Xbox One Architecture Explained: Operating System, RAM, GPU, Kinect And More

New details pour in from the technical panel.

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In the on going technical panel, Microsoft have revealed interesting information on the architecture of the Xbox One, Kinect and the Operating system.

We have outlined it in the form of bullet points for easy reading:


-The FOV (field of view) is 60 percent better compared to it’s predecessor.

-Detection of fingers and gesture is a step up compared to previous version.

-There are multiple power states which means Kinect can turn on without being hard on your electricity bills.

Xbox One:

-The console features a flash cache that will help players to swap instantly between any two applications (example Games and Apps).

-There is a split in the operating systems, so that each process will have it’s own resources (examples Games will use one split and application will use one split).

-Each OS is rendering it’s own display and the 3rd OS allows quick swapping.

GPU and CPU:

-The GPU can do 768 operations per cycle.

-GPU won’t always load the texture to save loading. They call this Partially Resident texture.

-The CPU can do do 6 CPU operations on the 8 core CPU.


-They did not revealed much information on the RAM but they did mentioned that 8GB of RAM helps in multi-tasking and memory bandwidth is important for graphics (so obvious).


-Xbox one features 802.11a/b/g/n, HDMI and 4K input and output.

-It will also support 3D output.

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