time when Holiday shopping started, so sales are expected to flop again.


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  • d0x360

    Why bother reporting on common sense? What comes first the chicken or the egg? So you have a game on a console that hasn’t sold well due to cultural norms and a game tailor made for that culture. Basically the first game. Let’s say this game alone sells 100k Xbox ones just for the sake of an easy round number. Before those copies are sold people gotta buy a console. Adoption would be slow..very slow. So you would never see sales chart. Ever.

  • Omar

    Still trolling Xbox owners huh? U really are thirsty. Write about something that’s actually a surprise or even news worthy.

  • kma99

    Wow who would’ve thought. Everyone knows this is click bait.


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