Xbox Live Now Requires Users To Sign In Once Every Five Years If They Want To Keep Their Gamertag

That’s a very lenient policy.

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Xbox Live

Microsoft have changed their policies for Gamertag retention on Xbox Live a bit– users will now be required to log into their Xbox Live account once every five years if they want to retain their Gamertags. If you fail to log in at least once in a five year period, your Gamertag could be retired and made available to other users. However, your purchases and Microsoft account will remain secure.

That said, it shouldn’t be too hard for users to manage to log in at least once every five years- after all, you can log into Xbox Live via the web, or using the Xbox apps on iOS, Android, and Windows Phones, as well as on PCs and tablets running Windows 10. If after all of this you somehow manage to not log in, then honestly, you probably don’t care enough about your Xbox Live to begin with- in which case, you probably shouldn’t care that you lost your Gamertag.

The changes will come into effect starting September 15.

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  • d0x360

    If it were me I’d set that down to at least 2 years. If you haven’t logged into the service in 2 years your gamertag should go back into the pool for someone else to use.

    You should still be able to access content but you will need a new name if you want to play.

    I had a friend who joined xbl on the og Xbox and let his subscription lapse. Then he got the 360 and signed up again but he no longer had access to his old email address for whatever reason and because of that he couldn’t reset the password he had forgotten and for security reasons Microsoft won’t change an account email address and password. So he lost his original GT and had to wait I think 8 years before it became available again and it only happened because ms said about midway through the 360 life cycle they were reclaiming any og Xbox gt that had never logged in on 360.

    He was so happy to get his original gt back. This will also help get rid of names like thegamer10283737.

    Most online services have a hard limit on days without login before you username is reclaimed. The only reason I ever log into flickr is because for years I paid for it and have a massive number of photos stored there and its easier to login once a year than to download them all. I think flickr has a hard limit of 4 years for accounts that never paid and 6 for ones that had but that could change if they get bought… Again.


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