Xbox One Apps To Begin Development In Earnest

With more development options being open to developers, Apps are inbound

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The Xbox One has been available to the public at large for quite some time at this point, but the console has been somewhat lacking in regards to the apps on it. Microsoft have been rather secretive regarding the apps for their new platform, but a report from The Verge seems to suggest that these apps will be rolling out as soon as this summer.

Set to speak at their Build Developer Conference in April, Microsoft are expected to detail their plans for the apps that will appear on Xbox One including the ability for developers to turn a retail build of an Xbox One into a development kit.

At the minute, app development for the Xbox One is reserved for a specific group of developers, but this new program that they’re running will open app development up to a greater audience. The report also says that some apps will be able to play music in the background while the Xbox One is in use. Please note that one should take this report from The Verge with a grain of salt unless we get a confirmation from Microsoft themselves.


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  • Starman

    But if was said about Sony , it would be written in stone but it’s MS so we take it with a grain of salt …lol you guys kill me ….

    • TheAdjustmentBureau

      Funny how you’re only under positive Xbox stuff and negative PS stuff to bash on PS, which you do a horrible job. Must be a sad life being a fanboy. You used the word WE as in you’re a part of MS and Xbox. Looky at that you’re a fanboy and was calling me a fanboy. Caught you, little guy. 😉

    • rodney patrick

      You sir are a fanboy,so what if he is always bashing Sony as you say why do you care,only fanboys comment on someone else’s comment if it goes against they’re system of choice

    • d0x360

      Those the fax as you see them? If he’s an xbox fanboy you’re a Sony fanboy. Problem solved. Only a fanboy would remember his posting history or click his user name to see said history. Nobody else cares. if you wanna talk about sad I suggest you leave yourself a voice mail.

      Instead of constantly attacking people why dont you grow the **** up and let people have their own god damn opinions.

    • Mark

      Hey dude I know some people here think ur a fanboy, I don’t. But I think they mean that it’s usually a fanboy who gets emotional about a troll attempt by “the other side” in articles that don’t affect them. I see that alot. But I just see u as a PS4 owner here. Don’t see u trolling and such. Just don’t respond to this dude….ur givin him power bro lol!

  • d0x360

    It’s already been confirmed that Microsoft is going to allow cross platform apps between windows 10, phone and Xbox all thats left to guess is when. This is actually a pretty big deal. The barrier for entry is small so tons of people will be able to make apps without a dev kit.


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