Xbox Head Committed To Bringing Japanese Games To Xbox, JRPGs ‘May Be Coming’

I’m sure there’s SOME market for Persona 5 on Xbox…

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Xbox has historically always been bad at getting Japanese games, but things arguably never got as bad for the platform on that front as they are now- as of right now, if you want Japanese games, the Xbox should be the last platform you go to. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PC, all get substantially more Japanese games than Xbox does.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer said that his trip to Japan assures him that more Japanese games are coming. He says there is more work left to be done- but Japanese publishers who want global success look at Xbox as an important part of their success.

But what about Japanese games not targeted at a global audience? What about relatively more ‘niche’ Japanese games, like Persona, which are still hugely popular with a global following? Responding to this question, Spencer said that his trip to Japan assured him that more JRPGs are coming to Xbox One- although he did admit that he knows he has said this before numerous times, too.

How Japanese titles on Xbox One play out from here on out is something that remains to be seen. As things stand now, if you’re a fan of Japanese games, the Xbox may not be what you want.

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  • quantum

    Even if they do come, will they sell? I have my doubts.

    • shinningserpent

      Why are you worried about If its sales, are you gonna get paid? Low key those games dont sale well either on PlayStation as well.

    • quantum

      I’m not worried and no I won’t get paid. I will be however one of the people who will buy them. I wish more jrpg’s would come to xbox.

  • Mr Xrat

    I bet.

    • pamela.frazier

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  • Carlo Carrasco

    By JRPGs, I hope that it would include re-releasing the hit classic games (apart from the new ones) through Xbox LIVE. I would love to play Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and Grandia on my Xbox One without having to buy another console.

  • Gamez Rule

    “Xbox head Phil Spencer said that his trip to Japan assures him that more Japanese games are coming”

    Hopefully it’s not all talk like when Albert Penello stated: “We have a great exclusive games lineup. We’re getting tonnes of developer support”….Where is the *great exclusive games lineup and dev support*?

  • Davey681

    Skip the JRPGs Phil. Just the fruity Sony millennial nutjobs that spew for them. Single player hack n slash trade ins…one and dones. Not worth the time.

  • francocaine

    Another weak promise. The much awaited Scalebound got cancelled, which disappointed thousands. Whether they admit it or not, JRPGs aren’t coming to XBOX anytime soon. XBOX is crap, PS4 and PC make a more ideal pairing, since Microsoft seldom releases any of their PC ports to Steam, unlike their PS4 counterparts.


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