Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Has Bumpy Launch

Some games that are backwards compatible at all aren’t showing up.

Posted By | On 14th, Nov. 2015 Under News

Xbox One Elite

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature has officially launched for all users and while Microsoft is noticeably excited about that launch, it hasn’t gone without some problems. While launch problems for something like this should be expected, because it’s entirely new and on a large scale, some users are reporting the service isn’t working at all. According to ThisGenGaming the biggest issue coming from users is they have digital Xbox 360 games that aren’t showing up in the ready to install section of the Xbox One while others are.

Other users are saying none of their digital Xbox 360 games are showing up at all. Digital games are not the only titles that are seeing some problems. There are also reports that disc based games are being inserted but not showing up and giving an error message instead. This is despite the fact that UK Xbox went so far as to taunt Sony by showing a video of just how “easy” it was to use backwards compatibility simply by inserting a disc.

This report comes on the heels of a number of reports of users having issues getting the new dashboard to work the way it’s supposed to work. Obviously, considering this new UI is brand new, there are going to be some issues at launch. If Microsoft really wants to score the points it can by offering the backwards compatibility service, it’s going to want to fix the issues rather quickly. Hopefully, for Xbox One users, the practice the company has had all summer will help.

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  • tigerdontsmile

    Where are the confirmed source with proof evidence? Do you even journalist bro?

    • Michael

      Of course there are no sources because like always they make up stuff. Be prepared for many negative articles because MS has just launch 2 games that’s getting great reviews and won console sales for October.

  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We never asked for a smooth launch update did we?
    Show us a link we did, we didn’t.
    At no point did we agree on a perfect update.

  • Geoff Carlin

    No issues here. Everything working fine.

  • Biggles Scholls

    yeah, MS said they would begin to become available at noon PST on Thursday, not every game available at once. While i was able to immediately install Fallout 3, I was not able to immediately install Gears of War 2, that was enabled later that evening. As far as I can tell, the launch happened exactly as MS said it would.

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