Xbox Live Goes Down, Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility

The hacking group fulfills its promise of taking down Microsoft’s gaming service.

Posted By | On 25th, Dec. 2014 Under News

xbox one amd

It creaked and cracked and though hacking Lizard Squad only managed to slow down Xbox Live initially, it fulfilled it’s promise to take down the service for Xbox One and other services on Christmas Day.

Affected games are unable to contact servers and operate properly. Signing into Xbox Live isn’t possible and a quick look at the status of Xbox Live only confirms its downed state. Earlier, only a few apps like IGN and MLG.TV were limited in their working but now, Xbox Live itself has been affected.

Though Christmas is nearly over on this side of the ocean, it is pretty damn frustrating when you’re trying to complete the Thorn bounty in Destiny and suddenly find yourself – along with your opponents – disconnected.

What are your thoughts on Xbox Live going down? Let us know in the comments and in the meantime, we’ll update you its status and when everything will come back online.

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  • d0x360

    Nope. Again lizard squad doesn’t exist. Taking credit for a network outage that happens every year is not proof. It will be back up once half the world stops trying to use it. Most any network will go down in a situation like today. Most of the game playing world is home. Its the one day a year that happens. Think of how much bandwidth is being used when 90% of all potential users are online at once updating consoles and games, playing games downloading gamesz streaming video. Its insane. It doesn’t tale a genius to predict issues. Add in a couple million new consoles all connecting at roughly the same time and it doesn’t matter how many servers you have because the ISP links become so saturated its usually them that go down first, denying connection requests as they choke on the sheer volume of traffic.

    • jayflow

      Both Xbox Live and PSN are down. They both went down around the same time. Sounds like a ddos attack to me.

    • d0x360

      Doubtful. They both went down at similar times last year and the year before and the year before.

      Its common sense that they would go down at similar times because the same types of people use them at similar times.

      Unless this “group” provides proof they are bs artists. They wouldn’t be the first or last. Keep in mind they have supposedly been doing this to multiple major services for what? 6 months? They would have been caught by now. The main lulsec guy was caught within a few weeks and he ratted on everyone. They were all arrested within another couple weeks.

      When you mess with multi billion dollar companies and disrupt that revenue stream you dont stay hidden. Those companies have share holders they answer to. They cannot lie to share holders. They have not once mentioned lizard squad or any other claimed ddos in the last 8 months in a share holder report. Not doing so is a violation of ftc regulations that lead to not only massive multi million dollar fines but also the firing of entire executive staffs and board members along with major investigation in misleading investors, insider trading and anti trust violations.

      People look at this crap like Sony and Microsoft are toy companies. They are not. They answer to people and they have pockets deeper than imagination.

  • Michel Simmons

    For those who want to play games still on the Xbox One simply go to settings and put your console in offline mode. After this sign in to your gamer tag and enjoy some offline play in the mean time.


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