Xbox Live Won’t Let You Down, New Xbox Ad Claims

Calling out the competition.

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A few months ago, an independent study proclaimed Xbox Live to be the most reliable console online gaming network– and now, Microsoft are taking that and running with it in an all new ad, which claims that Xbox Live is a network that ‘won’t let you down.’

To be fair, Xbox Live is in general a better offering than the competition- basic features like changing your username are allowed, the monthly offering of games to subscribers is better, and online play is far more stable, with less downtime- so the claim isn’t necessarily without merit. Sony, for a while beginning to close the gap that separated theirs and Microsoft’s online offerings, are now decidedly lagging behind again.

Then again, I’m not sure if, to the average customer, the difference is that noticeable, at any rate. You can check out the ad for yourself below, and let us know whether or not you agree with Microsoft’s claim in the comments section below.

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    Oh snap. Got to get in the bunker because this comment section is going to blow up soon enough and hard.

    “Then again, I’m not sure if, to the average customer, the difference is that noticeable, at any rate”

    That’s what I think too. If the service is running and you can do what you want to do online then you are good to go.

  • crazy_black_man-

    I’m not sure who can tell more unconvincing lies between Microsoft marketing, Donald Trump, or Pramath here at GamingBolt, but no matter who it is, it sure ain’t helping much to move this undesirable product off of retailer shelves any faster. It does make for some entertaining reading though.

  • quantum

    Anyone who has a shred of intelligence knows that Xbox live is better than PSN. It is one of the few things that xbox has over the PS4. That and controller battery life.
    Only the most moronic diehard fanboy trolls would even try to dispute that.

    • Dougdec92

      Don’t worry, no one is taking that from you bro, have a pat on your back, these 3yrs have been hard for you, you deserve it

    • quantum

      Er I have owned a PS4 for the past 3 years lol, they have been a good 3 years. I recently bought an xbox one s in the black Friday sales so I could catch up on a few games I missed.
      Despite that I would never delude myself that PSN is a better online service than live.
      Please don’t get like the other few trolls on here who attack anyone who dares to be honest or instantly assumes they are an xbox fanboy.

    • Dougdec92

      But that’s your opinion bro, we all have our experiences and when someone disagrees with you, they need convincing, try that with me and I might understand you, I ain’t trolling bro

    • quantum

      OK, IMO from playing on both, in my experience I honestly find xbox live to run better than PSN which may be because it has more dedicated servers or some other reason. I also find that for me(and my friends who also own both consoles) that it goes down less often and if so for shorter periods. I also seem to login quicker to the network. I have never dropped out of any games which has happened to me often on Destiny etc.
      I have only had about a month on live recently apart from the 360 which has always been fine. IMO the free games are better on PS plus than GWG but that is just opinion, but the online service on live I have yet to find fault with compared to my admittedly much more played PSN time.

  • Mr Xrat

    Apart from when the log in screwed up a few days ago. Never mind, eh? It’s all about the timing!


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