Xbox, Nintendo Players Migrating to PlayStation with PS4

Yes, yes, come over to the dark side.

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The PS4’s success is amazing. We are talking about a device that is achieving the kind of hysteria and success that was previously only accomplished by the Wii, except the Wii went after an expanded audience, and the PS4 has achieved everything it has solely by appealing to the hardcore gamer. That’s some great success there.

A while ago, Sony spoke out about how it wants to try to appeal to owners of an Xbox 360 or Wii owners with the PS4, and a new Nielsen study indicates that they may be succeeding in doing just that- 31% of the people who own a PS4 (or nearly a third of PS4 owners) have been ‘poached’ over from the Xbox 360 and Wii- that is, these people may have had an Xbox 360 and/or a Wii last generation, but they did not have a PS3. They are newcomers to the PlayStation ecosystem.

This right here represents Sony’s greatest success, as it seems to be recapturing players who drifted away from them after the PS2 days, going over to Xbox 360 or Wii instead. If Sony doesn’t do anything stupid like Nintendo and Microsoft did this generation, or they themselves did last generation, then they shold be able to capitalize and expand on this success even further next gen.

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  • Starman

    So they’re assuming these are xbox and wii fans coming over , well they’re lying , because a lot of ps4 and or ps3/ps2 fan are doing just the opposite , HERE WE GO WITH THE SMOKE AND MIRRORS AGAIN FROM SONY

    • d0x360

      Oh god who cares

  • d0x360

    That last sentence…I don’t like it. This is supposed to be news not an editorial.

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